OMF V7C477 Tian’s Curse Is Blind

Qiu Ling gave him a doubtful look at that. “Our races hate each other.”

Chun Yin nodded. “They do. But it is also true that they were once one and the same race. Before there were dragons and demons, there was only one race. To have a bit of the blood of the other one isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And with the Son of Heaven, you’ve already found the love of your life. That is the best proof that you are indeed a dragon.” His expression turned a little careful when he said so. “Say … have you bound your soul to him already?”

Qiu Ling nodded without hesitation. “I did. I knew that he was the person I wanted to spend my life with. I didn’t think there was any problem in doing it.”

Chun Yin nodded but he felt a little worried. “He is of the god race though. I hope that this will turn out well. You don’t think he would leave you, do you?”

Qiu Ling shook his head. “You know … Jing He actually used the soul-engraving dagger to make sure of that. It’s basically just as if I was together with another dragon who bound his soul.” He furrowed his brows when he thought of it, once again feeling bad at the thought that maybe Jing He had really suffered for that. He didn’t want that for him. His beloved should never have to feel pain. “I never would’ve expected him to do that either. I guess he must love me even more than I realized.”

Chun Yin smiled at that. “No, it’s a good thing. Even if you originally think nothing would happen, I think it’s good that he did it. This way, the two of you will really always be joined together. No matter what happens in the future, you will be able to keep being together. Just always think of that when you encounter hardships. With a partner like this, there is nothing you can’t solve.”

Qiu Ling looked at him, the question of why things hadn’t worked out with Chun Yin and Jinde then at the tip of his tongue. Finally, he swallowed it though. There was still a hint of resentment when thinking of the time back then. He knew it was irrational but it just happened from time to time. It probably wasn’t that strange either considering that it had really fucked him over. But in any case, his father also didn’t deserve to be asked that kind of question that he couldn’t answer.

“I think you’re right. Jing He and I … we are made for each other. From the moment I saw him, I guess I already realized this even if it wasn’t a conscious thought. There are a lot of similarities.” He fell silent, but there was a faint smile on his lips when he thought of Jing He.

Chun Yin shook his head, smiling as well. “Well, looks like my son is all grown up now. He’s actually smitten to this degree. I wonder if I looked just as stupid when I was your age.”

Qiu Ling glared at him. “Who’s looking stupid? The kind of wonderful love that Jing He and I have, you can’t even begin to imagine.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Your father definitely can’t.”

Qiu Ling shook his head at him, feeling a bit of the frustration that his advisers probably always felt around him. Was he also this annoying? He hurriedly pushed the thought away as soon as it came up and turned serious again. “Speaking of Jing He though … You do know that he’s on his trial right now?”

Chun Yin nodded. “Jinde mentioned as much when I asked him about you.”

“Well, then I guess I don’t have to explain much. You see, this has gotten a bit complicated. Originally, his reincarnation wasn’t supposed to find out about this. But he has. And now he’s jealous of Jing He and I’m not sure how Jing He will take it when he wakes up and remembers that I treated his reincarnation like this.”

Chun Yin raised his brows, actually not quite understanding what was going on. “Why’s that? Are you treating his reincarnation badly?” That really didn’t sound like a good idea.

Qiu Ling frowned at his father in response. “Where did you get that idea?”

“Was that not what you meant?”

Qiu Ling shook his head. “Of course not! That is my beloved’s reincarnation. I naturally wouldn’t treat him badly. Instead, you could probably say that I treat him too well. We are also a couple but now that puts me in the situation where I don’t know who to put first. His reincarnation is a cultivator so when he ascends, my true lover will not be able to wake up. For that to happen, his reincarnation would have to die. So now, I don’t know what to do.”

Chun Yin stared at him, feeling that his son really had it rough. “Well … I guess there’s no easy way to deal with this.”

Qiu Ling gave him an unhappy look. “Tell me something new.”

Chun Yin pondered, trying to find the solution. It really wasn’t easy considering that he only had this bare-bones explanation of what was going on. He didn’t know the ins and outs of the whole story. “Well, I can see your dilemma. I think that you should put your actual lover first though.”

Qiu Ling gave him an uncertain look. “What makes you think so?”

“I think it’s already obvious from the way you told me who they are. Your true lover and his reincarnation. The latter only exists in comparison with the former while the former one is the one you are really obligated to. The one you bound your soul to. Even if his reincarnation is currently carrying it, it will return to the original body soon or later.”

“But I can’t just kill him, can I? I won’t be able to bring myself to do that. I love him.”

Chun Yin shook his head. “Of course you can’t. You are an idiot for even thinking of that! You have bound your soul to him. Whether it’s currently his reincarnation or not, there is no chance for you to even try to kill him. You wouldn’t be able to do it. In fact, if you tried, you might be hurting yourself. Tian’s curse is blind. There’s no consideration for what the circumstances are. If you kill the person that you are bound to, that will have consequences.”

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