OMF V8C2 Have You Asked Their Opinion?

Jing Yi stared at the people opposite him, gritting his teeth. Considering that more than half of them were wearing armor, it wasn’t hard to understand just what they were doing here. Other than Qiang Yan who was Jing He’s uncle, he also recognized Li Yin as the God of Justice. Seeing that these two were probably in charge, he turned to them, his expression still not a good one.

“What is the meaning of this?” He didn’t have much hope to get out of this alive. But maybe there was still a chance if he either found out more and discovered a way to convince them to let him go for now or at least he got some more time.

Right now, Qiu Ling should be here in the Nine Heavens. If he noticed that something big was going on, he might come to check it out. Even though he obviously preferred Jing He over him, he didn’t believe that Qiu Ling would stand aside when he had to actively watch him being killed. No, Qiu Ling was not that cold-hearted.

Qiang Yan and Li Yin exchanged a glance. The God of Justice finally just motioned for Qiang Yan to try first. In any case, these two were nephew and uncle. Maybe Jing He’s reincarnation would react better to a conversation with somebody from his own family. It was at least worth a try.

Qiang Yan was actually a bit reluctant. He still stepped forward though, and while his hand was still on his weapon, he didn’t attack immediately. “Jing … Jing Yi, I know you have just ascended and you might not have expected this but I’m afraid we can’t just let you leave here. You do know that you were reincarnated from my nephew’s soul. It’s time to return it to him.”

Jing Yi furrowed his brows. This was exactly what he had expected but he had still hoped that he would turn out to be wrong. “You are saying that as if it was such an easy thing. I can’t just take out my soul and give it back. We all know that it doesn’t work that way. So why don’t you speak clearly? You actually want me to die.”

Qiang Yan felt uncomfortable but, in the end, this was the truth so he could only nod with a heavy heart. “If there was a different way, believe me, I definitely wouldn’t ask this of you. But there isn’t only one soul but two of you. And Jing He … is important for the Nine Heavens.”

“While I am not. I do understand that. But Jing He is also just the crown prince. Whether you have him back immediately or not shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Also, even though we are no longer in different realms, one day here for me is still just one day for him as well. I don’t think you have any reason to be in a hurry right now.”

Qiang Yan couldn’t deny that this was somewhat true. There probably was some time at least before they definitely needed to get Jing He back. But even though Jing He was ‘just’ the crown prince, that didn’t mean that he wasn’t important. “Even if the time is the same, each day you live is one more day that we don’t have him. And despite what you may think, Jing He’s role here isn’t just for decoration. Since he has already come of age he will be required to take part in ceremonies. And he will have to do so as himself, not as his reincarnation. It would not be the same. Right now, you’re just a reincarnation, an ascended deity, your standing here simply isn’t the same as Jing He’s.”

Jing Yi smiled at that. “It isn’t because we are different people. But is it really alright to just kill another person for your crown prince? You don’t feel guilty at all? I am also a person, you know.”

Qiang Yan sighed. “As I said, if there was another way, we would take that one. But there isn’t. Not for your situation, nor for that of others. This isn’t just because Jing He is the crown prince. It is the same for all of the gods that descend for their trials and then manage to ascend again. They’ve always been killed. It is the only way to go because after all, these trials are a different kind of life.”

Jing Yi’s smile turned slightly mocking when he heard that. “Oh, they sure are a different kind of life to you. But I wonder if you have ever asked those ascended deities you were ambushing about their opinion.” He tilted his head and narrowed his eyes at that uncle of his. He had some memories so there were some things he remembered. Who said that he couldn’t use that for his own gain? “Uncle, I do remember how you once told me about a trial of yours, the last one if I recall correctly. You were in the very same situation back then that I’m in right now. Tell me honestly: Did you not wish that you had been left alive back then?”

Qiang Yan froze up when he heard that, his thoughts wandering back to that day. Yes, back when he had been Feng Jian Hao, he really would’ve preferred to stay alive. Even if he couldn’t be in the Nine Heavens, it would’ve been alright to return to the mortal realm and just spend his time with his family until his natural death.

He didn’t need to be Qiang Yan, the God of War. Having his family would have been worth so much more to him. Unfortunately, the decision had been taken from him. It was probably the only regret he had in his life. If he could change the past, he would definitely do so.

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