OMF V7C453 If Only It Hadn’t Happened

Bai Mu hesitated for a moment, not quite sure how to continue. Should he contact Xin Lan first to tell him that he had found him so the others wouldn’t need to search any longer? Should he tell Nie Huang that he had had luck so that they could meet up again?

After a moment, he did neither of those and went over to where Hua Lin Yu was crouching on the ground. In any case, everyone had been searching for so long, they could likely wait one moment longer. Right now, it was more important to check that Hua Lin Yu was alright. Anyway, that would be the first question he was asked after saying that he had found him anyway. So why not find out first?

He went over and then knelt down in front of him, trying to get a good look at him. Hua Lin Yu looked really miserable. He was drenched from the rain as if he hadn’t even thought of using his spiritual energy to keep it away, and he had pulled up his shoulders and hunched down as if he was cold.

Bai Mu first used his spiritual energy to ward off the rain and make the temperature rise a little. This really wasn’t difficult but most likely, Hua Lin Yu just hadn’t thought when he came here.

Hua Lin Yu raised his head when he noticed that the rain had suddenly stopped and came face to face with Bai Mu. He stared at him in a daze, unable to believe what was going on.

Bai Mu gave him a faint smile. “Are you alright?”

Hearing that gentle voice with a hint of worry in it, Hua Lin Yu couldn’t help but tear up again. Yes, this was the person that he actually liked. It was a pity … he was already engaged to somebody else and very happily at that. So no matter how much he wished for it, he would never be able to get together with him.

Seeing his reaction, Bai Mu sighed. It seemed he had been right. “I don’t know what happened but you should know that Xin Lan has been looking for you for quite some time. So whatever you were arguing about, I’m sure that it can be cleared up.”

Hua Lin Yu sniffed and lowered his head, feeling guilty when he heard that. Cleared up … He was afraid there was no such possibility. In his mind, he had already given up on being able to love Xin Lan.

He had been wrong to agree back then. He really shouldn’t have done it. Why hadn’t he realized that when he saw Bai Mu in the Long kingdom’s capital city? Obviously, he had already felt different about him back then. He should have seen that as a sign and not stupidly insisted on wanting to be with Xin Lan. Then maybe … maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation. It might not have enabled him to become a couple with Bai Mu but at least he wouldn’t be hurting Xin Lan now. This was all just because of his own stupidity.

Bai Mu couldn’t help but feel that Hua Lin Yu was really pitiful. He didn’t quite know what to do so. While he had met him several times over the past three years, Nie Huang was the one who was closer to him. And anyway, he had never gotten involved in his relationship. Now was definitely not the time to start with that.

He awkwardly cleared his throat and tried to give him a reassuring smile. “You know, every couple will at some time in their relationship hit a rough patch. But the good couples are always the ones who are able to work through that. So no matter what happened, I’m sure that with some time and by talking with each other, the two of you will be able to make it work. Anyway, you don’t have to solve it immediately. It’s better to go home first and then see about it a little later.”

Hua Lin Yu didn’t believe that there was anything to solve but it probably was time to return. If people were already searching for him, then he couldn’t just stay. Even though he didn’t dare to meet Xin Lan, he also couldn’t let him worry all the time. “Then Xin Lan …”

Bai Mu raised his brows, not quite sure what he meant. “What about him? Do you want me to inform him?” He already took out his transmission stone but Hua Lin Yu shook his head.

“No. No, I don’t want him to know. I … I can’t see him right now.”

Bai Mu lowered his hand again, feeling a bit conflicted. The one who had started and led the whole search was Xin Lan. He definitely couldn’t leave him out of the loop. But if he was informed, he would definitely go to see Hua Lin Yu immediately. He really didn’t know what to do. Obviously, Hua Lin Yu wasn’t in a good place right now.

In the end, he gave a faint smile. “Well, alright. Then I’ll just tell Nie Huang for now. She’s close by. Then the two of us will bring you back and inform the others that you’ve returned. I’ll talk to your brother to have him stay with you. It’s better if you’re not alone right now.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded and then lowered his head, burying it in his arms again. Nie Huang. Of course, she was the person he thought of first. He should’ve expected that. No matter what he did, for Bai Mu, Nie Huang would always come first. There was no chance for them.

But … what then? Should he just … go along with what Xin Lan wanted? Should he just marry him even though he didn’t actually love him? He also couldn’t imagine that. But right now, he just didn’t know how to go forward. This kind of thing … he really wished it had never happened to him. If he hadn’t known either of these men, then he would not have this problem right now.

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