SML V2C45 His Honest Thoughts

Li Ming nodded silently, not quite sure what to do with all this happiness he suddenly felt. He needed a moment to sort himself and then still only got one word out. “Well …” He paused again, not sure where to go with this. He actually hadn’t thought of a question yet so he could finally only use the first thing that came to his mind. “If you were going on vacation, what kind of place would you choose? The mountains, the sea, a city? Something else entirely?”

Mo Fang smiled happily at that. This kind of question … it was really the perfect chance to help their relationship get to the next step. “Well, that’s not so easy to say I think it depends on what kind of vacation I am taking. I mean if I was alone, I’d probably prefer to go to the city. That way, I wouldn’t be bored. There would be so many things that I could do, people I could meet. I’m sure I’d have a blast! On the other hand, if I was traveling with somebody else, I might decide differently but it’d depend.”

Even though this answer was a little bit of a cop-out, Li Ming was still satisfied with it. He really wanted to hear Mo Fang’s true thoughts. To be able to do so now was something he was really happy about it. Naturally, he wouldn’t complain and make things difficult for him. He’d rather hear his reasons. “What do you think it would depend on?”

“On the person that’s accompanying me, of course. For example, if — after we’ve been together for a bit longer — we’d have our first vacation together, I think I’d like to go somewhere without too many people. That way, we can just enjoy each other’s company, no need for anybody else. As for the specific place … I think I’d choose the sea. That would make us remember our first date from yesterday and there are also so many things we could do around there. I think you might like going to dive?” He looked at him hopefully, making Li Ming’s heart melt.

“I think I would like any activity no matter what as long as we are together.”

Mo Fang’s lips curled up at that, and he hurriedly lowered his head, squeezing Li Ming’s hand at the same time. Ah, it seemed that his plan was working perfectly. Now, his boyfriend was actually starting to sweet-talk him. This was so much progress!

Li Ming was actually surprised at himself. He usually wasn’t the type of guy that would say such things easily or this fast. As he had said before, he needed a bit of time before he felt comfortable doing couple-things. But just now … he didn’t know why but he had just felt it. Those words had been his honest thoughts. And while he was a little embarrassed about saying them so outright after telling Mo Fang before that he would need more time, he didn’t regret it.

Mo Fang continued to smile happily to himself for a moment but he didn’t dare to rest on his laurels for long. “I guess it’s my turn to ask you then.”

Li Ming nodded. “I guess it is. Although I have to admit that I really like your idea so I guess I’d be totally on board with it. If I had needed to choose before … I might have said I’d like to go to the mountains. I also think being alone with each other might be nice and the views up there are bound to be breathtaking. I’m sure it’s something we could bond over.”

Mo Fang nodded and gave him an adoring look. “I’m sure you’d be great at climbing.” He lightly patted his arm at that, turning his gaze up a notch.

Li Ming gulped. “Well, maybe. Anyway, I think it’s your turn to ask now. So, what do you want to know?”

Mo Fang made a show of pondering but in actual fact, he didn’t have much of a problem to think of something to ask. He had dated so much in the past, that he felt like he had a catalog of questions that could be asked right in front of him. The only difficulty was deciding what kind of question Li Ming would appreciate being asked and getting answered.

But looking back on how pleased he had seemed after getting his answer about his pet peeves, he felt that Li Ming would probably like the riskier ones more. The ones where you really had to lay your heart bare and admit to things that you normally wouldn’t tell other people. So he should go in that direction in the future as well. “Well, how about … you tell me about something embarrassing from your past? Just some story that you’re mortified thinking about now.”

Li Ming raised his brows, not having expected that type of question. He had to admit that it was a good one though. “A story like that? Oh.” He rubbed his neck and tried to think of something.

It wasn’t that there weren’t any stories that he had been embarrassed by. Everyone had that kind of thing from their past even if it was just something small. But he didn’t want to tell Mo Fang about just anything. Since they were talking like this to get to know each other better, they should be as honest as possible so he wanted to find the kind of story that would fit Mo Fang’s question best.

After a moment, his face finally lit up. “I think I might have an idea.”

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