RMN C192 Senior Martial Brother?!

At this time, Kui Min had been sitting inside the dungeon for several days already, wondering if she would ever be able to make it out of here. She had almost given up hope when she suddenly saw the hem of a white robe in front of her.

She stared at it in a daze for a moment before she raised her head, finally seeing just who it was in front of her. “Se… Senior martial brother Zhi!” She leaped to her feet, staring at him as if she wanted to make sure if it was really him or just a hallucination.

In fact, she couldn’t help but wonder if maybe this was a plot of the demonic practitioners. Could it be that this was somebody who had just disguised as Zhi Guan? But that couldn’t be. Nobody had figured out that she liked him. Well, other than maybe senior martial brother Mei and now Zhi Guan’s Master but that was a different thing.

After getting over the initial shock, she hurriedly stepped forward and then looked down the corridor. “What are you doing here? You have to hide! I’m sure they’ll be right back!”

Zhi Guan shook his head and silently looked at the bars of the cell, studying the ruins that had been used to make sure that the person that had been caught stayed in there.

Kui Min became even more worried when she saw his calm attitude. “Senior martial brother Zhi, you can’t take this lightly! What if we’re both thrown in here together?!”

Zhi Guan shook his head. “They’ll only arrive when I’m about to take you out of here.” He didn’t explain what he meant and just continued to study the runes. This was unfortunately not a task that could be solved with just a sword. It seemed he would have to dispel the spell in another way. Unfortunately, this really wasn’t his strong suit. Now, he regretted not having his second junior martial brother with him. As annoying as Yan Hong Min could be, he at least knew about this type of thing and would be able to find a way to disable it in just a few minutes.

After a moment, he furrowed his brows. “Do you know how to disable the spell on here?” He turned to look at Kui Min who just stared at him in return.

If she knew how to break the spell, wouldn’t she have tried breaking out of here already? And anyway, the runes were on the other side. She couldn’t even see them. How could she find a way to solve them?

Seeing her gaze, Zhi Guan gave a hum and then turned away, going down the corridor and leaving her there.

Kui Min blinked her eyes and then grabbed the bars of the cell, trying to look outside. Unfortunately, Zhi Guan had already left. She couldn’t see him any longer. Kui Min didn’t know what to think. While she had been worried that Zhi Guan might be spotted, it was also better to see somebody that she knew instead of sitting in the demonic practitioners’ dungeon all by herself. Now that he just walked away … she didn’t know what to do.

She slumped back down onto the ground, feeling devastated. Maybe against all odds, she had still hoped that he would be able to get her out of here. It might not be likely but still. She had not been able to give up that little bit of hope.

On the other hand, Zhi Guan hadn’t actually left. Instead, he was looking for clues. If he was right and the demonic practitioners really wanted him to save Kui Min and take her out of here, then not only would they give him enough time to figure things out, they would also leave something here to get her out just in case he was not able to disable the spell on his own. Otherwise, wouldn’t all their previous preparations be useless? No, they would never do that. If they made such an elaborate plan, they would make sure that it was without a chance to go awry until the very end.

After searching around for a bit, he finally spotted a set of keys in the room adjacent to the corridor where the guarding disciples could probably go to rest.

He tilted his head, picked the keys up, and then went back. “I’ll have to try which one is the right one.” Saying so, he already inserted the first key into the hole.

Kui Min looked back up, her jaw dropping. “You … you didn’t leave?”

Zhi Guan glanced at her, confused. He had come here to save her, so why would he leave? He couldn’t understand but this also wasn’t the time to have a discussion. Thus, he just continued to try one key after the other.

He didn’t seem to be in a hurry at all, making Kui Min worry even more. She looked down the corridor in both directions, always afraid that the next moment, a demonic practitioner would appear. It didn’t happen though. At the very least, it didn’t happen while Zhi Guan was still trying the keys. Only when he was halfway through, steps sounded outside.

Zhi Guan didn’t even look over. He had expected as much. If they wanted to make them feel that this wasn’t as he had assumed, then they would have to come while still giving him the opportunity to finish things. “They will likely arrive when I find the right key. After that, we are supposed to run out. I remember the way. Just follow me.”

Kui Min didn’t understand but she trusted Zhi Guan. If he said that he could bring her out of here, then she would do everything he said.

Zhi Guan finally found the right key and the door swung open. At the same time, one of the disciples of the Wu Yun Sect stepped into the corridor and then pointed at them. “Stop!”

Zhi Guan didn’t even look over and just grabbed Kui Min by the wrist, pulling her with him and then rushing out of the dungeon. He didn’t go at full speed. Anyway, since they weren’t intending to catch them, he wouldn’t need to expand his full strength.

In fact, it was probably best if he didn’t. That way, if he was wrong and they really attacked them harshly enough to actually hurt him or Kui Min, he could still explode to his full strength. That way, they would be much safer.

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