OMF V7C452 Nothing Will Happen to Him

Nie Huang only hesitated for a moment. “Yes, let’s do so. Anyway, there are a lot of people searching in the city. Even if we are wrong, it would still be best if somebody looked outside as well, just in case.”

Bai Mu nodded and the two of them left towards the gate, going outside. Bai Mu stopped for a moment and told the two guards about Hua Lin Yu’s disappearance, giving them his description. In case he came by, they could also alert somebody.

After the guards promised, the two of them walked down the path, looking around.

“Where do you think he would’ve gone?”

“It’s hard to say. If he really argued with Xin Lan and it was bad enough for him to want to run away, he probably wasn’t in the right state of mind to even think about it. He probably didn’t make any conscious decisions and just went in a random direction. We can’t even be sure that he will have left in this direction.”

Nie Huang nodded and then motioned to the left. “How about this? You go there and I will go in the other direction. We’ll search the general vicinity and then we reconvene in the middle. If we haven’t found him, we’ll go in another direction. Anyway, he probably wouldn’t have gone too far. Even if he was upset, I don’t think he would be that upset.”

“Right. He probably just wanted to cool off a little and doesn’t realize how worried everyone is about him. Let’s just hope we will find him soon. If anything happens, use the transmission stone to contact me. I’ll come over right away.”

Nie Huang nodded and then tiptoed, kissing his cheek. “You be careful too.” To be honest, the danger to her husband was much less than the danger to her considering he was much stronger. Still, one would always be worried about their lover, right?

Bai Mu nodded and the two of them split up and then started to search. It really wasn’t easy looking for a person without any hints at all. They could only go forward and look in every place they flew past. Otherwise, what else could they do?

Back in the city, none of the searchers had had any luck. They had already checked all the places Hua Lin Yu would usually frequent, as well as all the main streets. But so far, there wasn’t even the smallest hint that he had passed by.

The whole city had already been alarmed and there were quite a lot of people on the outlook for him. But even with that, there were no clues to be had.

Fu Min and Fu Heng met up with Xin Lan and Hua Lin Rong in the middle of the city, giving the two of them a pitying look. “There’s no news on our side. Anything on yours?”

Hua Lin Rong and Xin Lan both shook their heads.

“Nothing yet. Nobody has seen or heard anything of him in the past few hours. At most, they could tell us when they saw him the last time but that seems to have been quite some time ago.”

Hua Lin Rong couldn’t help but hang his head. “I hope nothing has happened to him.”

Fu Min reached out and awkwardly patted his shoulder. “I’m sure he’ll be alright. Anyway, Xiao Yu is such a cute youth. Nobody would dare to do anything to him. And we’re in the capital city here. Who would dare to do something outrageous? Furthermore, most people know that he is Xin Lan’s fiance. You honestly think they would have the guts to try anything?”

Hua Lin Rong shook his head but he didn’t seem relieved at all. Anyway, while he didn’t think that somebody would attack Hua Lin Yu right in the middle of the city, there was still the problem of something else happening. There were many ways to get hurt, right?

Xin Lan’s expression wasn’t any less dark. He had thought that it would be for the best to let Hua Lin Yu cool off first so that they could have a calm discussion when he returned later on and maybe mend things. But now … Things had actually gone awry even further. He definitely hadn’t imagined it to go like this. It made him feel … vexed. Also, couldn’t help but feel that he had done something wrong.

If he had reacted immediately, if he had gone after him right at that moment … maybe it would have been better. In fact, don’t even mention that Hua Lin Yu was currently still missing, he also wondered what kind of impression that would leave him with.

His fiance didn’t run after him after he rejected him. Didn’t that mean that he didn’t care enough? That really wasn’t the right attitude to have. It was just that after not really taking his relationship seriously, he hadn’t really thought about it from that perspective. Well, he could only hope that Hua Lin Yu would understand.

“We can’t do anything but continue to search. Don’t give up. I’m sure we will be able to find him soon.” He didn’t stay any longer and just went to search the other streets. Anyway, he had to be somewhere. If he couldn’t find him in this street or the next one, then it would be one of the others. He didn’t believe that he had vanished out of the immortal realms. For that, he would’ve needed somebody else’s help. And he really didn’t think that after the two of them had made their relationship known, there would be many people who would dare to do something like this.

While the group was still searching aimlessly, Bai Mu arrived not far from the forest. Seeing the trees in the distance, he wondered if maybe Hua Lin Yu would’ve gone and tried to take shelter there. Anyway, even a cultivator likely wouldn’t want to stand in the rain. With no other hint as to where he might be at all, he went over, only to immediately spot him on the ground.

Bai Mu actually stopped in his tracks, looking at Hua Lin Yu as if he had just seen a ghost. This … had actually been this easy? He couldn’t help but feel that it was a little strange.

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