OMF V7C507 Their Final Decision

Xiang Yong and An Bai were the youngest of Qiu Ling’s advisers but even the oldest ones, Fu Heng and Fu Min, had only been children at the time when Qiu Ling ascended the throne which had been many years after Jinde’s supposed death.

Nevertheless, stories about the previous dragon king had been passed down and were known by almost anyone in the dragon realm. So a person with Jinde’s appearance would garner gazes no matter where they went. An Bai, as somebody who had researched the history of the realm and race, was even clearer on what exactly the old records said. Also, one really didn’t need to be a genius to figure out who this person was if he dared to talk like that to Qiu Ling. But this kind of thing really changed everything they had believed to know about their race.

Jinde smiled when the two people just stared at him with wide eyes, not knowing what to say. Ah, this was a different kind of astonishment than he was used to. But he really couldn’t say that he was surprised at their reaction. It probably wasn’t easy for them to learn the truth. He didn’t bother about them any longer though and instead turned to Qiu Ling. “I see you made it in time.”

Qiu Ling nodded and gave a hum before he motioned to Xiang Yong. “I brought a gift.”

Even though there were still a million thoughts in his head, Xiang Yong inclined his head and stepped forward, handing the box over to Jinde.

Jinde took it with a smile and then flipped the lid open, his brows slightly rising. He took out the necklace and held it up with one finger, giving Qiu Ling a questioning look. “It seems somebody can hardly wait to get a few siblings.”

Qiu Ling’s lips twitched. “I don’t think what I want or don’t want is really of importance here, is it? I feel you’re just going to do whatever you want.”

Jinde laughed and then motioned over to Leng Jin Yu, putting the necklace back into the box and handing it over to his husband. “You’d better store that well for us. This kind of thoughtful gift, I’m sure we’ll be taking it back out sooner or later.”

Leng Jin Yu looked at the necklace with a complicated expression. Previously, he wouldn’t have understood. But now, with Chun Yin’s memories, he understood the general customs of the dragon race. And the shells … there was really only one way to interpret receiving them as a gift for your wedding. After all, a shell was what a couple like them would use to create their child. Being given a necklace of small ones … The intent was obvious.

He finally closed the box with a wry smile and then put it into his spatial ring. Glancing at Qiu Ling, he wondered if he should say something but finally didn’t do so. If he said something about children, he was afraid it wouldn’t go over well. After all, Qiu Ling hadn’t been able to have a normal childhood and it was pretty clear that he still somewhat resented him for that no matter what he said.

That hurt wouldn’t vanish just because he had been able to talk with Chun Yin for a bit. After all, way too many things had happened for that. Maybe he would be able to get over it in the future and they could have a somewhat normal relationship but it definitely wasn’t the time for that yet. No, there was still a lot of work ahead of them if they wanted something like that.

Adding another child to the mix would definitely deepen Qiu Ling’s resentment because he would see somebody get what he hadn’t been able to have from the people that he had wanted it from. It might not be rational but this was after all the trauma from his childhood. Who could fault him for that?

Jinde looked from one person to the other, his gaze deep. Finally, he showed a small smile and then motioned toward the door. “I believe it should be time for us to go over. The actual ceremony will be held outside. We didn’t think it would be a good idea to invite any guests here.”

Qiu Ling who had just taken a glance at Leng Jin Yu as well turned his back to him, still seeming a little awkward. “You’re not going to go out there looking like this, are you?”

Jinde brushed through his golden hair and his smile deepened. “Why not? Do I not look nice? That’s not the right thing to say to somebody no matter the time. But especially not on their wedding day.” Jinde walked past him and stopped in front of Leng Jin Yu, reaching out to put his hands on his husband’s chest. “I hope you have some better words to say to me, my dear.”

Leng Jin Yu put away his tangled emotions and leaned closer with a smile. “You are as beautiful as always but the thought of being able to marry you again makes you seem even more beautiful to me.”

Jinde chuckled and then leaned closer as well, pecking his cheek. “I like the way that sounded. Alright, let’s go over then. We can’t make them wait forever. And I also don’t want to wait any longer. We deserve this.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded and then glanced at Qiu Ling and his two advisers again before he turned around and followed Jinde out of the room. In any case, the other three could leave whenever they wanted to since the array didn’t work in that direction.

Back in the room, An Bai and Xiang Yong immediately stepped forward, their gazes worried. “Your Majesty … these two people …” They didn’t quite dare to speak their mind on this but it was obvious that they had some thoughts on the matter.

Qiu Ling glanced at An Bai and then at Xiang Yong before he sighed. “It’s exactly as you think it is. They are my predecessor and … my father’s reincarnation.”

While the latter was difficult for him to put into words, the former was surprisingly easy to admit to after he had already confessed to being part demon. In any case, they had been able to deal with that information. He was hoping that they would be able to deal with knowing this as well. And if they couldn’t … Well, at the very least, there would be a candidate that could take over ruling the realm if his people didn’t want him anymore.

This was why he had brought these two here. He wanted them to make their final decision after all the cards had been revealed. Now, he only needed to wait for what they would say.

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