SML V2C37 Keep Your Secrets!

Mo Fang stared at Li Ming and his expression fell. “You really think so?!” He actually hadn’t expected this. He had thought that Li Ming might be too embarrassed or that he was still holding onto some ideals but he certainly wouldn’t have thought that the problem was actually with him.

In any case, he was handsome. What was there not to like about that? And since he had already kissed Li Ming several times, he felt that he also should have been able to demonstrate that he was quite good with these things. So why did Li Ming still not want to take him up on the offer? Was there really something wrong with him?

As soon as Li Ming saw that Mo Fang was indeed thinking that he might be the problem, he couldn’t help but curse himself. He hurriedly hugged him tighter and shook his head. “It’s not you. It’s … it’s absolutely me. Let’s just say that I want to show you how much I treasure you. Doing it just like that seems a bit wrong.”

Mo Fang pursed his lips. Well, that answered his question but he still wasn’t happy with it. But in any case, now wasn’t a good moment to say that. He reached out and gently grabbed Li Ming’s collar. “Well, if you say it’s like this, I’ll just pretend I believe you for the moment. When you feel like you can tell me the truth, then you can do that. Until then, we’ll just do it the way you suggested.”

Li Ming really wanted to try and convince him but he realized that maybe right now wasn’t the right moment for that. He had just rejected him and Mo Fang was probably down. It would be best to distract him a little first and then see what to do. “Alright. Then let’s do it that way. In any case, didn’t you plan our second date for today? We don’t have much time for something else then. So … I’ll just do the dishes real quick and then we can go.”

Mo Fang’s lips curved up into a smile and he nodded. “Alright. We’ll do that then.” He leaned back on the chair and let go of Li Ming, watching how we got up and started to put away the dishes.

This wasn’t yet the perfect relationship he wanted but they were definitely getting closer. And if Li Ming was already caving into hugs and kisses on the second day, he definitely wouldn’t even need a week to get him into bed. It seemed like things were working out really, really well for him. Just thinking about it, there was a bright smile on his face.

This was precisely what Li Ming saw when he turned around when he finished. His gaze couldn’t help but soften when he noticed. Since he had no idea what Mo Fang was thinking, he felt that most likely, his new boyfriend had been secretly admiring him from where he was sitting and couldn’t help himself but be happy for being together. The thought of that … Who wouldn’t feel good at that?

He smiled as well, wiped off his hands, and then went over, scooping him up into his arms. “Alright, I’m done. So … where are we going?”

Mo Fang used the opportunity to lean against him, his smile getting even brighter. “I said it’s a secret. So don’t try to get it out of me.”

Li Ming chuckled but didn’t press any further. “Alright. Then keep your secrets. I’m going to find out soon anyway.” He leaned forward, kissed his cheek, and then motioned over to the door. “Let’s go then?”

Mo Fang gave a hum, reached out and took his hand, and then followed him out of the apartment. The two of them went down the street to the nearest station before taking the public transportation for a few stations.

When they got out, Li Ming couldn’t help but look around. He really was wondering what exactly it was that Mo Fang had planned. In fact, he had a difficult time imagining it even though he was able to narrow it down.

Mo Fang hadn’t seemed interested in the exhibition yesterday so he didn’t think it would be anything of the like. And they had already gone jogging so it was unlikely that they would do something that was physically-demanding either. His best guess really was some kind of course where they would be able to do something together.

Maybe cooking? But that was unlikely as well since Mo Fang had said that he couldn’t be bothered about this and he was already able to do it. Something that they had such different levels of experience with would really make things difficult. Also, if he wanted to learn, he could have just asked him to do it at home. That would be more intimate as well. So there was no reason to do this.

No, if it was like this, it should be something that they both didn’t know much about so they could try it out and get to know each other and whatever it was that Mo Fang had chosen to do.

As it turned out, Li Ming was completely wrong.

Once they stopped in front of the building, he stared up with his mouth hanging open. “The textile and costume museum?”

Mo Fang turned to him, a faint smile on his lips. “Why? You don’t like it?”

Li Ming turned around and stared at him in a daze. It seemed … he had completely misjudged Mo Fang. Well, it was unexpected but actually a nice surprise. He liked to learn something new about his partner with each date. And to think that Mo Fang would actually go to a museum after what had happened yesterday … this certainly was unexpected. But thinking about it further, it was probably just the subject matter. Maybe since it had something to do with fashion, he was more interested in it.

Li Ming couldn’t help but feel that the thought was quite interesting and silently held onto it. He didn’t want to bring all of this up immediately but he definitely had a few questions he would like to ask later on.

He gently squeezed Mo Fang’s hand and then motioned over to the door. “I’m surprised but I don’t have anything against it. I’m sure we’ll have a lovely day. Let’s go in.”

Mo Fang smiled happily and the two of them went over, soon starting to make their way through the exhibition.

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