OMF V3C211 The Things You Can’t Change

Qiu Ling allowed himself a few moments of indulgence before he raised his head again and looked at the battlefield. His gaze accurately landed on the face of one of the people he hated the most: the demon king Jin Ling. Or, well, back then, he had merely been a person of the demon race with no title to his name. That hateful bastard could have at most called himself the previous demon king’s son but with how little value was put on familial relationships in their race, that title didn’t mean anything at all. Also, it wasn’t like there weren’t twenty others running around that could call themselves the same.

Unfortunately, while this battle was the one that had made Qiu Ling become the dragon king, it was also the one that had allowed Jin Ling to become the demon king. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Qiu Ling had paved the way for that to happen.

Back then, he hadn’t understood why that man had been smiling at him like that but thinking back now, he naturally had no trouble seeing it for what it was. At this moment, Jin Ling had already been able to anticipate what would happen and he had had a plan on how to benefit from it. Ugh, to think he had actually helped that bastard to become king … He really wanted to slap himself.

Well, there was nothing that could be done about it. He had killed the old demon king and there wouldn’t have been any other way considering that the lives of all those people of the dragon race had been at stake. Once again, this was something he would do in exactly the same way if he got another chance.

Yes, he could prevent Jin Ling from becoming the demon king if he didn’t but at what price? And while he hadn’t wanted to become the dragon king either, that also was a necessary evil that he would accept if it meant keeping his people safe. And also … all of these steps had let him to meet Jing He that one fateful evening.

No matter how many wrong steps were needed to arrive at that place at that specific time, he would take them all over again, no questions asked. That was just how important Jing He was to him.

Considering that, he couldn’t understand why his inner self would want to trap him here. For every decision he had made in his life, he could say in good conscience that he would make them exactly like that again. So … what was this all about? Was he supposed to change his views or something?

He looked at the small person in his arms and a gentle smile lit up his features. All these things … he could not deny that some of them had been wrong. But more often than not, his circumstances had forced him or he hadn’t known what consequences they would bring. And all of that had actually begun long before he had even been born. The mistakes of the previous generation had had a big influence on all this. Why should he feel bad about that? Why should he even care about it? It could not be changed anymore.

Jing Yi looked up at exactly that moment and caught his detached gaze. He felt a little lost at the sight but also as if he should somehow try and help. He didn’t know where to start though. After all, Qiu Ling hadn’t explained much. The only thing he could do … “How do you feel?”

Qiu Ling continued to gaze at the battlefield but didn’t look at Jin Ling any longer. Instead, he looked at the bodies on the ground that were both of the dragon and the demon race. He couldn’t remember any of them specifically so their figures weren’t quite clear but seeing them made him feel even more that he wouldn’t change his mind.

With that thought crossing his mind, he could only shake his head. “Like all of this is pointless.”

“How so?”

Qiu Ling sighed. “Even if there were some regrets, it couldn’t be changed anyway. It is all in the past. So what’s there to be hung up about? Wouldn’t it be better to look forward and try not to do anything else wrong? Certainly, something could be achieved with that. But this?” He shook his head again. “No, I don’t see the point at all.”

“But you wouldn’t be here if you could just focus on the future, would you? Something from your past must be holding you back or else you never would have been trapped here in the first place.” That was how the inner self had been explained to him and nothing that Qiu Ling had said so far suggested otherwise.

Qiu Ling caressed Jing Yi’s cheek, silently gazing at those eyes that reminded him so much of Jing He’s even though the color was wrong and this was clearly another reincarnation of his. Still, he felt as if he was able to still see the same person, as if his eyes carried a hint of that familiar soul, or maybe this was just an illusion born from the fact that he could feel the mark he had left on him back when he had just been born.

In any case, he felt connected to this person. In fact, he felt so close that maybe he wouldn’t have minded telling him more. It was just … would that not be something he’d need to regret in the future then?

He held back once again and merely continued to look at Jing Yi fondly. “What if that is also something that can’t be changed?”

“Everything can be changed.”

Qiu Ling smiled sadly. No, unfortunately, this time, his beloved wasn’t right. There were things you couldn’t change. No matter how hard you tried.

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