SML V2C41 What Are You Interested In?

Mo Fang leaned over and pecked Li Ming’s cheek. “Thank you. That was really nice of you.”

Li Ming raised his brows, needing a moment to understand what Mo Fang was talking about. Then, he raised his brows even higher. It couldn’t be that Mo Fang had actually been insecure about this, could it?

The thought made him blank for a moment. So far, even though Mo Fang had seemed vulnerable last week and made a comment or two that had made him wonder somewhat, Li Ming had never thought that he was really that self-conscious. He had always thought that it was all because of that recent break-up that had made him feel down.

Now though, Mo Fang seemed to be more or less over what had happened with Lan Heng and was happy with how things were starting to turn out with him. There was no way for Li Ming to reason anymore that Mo Fang was like this just because of his circumstances. So there was a chance that he usually felt like this.

Just thinking of it, Li Ming couldn’t help but furrow his brows. “Isn’t that a matter of course? Anyway, I think it’s great that you were able to do something with your looks. And I’m sure that there are a lot of other things that you’re interested in as well, right?” He gave him a curious look, quite interested in the answer to that.

Mo Fang looked back at him, seeming a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“I mean … like a hobby or something. You do like to model as a job and you’re obviously interested in fashion even outside of that. But what else do you do?”

Mo Fang’s expression was completely befuddled. He really hadn’t thought of this. What else did he like to do … Ah, he couldn’t really come up with anything. Between modeling, doing whatever job he currently had, and dating, there wasn’t really time for anything else.

Li Ming looked at him, his expression turning incredulous. “You mean there’s nothing else?” He couldn’t really imagine that. Even though he himself wasn’t somebody who had many interests, there were at least a few. For one, there was definitely cooking, and then there were sports. You could probably argue that the latter was because of his job as well so it didn’t really count but even then, he could still think of things that he was interested in and spent at least time on even if he wouldn’t do them regularly. For example, he actually really liked going to the theater and every so often, he would meet up with friends to play games. Was there really nothing like that for Mo Fang?

Even though he felt that it was really unimaginable, he didn’t say so out loud. In any case, he had asked. No matter what the answer was that he got, he also shouldn’t judge. He wanted Mo Fang to feel like he could tell him anything. That was the kind of relationship he wanted to have. So if he was already being like this on the second day, it would be quite strange. He did inquire further though. “Really nothing? What about movies? Looking at the one you chose the other time, I was wondering if you had some special interest in that.”

Mo Fang shook his head though. “I mean it’s nice watching one but I wouldn’t say it’s really something that I’d spend a lot of time on. Most of these were shared by an ex of mine. I just kept them since I felt they were not that bad.”

“Oh.” Li Ming wasn’t really sure what else to say to that. What exactly was it that Mo Fang filled all his days with? Even now that he worked at the railroad station, he should still have several hours a day to himself. And from what he had told him before, it didn’t seem like he had worked many full-time jobs before. So what about those times? And since he didn’t cook either and instead went out to eat, he usually shouldn’t spend that much time on either grocery shopping or preparing meals. What was with the rest of his time?

He really was curious but he felt that today really wasn’t the best time to bring it up. If he did, it was very easy to hurt Mo Fang in the process because he would make him feel that he wasn’t appreciated for how he led his life. He really didn’t want to do that. So for the moment, he ignored the question and just motioned ahead. “So, where are we going now?”

Mo Fang reached over and tugged at me Li Ming’s lapel, an enchanting smile on his lips. “Well, I figured that we have been running around a lot for the past hours so I thought we could go and grab a bite to eat and then maybe sit down in a park or something. You wouldn’t mind, would you?”

Li Ming looked at that smile, almost spellbound. If there was one thing about Mo Fang that he just couldn’t get out of his head it was his smile. No matter what he had said before, it actually made him want to lean over and kiss those lips.

He forced himself to hold back though and raised his gaze to Mo Fang’s eyes again. “No, of course not. Anyway, today, you’re the one to plan our date. You didn’t complain yesterday about what I chose, so I’m not going to complain about your choices today. We’ll do it exactly as you intended it.”

Mo Fang chuckled at that. If he had known about that, he probably would’ve planned to stay inside and seduce him. Well, he felt like Li Ming would change his tune if he knew that that was his plan. In any case, this was also very nice. He was pretty sure that this kind of experience was also one that Li Ming would like. “Alright, come on then. If we take too long, there might not be enough time anymore.”

Li Ming nodded and then followed him to a food stall close by.

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