SML V2C29 The Important Thing in a Relationship

Li Ming continued to hold Mo Fang for a few more moments before he stepped back at last and then motioned at the path. “Should we continue?”

Mo Fang was slightly unhappy that Li Ming would once again block him but he still nodded and the two of them continued to jog.

Li Ming also wasn’t quite sure if he wasn’t too strict in this but he still had that feeling that it would be better to go slower about things. Maybe he was thinking too much in that regard but he just didn’t want to risk it.

He always felt that a relationship work best if you went at a pace where you could slowly get to know each other, find out each other’s quirks, learn to live with them, and even come to love them. And if there was something that didn’t work out, then you could try to come up with a compromise.

If you went at a faster pace, there was always the risk of not taking enough time for these things. Then, in the end, you might suddenly find yourself annoyed by things to a degree where that would make you break up.

That wasn’t what he wanted. Since he had fallen in love with Mo Fang and Mo Fang was also in love with him, he wanted this to last. He’d rather take more time in the beginning than to rush anything and come to regret it later. On the other hand, he did have to admit that it was a little difficult to always hold back when Mo Fang was clearly so affectionate. And, well, he could not deny that he was a very good kisser.

He sighed lightly and then pushed the thought away. In any case, these things could also be worked out with time.

The two of them fell quiet for some time but they were glancing at each other every now and then while jogging, smiling happily. The atmosphere was very good. But this was probably how every new couple felt.

Mo Fang inched a little closer to Li Ming, tilting his head. “So, when we go back, do you want to shower first and then finish breakfast while I go, or … do you want to take a shower together?” He knew that this was probably too much for Li Ming to accept but he still wanted to give it a try just in case. If it didn’t work out, he could still pretend that it was just a joke and if it did … well, good for him.

Li Ming raised his brows and didn’t quite know what to say to that. “Uh … No, let’s … let’s just do it that way.” He looked away, really not sure how to deal with this. Every now and then, Mo Fang would say such things where he really didn’t know what to do. But Mo Fang was just way more open in that regard than he was so it really wasn’t a surprise.

Mo Fang laughed when he saw his expression. This had obviously been more than just one step too far. He should better make sure that Li Ming didn’t get the wrong idea. “You should look at your face, Bro Li! I know how you think about it. Do you really think I would go and shower with you? I mean, not that I would have a problem with it. After all, you’re my boyfriend now. I wouldn’t mind if you see everything.”

Li Ming turned back to face him, not quite sure what to make of this. So … had Mo Fang been making a joke at the beginning or had it been real? In any case, he still didn’t know what to say to that last remark. “Oh …” He was trying to look for the right words to express his mood but he couldn’t come up with anything.

Mo Fang blinked his eyes, feeling a bit worried. Had he really gone too far just now? He had thought he had already taken a step back but it seemed like that hadn’t been enough. Realizing this, he hurriedly reassured Li Ming. “Oh, Bro Li, don’t take it to heart. In any case, I’m not going to suddenly jump you. We’ll just do it as I suggested in the beginning.”

Li Ming nodded but he couldn’t help but ponder a bit longer. In any case, just because he wanted to take things slow, that didn’t mean that it was in line with what Mo Fang wanted from a relationship. He had told him yesterday that he wanted to slow down but he hadn’t really asked him what it was that he wanted. That also wasn’t good in a relationship. He should probably try and understand a bit better where Mo Fang was coming from.

Thinking it through like this, he finally spoke up again. “In a relationship … what do you think is the most important?”

Mo Fang slightly widened his eyes, feeling as if he was put on the spot. Usually, in the early stages of a relationship, he would just echo whatever his partner was saying. But he wasn’t quite sure what it was that Li Ming would deem the most important. As for him … well, having a good time was probably what he would go for? But he wasn’t quite sure if he could say it like this.

Li Ming didn’t say anything though and just waited for him to speak up. He did have the urge to say something since Mo Fang looked so lost but remembering the situation on the phone yesterday where Mo Fang hadn’t dared to say the truth and then just went with something he thought he wanted to hear, he felt that he would needlessly influence him if he spoke up. No, it was important to wait until Mo Fang told him what he thought himself.

Mo Fang turned to the front again, pretending that he needed to think about it. “Well, are we talking about the most important thing or like a list of the three most important things or something?”

Li Ming raised his brows. “I’ll leave that up to you. Whatever you feel is easier.” In any case, just one thing might be difficult. Sometimes, there were several things that were very similar in how important they were.

Mo Fang nodded but he still wasn’t sure what he should say. Three things in a relationship that he thought were very important … Ah, where to even begin? And Li Ming really wasn’t giving him a hint at all! He couldn’t help but feel like he was tested and about to fail.

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