OMF V3C129 What Happened to His Majesty?

Qiang Wei recognized Madam Zhong’s voice from the time he had spent in the mortal realm when His Majesty had asked him to bring over a bottle of wine. Hearing her, he heaved a sigh of relief. Well, at the very least, His Majesty was at a place where people were on his side and would take care of him. If he had been anywhere else and trouble found him while he was unable to defend himself, it really would’ve been difficult.

He turned to the Fate’s Scribe and nodded in thanks. “Fate’s Scribe, thank you for informing us of this. The dragon race is in your debt.”

Shun Tao hurriedly raised his hands and waved. “I really can’t accept that kind of praise. If anything, then you should thank the ascended deity Leng Jin Yu. He was the one who found out about this after all. Anyway, our races are allies. This is what we should do. Now, I think you should hurry along and go see Longjun. If anything were to happen to him, that would be a tragedy.”

Qiang Wei nodded and then left the Fate’s Scribe’s palace, rushing out of the Nine Heavens and to the mortal realm. When he had just crossed over, he stopped and slapped his forehead. “I’m so stupid!”

He took out a transmission stone and imbued his spiritual energy. A moment later, the image of a dragon with white hair and blue eyes sprang up.

“Qiang Wei, what may I do for you?” An Bai put down the book in his hands, giving Qiang Wei his full attention.

“What are you doing right now? Can you come to the mortal realm?”

“Did something happen?”

Qiang Wei sighed. “You can say it like that. Apparently, His Majesty got into some kind of accident. I haven’t gotten there yet so I don’t know if I’ll be able to figure it out on my own. I’d feel better if you came over as well.”

An Bai nodded and got up, leaving his own chambers. “Where exactly is he right now? I’ll come over as fast as I can.”

“The capital of the Long kingdom. Do you know where that is?”

An Bai nodded. “I do. I’ll be there in a bit.”

“Then I’ll wait for you at the southern city gate. We can go over to the house together.”

An Bai nodded and then they cut the connection, hurrying over on their own.

An Bai’s expression was tense when he reached the city a few moments after Qiang Wei. “How bad exactly is it?” He was sure that if this wasn’t anything difficult, Qiang Wei wouldn’t ask for his help. So he couldn’t help but worry just what the extent of that accident was. Their king wouldn’t be in danger of losing his life, would he?

Qiang Wei sighed but shook his head. “I don’t know any details. Just that he has been unconscious for a few days. Let’s go over and find out.”

An Bai nodded and then followed him to the house of the Zhongs. The two of them had hidden their figures from mortal sight just in case and couldn’t help but hover in the air above the estate to look for their king.

Inside, Leng Jin Yu raised his head and then went to the door, stepping outside. As an ascended deity, he had transcended mortality and was able to spot them at one glance. He motioned into the room and then stepped to the side, waiting for the two dragons to land.

Qiang Wei nodded and thanks. “Greetings. Thank you for informing us of this matter.”

An Bai didn’t know what exactly had happened but he followed Qiang Wei suit in his thanks. “We’re much in your debt.”

Leng Jin Yu just shook his head. “I was sent here to ensure that His Highness would be able to do his trials properly. While doing so, I did find out that something had happened and went to check it out because of curiosity. It was a coincidence that I realized it had to do with Longjun. But the gods and dragons are allies. Naturally, we should inform you about this.”

“Then, I guess we should better go and take a look at him.” An Bai went in first, taking a look at their king. He couldn’t help but clench his fists when he saw him like that. Even though their king wasn’t always as he had imagined he would be when he was young, he was still somebody that was very strong and able to lead their race. Seeing him reduced to lying there quietly left him with a bitter aftertaste in his mouth.

He hesitated in front of the bed for a moment and then knelt down, gingerly taking Qiu Ling’s arm and turning it around so he could feel his pulse. He furrowed his brows for a moment but then shook his head. “It doesn’t seem to be a physical issue.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “I thought as much. Originally, I wondered if I should use my spiritual energy to probe further but I was afraid it could harm him even more.”

An Bai glanced over his shoulder and gave a grateful smile. “Thank you for being cautious. It wouldn’t have caused any problems but … it’s still good that you didn’t act rashly.” He didn’t know who exactly this person was but he felt a bit better knowing that he had thought it through before doing anything.

An Bai turned back to the king and used a sliver of spiritual energy to probe his state further. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much he could find.

He took his hand back and furrowed his white brows, pondering. “His spiritual energy seems to have stagnated but not to a degree which would harm him and make him go unconscious. Instead, it might be that this slight stagnation is a result of him being unconscious. So whatever caused this might not be related to spiritual energy either.”

Qiang Wei furrowed his brows and went over, kneeling down next to him. “Then what else could it be?”

An Bai shook his head. “It’s not that easy to say.” He turned back to Leng Jin Yu, looking a little helpless. “You wouldn’t happen to know what transpired before His Majesty lost consciousness, would you?”

“I don’t know everything but I have investigated and gotten the rough gist of what might have happened. I can tell you and if it would help you, I could also bring one of you over there to do your own investigation while one of you could stay here to take care of him.”

An Bai and Qiang Wei exchanged a glance and then got up. “I think it would be good to first tell us what happened. After that, we can decide if going to investigate will help.”

“Very well.” Leng Jin Yu motioned over at the table standing to the side of the room, inviting the two of them to sit down. Then, he explained everything from the time when he had felt the disturbance in spiritual energy to give them a hint of just how strong what happened might have been until the time when he had found Zhong Jing Yi. At the end of it, An Bai’s expression had turned thoughtful as if he was about to form an idea.

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