One Winter’s Tale C2: Sleeping Dragon … and His Confused Husband

“Bear child! I came to visit. Aren’t you going to come out and greet me?” Jinde waltzed into the room and looked around but nothing could be seen of Qiu Ling. He sighed and shook his head. “Who knows what he’s doing again? Probably kidnapped the Son of Heaven for some romantic outing or something.”

He sat down at the table and wondered what he should do now. Since he had come the whole way he didn’t just want to return. Anyway, wouldn’t Jin Yu laugh at him and say that he had told him so? Hmph, as if he’d give him the satisfaction!

Jinde got up and wandered through the room, finally stopping in front of a bookshelf. Mn, since the Son of Heaven had moved in quite some time ago, there should be something good in there, right?

He brushed over the books and scrolls with his fingers and finally pulled one out at random. The cover was worn out and some of the pages had dog-ears as if the book was a personal favorite that had been read over and over again. Looking at the title … “Favorite fairy tales?”

Jinde raised his brows. This didn’t quite seem like something the Son of Heaven would enjoy. He opened the book at random, coincidentally landing on a page where a new story began. He went back to the table and sat down to read it. Anyway, he had time. It would be enough if he didn’t go right back.

In the end, Jinde closed the book with a laugh. He didn’t put it back and instead stored it in his spatial ring before he returned home. He looked around to make sure that his husband wasn’t there, then he took out the book, marked the page and put it down on the table. He pursed his lips and finally moved everything else away. He couldn’t make it too difficult for his husband, could he?

When he observed his work once again, he nodded. “This should do the trick.” Then, he went to change his clothes and lay down on the bed, folded his hands on his stomach, closed his eyes, and forced down the corners of his lips that couldn’t help but raise up.

When Leng Jin Yu returned from his training later on, he was faced with Jinde in the most unnatural position he had ever seen him in. He stopped in the door and tried to figure out what this was about. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it. Well, it seemed he’d need to humble himself and ask for an explanation. “Jinde? What are you doing?”

He could swear he saw Jinde’s lips twitch but his husband didn’t open his eyes and just continued to lie there. Leng Jin Yu furrowed his brows and went over, sitting on the edge of the bed. If he wasn’t wrong, then Jinde hadn’t worn this robe when he went out today. Most likely, he was being playful again?

Leng Jin Yu observed his face and then got up again, looking around the room. Knowing Jinde, there should be some kind of hint if he wanted something specific, right?

He didn’t need to look for long. The book on the table was really too obvious. Leng Jin Yu raised his brows, picked it up and opened the marked page. Reading the story, he gave his husband a helpless look. So it was like that. He felt that he should have known.

He sighed and put the book down, making his way back to the bed. “Ah, such a beauty! He really makes my heart beat faster.”

This time, he was sure that Jinde’s expression changed from his previous glee to satisfaction. He looked a moment long and then reached out. He grabbed a strand of his hair and playfully wrapped it around his finger.

“I really don’t know what to do. If only I could take a look at the beauty’s eyes but they’re tightly shut. What a pity!” He tugged at that strand of hair and finally leaned forward, giving Jinde a peck.

When he leaned back … Jinde was still pretending to be sleeping. “Oh? Could it be that wasn’t true love’s kiss?”

Leng Jin Yu paused and his lips twitched. Well … knowing his husband, he would certainly say ‘True love lasts a lifetime. How could true love’s kiss be so short?’ or something along the lines. In that case …

He sighed and leaned down again, letting go of the strand of Jinde’s hair and instead cupping his cheeks. Then he pressed his lips against his husband’s, giving him a lingering kiss.

Those eyes finally cracked open, revealing a golden glint.

When Leng Jin Yu finally pulled back, Jinde’s lips curved up. “Which scoundrel takes advantage of a sleeping person?”

Leng Jin Yu laughed. So that was what he had been playing at? Well, he wouldn’t give in that easily! “My dear, you must still be groggy from sleep. Don’t you even recognize your own husband?”

“Was it my husband?” Jinde reached out and wrapped his arms around Leng Jin Yu’s neck. “You know I really must have been dizzy from sleep. I couldn’t tell at all. Why don’t you kiss me again so I can make sure?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. “How come you’ll always end up winning regardless of how I react?”

Jinde craned his neck and pecked his husband’s lips. “That’s because my husband is my one true love. So regardless of what you do, I’ve long won anyway.”

Leng Jin Yu laughed and laid down next to him. “I guess I should just go along with it then. Come here. Let your husband give you a real kiss.”

“Mn …” Jinde inched closer. “We could also play sleeping beauty together.”

“Oh? You want to go to sleep?”

“If it’s you who’s sleeping with me, I definitely want to. So does my husband agree or does he still require more coaxing?”

“What kind of coaxing would that be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe sleeping beauty sleeps naked.”

Leng Jin Yu stared at his husband in a daze. Had they read the same story? But before he could say anything, a belt was thrown to the side only to be followed by an outer robe.

“Is this enough coaxing or does my husband require me to work even harder?”

“I … I think that was enough. How could I let you work so hard right after getting up?”

“Mn. That’s what I thought.” Jinde nestled back into the bed and then spread his arms, letting Leng Jin Yu take off his inner robe as well. When his husband’s clothes followed as well and their lips returned to brushing against each other, Jinde couldn’t help but laugh. “I think the story said that the hero had to slay a vicious beast.”

“Oh?” Leng Jin Yu lightly kissed Jinde’s collarbone. “I’m sure I can do that.”

“Mn, I’m worried though. What if you get hurt?”

“You don’t trust in your husband’s skills?”

“I do … but I guess it can’t hurt to make sure that they’re still up to par. So why don’t you show me how well you can use that sword of yours?”

Leng Jin Yu laughed and did as he was told.

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