SML V2C48 I’m Happy I Confessed

“The story actually isn’t that complicated. I didn’t tell him about my feelings at first because I wasn’t sure about how to go about it. And since we had just met … it just didn’t seem right. I also didn’t know if he was gay so I pushed it off. But we end up spending a lot of time together and I finally figured out that he was probably gay as well. So when it came time to say goodbye, I felt that maybe I should just shoot my shot. In any case, if it worked out, it would be great and I might get into my first relationship. If not, I probably wouldn’t see him again anyway.”

“You confessed?” Mo Fang was intrigued by that. Who would’ve thought that his boyfriend had actually been so quick back then? He would’ve thought that Li Ming needed a lot more time before he would do so. That that wasn’t the case … he was happy to hear that. It meant that there was a chance to make the two of them get closer in a short amount of time as well.

Li Ming nodded. “I did. I told him that I had actually liked him from the moment I first saw him and that I felt that we had gotten along really well. Then I said that if he thought that maybe it could work out between us, I would love it if we could stay in contact.”

Mo Fang bit his lower lip. Since this was an embarrassing story, it probably hadn’t turned out well. “He rejected you?” And he probably should’ve done so in a really mean way.

Li Ming rubbed his neck, looking a bit uncomfortable. “Well, he didn’t actually reject me. But he had that look that said that he had no idea what the fuck I was thinking and that he felt that I was completely out of line. My heart immediately sunk when I saw that. Obviously, we absolutely weren’t on the same wavelength there. He didn’t consider me at all.

“Well, as it turned out that wasn’t the worst thing about it. Before he managed to actually say something, one of the other guys from the camp rushed over, grabbed me by the shoulder, and decked me in the face.

“As it turned out, he was actually my crush’s boyfriend. Thinking back on it, it was pretty clear. I have no idea how I missed the clues back then. In any case, he told me to stay away from his boyfriend. He probably would have liked to hit me again but there were some others rushing over to hold him back.

“I … was completely shell-shocked. I hadn’t expected that. Any of that. And you bet that I felt embarrassed. I just made a move on somebody who had a boyfriend. And I even did so in front of that boyfriend. It just didn’t seem right. And, well, the embarrassment didn’t end there. Since he hit me, I came home with an injury that I somehow had to explain to my parents but I wasn’t really ready to come out. So what was I supposed to say?”

“Ah, that must’ve been tough.” Mo Fang gave him a compassionate look and rubbed his thigh.

Li Ming nodded honestly. “It was. I was mortified. And, well, I didn’t dare to confess to people easily after that.”

Mo Fang’s expression turned a little solemn that. He could actually understand that. For somebody that was easily embarrassed, it was hard to confess anyway because there was always a chance that you might be rejected. And not everyone was polite doing so. You needed a thick skin for that.

Listening to what Li Ming had told him, it seemed that he had had quite a bit of bad luck in this department. After all, there wasn’t just the story from just now but also the one with that Su Yan. That were two confessions gone wrong already. It seemed that there was a reason why Li Ming didn’t like to confess to people.

Thinking of that, he was actually a bit unhappy with Zhi Bao Yu. What if she had caused him so much embarrassment with that lie about Su Yan that Li Ming wouldn’t have dared to accept when he confessed to him either? Then he might’ve never been able to get into a relationship with him. That would be unacceptable!

Thinking of that, he inched closer again, wrapping his arms around Li Ming’s neck. “Well, I’m glad I confessed to you instead. It was definitely worth it.”

Li Ming chuckled. “I sure hope it was. At the very least, I’m giving my best.” He also leaned in, pulling Mo Fang slightly closer, and gave him a hug. “I’m really happy that you confessed. You know, I wouldn’t have thought of dating again anytime soon but … I’m starting to feel that this was really the right decision. I’m incredibly happy with you.”

He wasn’t sure if it might be a bit too much to say this already but this was just how he felt. The longer this second date of theirs went, the more he felt that way. So he didn’t think that he should hold back. It couldn’t be wrong to confess too soon. They were already in a relationship. Was there really something he couldn’t say? They could talk about anything. That was the beauty of this thing between them. And since that was the case, why should he hold back?

Mo Fang requited the hug and then lightly turned his head, kissing Li Ming’s cheek. “I’m also happy that it worked out. I was a bit afraid that you would reject me. I’m not afraid to be embarrassed but not being together with you really would’ve been harsh.”

Li Ming gave a hum at that. “Well, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. It worked out. But speaking of not being embarrassed … What’s your story? I think you owe me one in return.”

Mo Fang chuckled but he didn’t mind telling one. “Well, I’m not sure if it’s a good story. To be honest, I’m not that easily embarrassed anyway but I think that this one might just qualify.”

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