OMF V8C5 The Wrong Decision

Li Yin furrowed his brows at that. He had feared this very thing happening. While he had said that the dragon king held no sway over the laws of the Nine Heavens and while he did indeed believe that this was true, it couldn’t be denied that this made everything more difficult.

After all, it was clear that there was no way for the Heavenly Guards to defeat Longjun. They had already tried that back when he had been going after the crown prince. Now, they were once again in a situation where they would have to fight him to achieve their goal. How were they supposed to win now?

Even if Qiang Yan had subjected the guards to more rigorous training in the years since then, it also couldn’t make up for the difference in strength that had been plain to see. The only chance would be to have Qiang Yan himself entangle with Qiu Ling while the guards tried to take care of Zhong Jing Yi. But there were still two of the dragon king’s advisers following him. They might be able to take him away before the Heavenly Guards could do anything, leaving them with the same outcome of the Son of Heaven still not waking up.

Li Yin pressed his lips together and closed his eyes for a moment, exhaling unhappily. They needed a solution and they needed it fast. Opening his eyes again, he stared at the dragon king. “Longjun, you are aware of what this will mean for His Highness, aren’t you?”

Qiu Ling looked hurt at that question but he still pulled Jing Yi closer. “I am.”

“And you’re willing to still go through with this? Despite the fact that His Highness will not wake up in this case?”

There was a hint of hesitation but Qiu Ling still nodded in the end. “I’m willing, yes.”

Li Yin turned to Qiang Yan, wanting him to speak up. Unfortunately, it seemed that he couldn’t quite count on his friend at this moment. Qiang Yan was still shaken by Jing Yi’s previous question. That last trial of his was his only weak point. He was definitely no help right now.

Li Yin rubbed his brow and then waved for one of the people from his Court of Justice. “Go and get the Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress. I’m afraid this matter can’t be solved by me alone.” He could try to talk sense into the dragon king but it was unlikely that he would succeed. He knew how unreasonable this person was after all. The Heavenly Emperor and Heavenly Empress might have more luck there considering their relationship with His Highness. In any case, this kind of matter, it was best to leave it up to the Heavenly Emperor anyway. He could just make a ruling while he was at it.

The official inclined his head and then rushed off to inform the imperial couple.

Meanwhile, Jing Yi looked up at Qiu Ling, surprise written in his eyes. He really hadn’t expected to see him here. He wanted to ask what he was doing here, why he wasn’t with Jing He instead of him, and why he was actually defending him even though this could bring Jing He back to him. But he knew that this wasn’t the right time or place. There were too many people around them and the situation hadn’t been solved yet.

Well, no matter what the answer would be … he was happy. Because at this moment where it was about life and death, Qiu Ling had chosen him. He buried his face at Qiu Ling’s chest, making sure not to show his happiness even though it was hard.

The man he loved had finally put him above that other person. He hadn’t expected that that would happen. He had thought that he would always be second place. But now, things were different. At the vital moment, Qiu Ling wasn’t indecisive. And the one he decided on was him. How could he not be elated? For once, he had actually won over that past life of his.

Even if he was finally killed after all, he was happy with this. At the very least, he hadn’t lost this fight. He had won over Jing He. He had doubted for a while but in the end, he had still succeeded. It seemed that the millennium spent with Qiu Ling had been worth it after all.

Qiu Ling glanced at Jing Yi and hugged him tighter. He still didn’t know if he was doing the right thing. In fact, when the God of Justice questioned him, he deeply felt that he was doing the wrong thing. But the problem was that he couldn’t change it. He just didn’t have the heart to let Jing Yi down.

He knew that he was instead letting down Jing He now but at this very moment, it just felt like the better alternative. In any case, he could still explain to Jing He when the time came. But what about Jing Yi? His life would come to an end. That just couldn’t be compared.

While Qiu Ling still hoped that things could be solved like this, things were changing rapidly over at the Heavenly Emperor’s palace.

Rong Su and Bai Fen had been sitting in his study when they had first been informed that Zhong Jing Yi had ascended. Both their faces had turned solemn at that news. They had always hoped that something would happen before Zhong Jing Yi got the chance but now, it was too late. Now, the Heavenly Guards could only take care of it.

They knew it was necessary but they still couldn’t help but worry a bit. After all, at the end of the day, it meant that Zhong Jing Yi would be murdered and that Jing He would remember those feelings and experiences in the last moments of that life as well. While it was necessary for the trials, they also couldn’t deny that they wished that Jing He’s life in the mortal realm could be easier and that the memories he woke up with would not be that bad. But, unfortunately, it had turned out like this. It couldn’t be changed.

Just when they had resigned themselves to accept that their son would have to live with the knowledge of such an end, another official from the Court of Justice ran in, his expression even worse than the one before.

The two of them exchanged a glance, a sinking feeling in their stomachs. Rong Su gulped and then turned to the official, nodding for him to speak.

“Longjun came and is refusing to let the Heavenly Guards do their duty. The reincarnation of the crown prince has not yet been killed. The God of Justice requests the imperial couple to come to the ascension platform and take charge of matters.”

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