OMF V8C1 A Trueborn God’s Reincarnation

One of the officials from the Court of Justice rushed into Li Yin’s office, panting heavily. The God of Justice glanced up from the documents he had been approving and raised his brows.

“A trueborn god’s reincarnation is ascending!”

Li Yin’s expression changed immediately. “Who?” In fact, he already had a rough guess just which person it might be. After all, while a trueborn god’s reincarnation ascending was a problem, it needed a special type of trueborn god to elicit this kind of reaction.

Naturally, the official’s response was exactly as he had expected. “It is the Son of Heaven, Jing He’s, reincarnation, Zhong Jing Yi.”

Li Yin sighed but he really wasn’t surprised at that. “Send somebody to the God of War’s Palace. Have them stand by at the ascension platform and deal with it immediately. Send another person to the Palace of Fate to have the Fate’s Scribe do his best averting this crisis. Then, send a third person to inform the Heavenly Emperor.”

The official nodded and then rushed out, following the God of Justice’s directions. Now, they couldn’t lose a single moment.

Meanwhile, Li Yin leaned back and closed his eyes. From the very beginning, he had feared that something like this might happen. There had just been too many things going wrong since the day His Highness had descended to the mortal realm to do his trial.

This kind of thing … if one thing went wrong, it could still be explained. If almost everything went wrong, there was definitely more to it. He did not believe for a single moment, that there wasn’t some type of deeper meaning to this specific trial. There were just too many things hinting at that. Well, even if he knew, it wouldn’t change anything.

He got up and then made his way over to the ascension platform himself. While there wasn’t much that he could do, he still hoped that the Son of Heaven’s reincarnation would at least be willing to listen to him. If they were able to solve the situation without force, then he would naturally prefer that.

Meanwhile, one of the Court of Justice’s officials arrived at the Palace of the God of War. He rushed past the guards, only yelling at them that he needed to see the God of War, and then ran straight to Qiang Yan’s study. He remembered that he needed to knock and smashed his hand against the door once before he rushed inside.

Qiang Yan shot to his feet, his hand raised up in the air to attack if need be. Seeing that it was an official from the Court of Justice, he paused though. “What happened?”

“Ascended deity. The Son of Heaven’s reincarnation.”

Qiang Yan didn’t need to be told twice. He rushed out of the study, starting to holler commands as soon as he was through the door. In just a minute, the whole Palace of War had been mobilized, and everybody rushed over to the ascension platform.

Naturally, not a single second could be lost. After all, while the ascension would take a bit of time in the mortal realm, with the difference in time between the realms, they had less than a minute after it started until they needed to be there. Thankfully, the ascension of a trueborn god’s reincarnation would already be indicated before it actually happened. That way, they had been warned slightly before the actual occurrence. This gave them at least a bit more time. But with everybody needing to be informed, it still took its time.

When Qiang Yan and the Heavenly Guards arrived, the ascension platform had already lit up, the light filling the whole courtyard. Qiang Yan stepped next to Li Yin, grabbing his weapon tightly. He wasn’t looking forward to this. No matter what, this person was still his nephew’s reincarnation and his nephew would remember being killed by him. Even though it was for his own good, he could imagine that it would not be easy to accept. After his memories returned, there might be a period of needing to adjust.

Li Yin gave him a sympathetic look. “Try not to think of it. He currently isn’t your nephew regardless of how they are connected. It would be wrong to think of it as anything else.”

Qiang Yan nodded. Yes, from a logical standpoint, he also understood as much. It was just that … things were a little different when it actually happened.

The two of them fell quiet and looked at the array again, waiting for the person in question to appear.

They didn’t need to wait for long. With a last spell of brightness, a figure appeared in the middle of the array, glancing around with his eyes narrowed. Then, the light faded away, and Zhong Jing Yi found himself surrounded from all sides.

His expression turned grim and he clenched his fists. He had thought that since Qiu Ling suddenly vanished and then stayed away for several weeks, it could only mean one thing: He had returned to the immortal realms to be with Jing He’s body instead of him who was alive. Thus, in a fit of anger, he had focused his whole attention on cultivation and finally made it to the point where we could ascend. And since this had always been his goal, he finally just went ahead.

But … he should’ve known that it wouldn’t be that easy. Even though Qiu Ling had agreed that they would first spend some time together in the immortal realms before he had to give up his life in favor of Jing He, that didn’t mean that anyone else would agree to that. And now, he had appeared here alone, without Qiu Ling’s protection. Considering that he had never really learned how to fight, he really was in a difficult position.

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