OMF V7C451 A Place That Reminds Me of You

The people in question were all friends of Hua Lin Yu or at least casual acquaintances. Naturally, they wouldn’t just ignore the situation and move on. Thus, everyone soon moved out to look through the capital city while they informed the guards at the palace’s gate to look out for him in case he returned.

Xin Lan flew through the streets, looking into every single alley he passed to make sure that he wasn’t missing any clue. Soon enough, the sky above the city had darkened completely and the rain fell heavily, becoming even stronger as it went on.

Xin Lan furrowed his brows. If Hua Lin Yu was somewhere out there, he would be getting right into the storm. How could he left that happen? He pushed off the ground and into the air, using his magic to dispel the clouds above his head. He pushed them further away from the capital city, making sure that no matter where exactly Hua Lin Yu was right now, he wouldn’t get caught up in this. Only then did he drop to the ground again and continued his search.

On the other hand, Hua Lin Yu was actually quite unlucky. With the rain just having been shifted away from the city instead of being dispelled completely, it actually got worse where he was.

He pulled up his shoulders and held his head down, wishing that it would pass by soon. He knew he should probably return but he just couldn’t bring himself to get up. The thought of maybe running into Xin Lan kept him from doing so.

No, it was best to wait a bit longer. Maybe when Xin Lan had gone to sleep or maybe the next morning. He didn’t know when but anyway, not right now. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where else to go so he could only stay where he currently was and hope that things would get better soon.

Meanwhile, the others were still searching the city. Needless to say, they didn’t manage to find Hua Lin Yu anywhere. With time elapsing, they couldn’t help but become more worried.

Bai Mu and Nie Huang were both combing through one of the biggest streets and the side streets next to it, going one down, and then meeting again in the middle, only to shake their heads when they came back.

“I wonder where he has gone. Why did he suddenly vanish? Do you think something bad happened?” Nie Huang couldn’t help it look at Bai Mu worriedly. In the past three years, she had actually spent quite a lot of time with him since they were the only cultivators in the palace apart from Bai Mu. And contrary to Bai Mu, Hua Lin Yu was completely human just like her. Talking about these things with him was definitely different and had benefited her a lot. Also, this kind of adorable youth, how couldn’t she like him? To imagine that something might happen to him now … She was really worried.

Bai Mu looked around and furrowed his brows. “I also don’t know. I can’t help but feel that it is quite strange though. Before, didn’t he go with Xin Lan? Why did he suddenly vanish after what? Do you think the two of them got into an argument?”

Nie Huang couldn’t help but fall into a daze. Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan definitely always seemed very close since she had met Hua Lin Yu for the first time. Today as well, there hadn’t seemed to be anything strange. She really didn’t know what to make of this.

But what Bai Mu said didn’t seem wrong either. It had only been a few hours since Hua Lin Yu had left their room and went over to Xin Lan’s, so something must’ve happened in that time. What it was … she naturally couldn’t say. Xin Lan also hadn’t said anything but he had seemed astoundingly calm when he came to them for help.

It could be that he was a calm person in general but if your partner suddenly vanished, shouldn’t you be a little more worried? After all, while he didn’t need to be scared for himself, it was different with Hua Lin Yu. In the dragon realm, he still couldn’t be considered very strong. The likelihood of something happening to him if he ran into the wrong people was very high.

Nie Huang’s gaze became worried when she thought of that. “So the two of them likely argued, Xiao Yu ran away, and now he is somewhere out there without help. What should we do?”

Bai Mu looked around, trying to think of something. “If we had a lover’s tiff, where would you go?”

Nie Huang tried to imagine that. To be honest, it was a little difficult. Whether it was back then or now, they hadn’t really ever argued. At the very least, not to the point where she would ever consider just leaving. At most, they would go to another room to cool off for a moment but even that was rare. Unusually, they would make up almost immediately because they couldn’t stand to be apart anymore.

But thinking back to the time when Bai Mu had been held captive in the Chun Feng Sect’s dungeon, there were a few places she would never go. “I think I would try to evade places that would always remind me of you.”

Bai Mu slowly nodded. “Yes, I could imagine something like that as well. In that case, he probably isn’t here. Think about it: He came here with Xin Lan three years ago. Now, it was Xin Lan who showed him around the most whether that was in the palace or in the capital city. Everything here is inevitably connected with Xin Lan to him. So I’m afraid that this whole place is currently not one where he would want to be.”

“You think he left the capital city?”

Bai Mu nodded. “Yes, I could imagine that. Should we go and take a look?

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