OMF V8C13 An Awkward Conversation

Having decided on that, Fei Bai Mu didn’t push him any further and just nodded to show that she understood. “Well, the wedding was cut a little short because of this matter with the ascension. I didn’t even get the time to congratulate them personally. I’ll make a trip over later on.”

Xin Lan gave a hum at that. “I understand that you might want to make one but I’d suggest not going before tomorrow morning. These two will likely be busy.” Even though this was their second wedding and none of this was really new for either Jinde or Leng Jin Yu, he knew his Master well enough to be quite sure that he would still treat this just like he treated their first wedding. These two were probably already starting to roll around in the sheets right about now. If somebody went to congratulate them, they might put on a smile but definitely wouldn’t be happy about being disturbed.

Fei Bai Mu slightly raised her brows when he said so. On a logical level, she absolutely understood it when she heard him mention it. But when trying to think of it she really had a hard time picturing their sect’s Grandmaster like that.

Originally, she had always known Leng Jin Yu is a taciturn person. While he wasn’t necessarily distant or aloof and instead very easy to get along with, he was still the kind of person that stood above everyone else in the human realm. Naturally, it would be difficult to see him as a normal person.

Just them getting married was already quite the spectacle, not to mention what came afterward. She was afraid that if these two ever had a child, she and the other people from the Jian Yi Sect wouldn’t know what to do.

In fact, glancing at the Elders behind her, she was afraid that they already had quite a bit of trouble keeping their calm now that the Grandmaster had gotten married. Looking at those old faces, it was clear as day that they wanted to go and gossip among themselves. They merely held back because they knew that the people from the other sects couldn’t be allowed to know that the person that had just gotten married under the name of Yu Jin was, in fact, their Jian Yi Sect’s Grandmaster Leng.

If that came out … She didn’t know what would happen but it would definitely be troublesome. So for his and for their sake, the Elders had to hold back. It clearly wasn’t easy for them though.

Thinking about the implications of Xin Lan’s words, Fei Bai Mu finally nodded. “You’re right. Today probably isn’t the right time to go and congratulate them. I will give it a bit more time then.” In fact, tomorrow might not be the best time either. The Elders from the sect would definitely stay excited for a while longer. If she brought them over — and she was pretty sure that she would have to or these guys would throw a tantrum — who was to say that they wouldn’t annoy the Grandmaster and his partner to death? No, it was better to wait a bit more until they had managed to calm down. After that, there would still be enough time. In any case, she didn’t believe that the Yun Zou Sect would have trouble with them staying a bit longer.

Xin Lan nodded but didn’t say anything else. In any case, he was just trying to help his Master with this. As for other things … he was pretty sure that she would be able to deal with those on her own.

With that, Fei Bai Mu turned to focus on Hua Lin Yu again. “The Elders and I are likely going to stay here for a bit longer. What about you and Xin Lan? Also, I think I saw your brother before?” She looked around but couldn’t spot Hua Lin Rong at the moment.

Hua Lin Yu also looked around. While Xin Lan had asked him to come along, the Hua family had also received an invitation so Hua Lin Rong had come over together with them. After arriving at the sect though, he had suddenly vanished to go and greet some people and still not returned yet. Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but wonder what was up with that. “Big brother came here with us but he went to talk to some other people. He hasn’t said whether he’d like to stay but I guess we would be imposing if we did.”

In any case, the Yun Zou Sect might be a first-tier sect but it would still be a strain on them to host all these people. If they stayed longer than necessary, it might make problems for them. Although he had to say that he would actually like to stay for a bit.

Back at home, things were much more awkward with Xin Lan. Out here, he felt like they got along a little more easily. Naturally, he was reluctant to go back home where his family might notice that something was wrong between them or just ask any day now when they wanted to get married.

Fei Bai Mu shook her head. “I wouldn’t worry too much about that. They are probably prepared for this and you are only three people anyway. In fact, our Jian Yi Sect might be the bigger problem.” She sighed and glanced in the direction of the Elders again.

The fight about who was allowed to come had been a big one. She had finally had had to put her foot down for them to limit their number but she had still ended up needing to take along a third of their Elders. Well, their number still wasn’t that high compared to the other sects since they had just left the disciples back at the sect but she had noticed quite a few strange looks. Most likely, they had made some sects worry whether they had breached etiquette by not sending a squadron of Elders themselves.

Hua Lin Yu followed her gaze and was surprised as well. “Why are there only Elders present?”

Fei Bai Mu could only smile wryly. “Well … the one getting married … he’s a true dragon after all. Who wouldn’t want to show their appreciation? Anyway, since we all want to stay, we should make sure that lodgings are prepared.” With that, she turned around, evading the rest of this awkward conversation.

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