OMF V3C128 What Happened to Him?

Leng Jin Yu pressed his lips together in an attempt not to laugh. Every normal person would’ve suspected that something had happened to the dragon king after being invited over like this. But this person first of all thought that the king must’ve done something bad. It was hilarious when thinking about it like that.

Then again, when he reflected on everything he had already seen of the dragon king, he wasn’t quite sure if this reaction wasn’t justified. After all, the dragon king obviously had a very strange way to judge what kind of behavior was acceptable and what wasn’t. So one of his advisers being worried about this probably wasn’t too strange.

Qiang Wei looked at the Fate’s Scribe with his brows furrowed together. “What is it? Fate’s Scribe, you called me over like this and now you’re not telling me what the matter is?” Just how bad could it be? It wouldn’t be that the Son of Heaven had actually suffered an injury because of their king, could it? But no, that was impossible. Their king would rather die than to let anything happen to his beloved. On second thought … Maybe that was precisely the problem.

He couldn’t help it. The longer he thought about it, the more anxious Qiang Wei got. He really wanted to go over and shake the answer right out of this stupid Fate’s Scribe. Just why wasn’t he opening his mouth?!

Shun Tao finally shook himself out of his daze. “Adviser Qiang Wei, thank you for coming over. To be honest, this time, it’s not about what your king did. In fact, something happened to him.”

Qiang Wei stood on the spot for a moment, unsure how to react to this. Something … had happened to the king?

He slowly walked over to the Fate’s Scribe and sat down, and then squinted his eyes at him. “Did His Majesty say that?”


Qiang Wei nodded somewhat relieved. At the very least, their king wasn’t once again making weird stuff up to get the crown prince to marry him. So there was no way he would be going too far with this. The next moment, reality hit him though: Wait. Didn’t this mean that their king was actually hurt?!

He leaped back to his feet and reached over the table, grabbing Shun Tao by the lapel. “What happened to His Majesty?!”

Shun Tao looked at him, once again unable to respond. To be honest, he was a little terrified right now. He had even almost let go of the transmission stone in his hand.

At this point, Leng Jin Yu sighed. “Adviser Qiang Wei, greetings. You don’t know me but I’m currently on a mission in the mortal realm, making sure that His Highness will be able to finish his trial.

“Unfortunately, a matter has occurred that left the dragon king unconscious. He’s been in this state for about half a week and I couldn’t find anything wrong with his body. I’m not quite sure about the differences between humans and dragons so I didn’t dare to do a more thorough examination. Would it be possible for you to come over and take a look at him?”

Qiang Wei blinked at the transmission stone and then hurried over to Shun Tao’s side of the table, looking at the image of the person that was being projected. “Unconscious for half a week? There were no signs whatsoever what this could be about?”

Leng Jin Yu nodded. “From what I’ve inquired, there was a natural disaster preceding this. It might have been brought about by some kind of accident that happened when the crown prince’s reincarnation was trying to learn how to use spiritual energy. I’m not completely sure about this yet though.”

Qiang Wei nodded slowly. “Well, thank you for telling us. I’ll come over as soon as possible. Where are you right now?”

“The Long kingdom’s capital city, the house of the Zhongs. Do you know where that is?”

Qiang Wei nodded. “I do. In fact, I’ve been there before. I’ll come over right now.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then turned back to the Fate’s Scribe, wanting to ask about whether they should inform anybody else of this. Before he could do that though, there was a knock on the door.

“Daoist Yu, did he wake up?”

Leng Jin Yu tensed and then gave a strained smile to the two people on the other side of the transmission stone. He lowered his voice and bid his farewell. Only when he had done so and put the transmission stone back into his spatial ring did he turn to the door. Anyway, it wasn’t out of character to take his time and do things as he saw fit.

In front of the door, Madam Zhong was getting anxious. She was worried about her son being all alone out there but also worried about Qiu Ling not waking up. If she could put at least one of these two worries to rest …

She bit her lip just as Jing Yi often did and then gingerly knocked again. She was feeling a bit intimidated by this taciturn guest of hers that had the bearing of a true immortal but she had just heard a voice so maybe Qiu Ling had woken up? “Daoist Yu?”

Leng Jin Yu finally answered when she called out again. “No. But I just contacted somebody to come and take a look at him.”

Madam Zhong lowered her head. “Oh.” So he hadn’t woken up yet. “Well … Thank you for all your help. I really wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t here.”

Behind the door, Leng Jin Yu’s expression showed some compassion but his voice stayed just as emotionless as before. “We are fellow disciples. This is what I should do.”

Madam Zhong kept quiet for a moment and finally sighed. “Maybe that’s so. I guess I should leave you alone then.” She waited for an answer but finally left when she got none, her worry not yet abated.

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