OMF V3C213 Why Should He Care about the Past?

Jing Yi felt a little taken aback when he saw Qiu Ling hurrying away like that. What was going on? Could it be that this place was the key to getting out of his inner self? But then why hadn’t he taken him along?

Actually, when thinking back to when they had left the place where that woman was, Qiu Ling had also asked him to close his eyes. He hadn’t asked why and it hadn’t seemed important at that moment but now that something similar happened again and he was left behind, he couldn’t help but wonder why Qiu Ling didn’t want him to see this. He had let him into his inner self, so why not go the whole way and show to him what was going on? Why not explain to him?

He took a deep breath and tried to shove the heavy feeling in his chest away. This was Qiu Ling’s inner self. All the things here had to have a special meaning for him. It wasn’t unexpected that he might react very emotionally to something here and didn’t know how to deal with it in the spur of the moment. It wasn’t easy for Qiu Ling either.

Yes, thinking about it, Jing Yi could understand. He couldn’t help feeling a little despondent though. He had never experienced this kind of treatment from Qiu Ling. Qiu Ling had spoiled him from the day they met. He had done so many things for him and had even been there when he didn’t want his company, never letting go and always silently waiting for his opportunity. Now that things were different for once, it wasn’t that easy to accept.

Jing Yi sighed and hurried after him. He just barely managed to catch up before Qiu Ling could turn a corner. Or, well, it probably would have been more accurate to say that he still saw him turn the corner. Jing Yi could only rush after him and try to follow wherever he went but it didn’t take long for him to completely lose sight of Qiu Ling.

Jing Yi stood there in that unfamiliar path and suddenly felt really alone. Had Qiu Ling also felt like this when he rejected him back then and refused to give him a chance? Jing Yi closed his eyes and took another deep breath to calm down his heart.

Never mind. His rejection was already in the past and they were a real couple now. And the situation right now wasn’t that bad. No, it was only natural. It wasn’t like Qiu Ling had forgotten about him or anything. He had just gotten overly excited because he saw something that might be a clue. That was typical for him so he shouldn’t wonder about that.

Jing Yi hurried forward. Soon, he heard something from in front of him. There was music and people laughing and talking. It actually sounded a little shrill and grating to the ears, making him wonder what was going on. He followed the voices and finally found himself at the edge of an elegantly decorated square.

Jing Yi was stunned by this sight. It wasn’t just the decorations though, the people were dressed lavishly as well. He probably should have expected it since he had already seen the gates and the paths that led here but still. What had Qiu Ling to do with this place?

Everything else he had seen until now hadn’t indicated that he might have to do with a place like this. He had seemed like a normal person, not somebody especially rich or noble.

Jing Yi couldn’t help but search for Qiu Ling’s figure between the other people mingling there. It wasn’t that hard to find him. His black robe stood out between the people in brightly-colored clothes. Moreover, there were two other men in dark colors standing just a few steps away from him. The three of them really drew the gazes toward them.

Jing Yi heaved a sigh of relief and made his way over but soon, he noticed that he wasn’t the only one. There were some women walking in the same direction. He thought that it might be a coincidence but some of them arrived before him, stopping right next to Qiu Ling. They seemed to be talking to him as if this wasn’t just something based on Qiu Ling’s memories but a real event happening.

Jing Yi stopped in his tracks and bit his lower lip. He understood what these women were trying to do. He even understood why. Qiu Ling was a handsome man and even here, between these people that were obviously of high standing, he did not pale in comparison at all.

He felt even worse when he thought about it. Qiu Ling really was a great man. On the other hand, what did he have to offer? It seemed ludicrous that Qiu Ling would fall in love with a nobody like him.

He squirmed on the spot, feeling like he had no right to go over, but finally, he couldn’t take it any longer. Anyway, Qiu Ling had fallen in love with him somehow. Whether he understood how that had happened or not, they were a couple now. Why shouldn’t he go to stand at his lover’s side?

Reassuring himself, he walked over. As soon as he came into earshot, he noticed a peculiar thing: The women were obviously standing right next to Qiu Ling and talking to him but neither could he make out the words they were saying nor could he clearly see their faces.

He stopped once again and furrowed his brows, looking more closely at them. Yes, it was indeed true: None of these women had distinguishable features. They were rather like patches of color with the vague imprint of a face that gave off a constant stream of noise.

The corners of Jing Yi’s lips raised in a smile and he went the rest of the way to Qiu Ling’s side and grabbed his arm. It seemed the interest of those women was completely one-sided. Qiu Ling hadn’t even paid them enough attention to remember how they looked.

Jing Yi leaned against him and closed his eyes, feeling content again. Seriously, what had he been concerned about? The things in Qiu Ling’s inner self were all things from the past that somehow still haunted him. It wasn’t like those women were actually real. Since Qiu Ling was an immortal they might not even be alive anymore. Wasn’t the only important thing that he was with Qiu Ling now? Why should he care about the past?

Before Jing Yi could get comfortable, he was pulled out of his satisfaction though. A clear voice broke through the noise around them, seemingly piercing right into his heart.

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