RMN C178 They Don’t Care about Their Master

Zhi Guan furrowed his brows but he couldn’t really think of a solution since he didn’t know who was even in the town in the first place. If it would take too much time to ask Shen Lei to come over, the same would be true of any other people that were back at the Teng Yong Sect or out there for some mission. It seemed they wouldn’t be able to rely on any of them. They could only work with who they had here. “Then who would be the next highest leveled disciple after them?”

Elder Baili and Elder Xing exchanged a glance.

“That would be Yang Wu Huang. The problem is that we’re not really sure if he can be trusted.”

Zhi Guan looked at Elder Xing, accepting the fact at face value. Anyway, if this was what the Elder said, then that person indeed couldn’t be trusted.

Baili Chao sighed once again and shook his head. “Considering everything that has happened so far, I think even if we were sure that we could trust him against the demonic practitioners, it still wouldn’t be good to put the two of you together of all people.”

Elder Xing glanced at him. “Are you worried about your youngest disciple?”

This time, Zhi Guan actually showed some interest. “What happened with little junior?”

“Uh …” Baili Chao couldn’t help but feel a little awkward. These disciples of his were always unreliable if it didn’t concern the things they cared about. And somehow, each of them only had two things they cared about: their subject of interest and that little junior of theirs. Naturally, Zhi Guan wouldn’t react well when he knew that his little junior had run into some kind of trouble. “Well, it could be that Yun Bei Fen doesn’t get along with him too well.”

Zhi Guan lowered his head for a moment, thinking it through. Finally, he looked back up. “He really can’t be a good person then.”

Baili Chao wanted to ask if he wasn’t giving his little junior a little too much credit there but then he reconsidered. Yes, looking at it that way, maybe he was right. Yun Bei Fen normally got along with everyone. If there was actually a person that he didn’t get along with, then that was quite telling about that person’s behavior. After all, that person would give Yun Bei Fen reason to dislike them. Thus, in the end, he couldn’t help but shrug his shoulders. “You might be right.”

Zhi Guan slightly frowned and then got up. “If it’s like this, then I will go alone after all. It might be dangerous but if there’s a disciple that needs to be saved, then it is still better to go than not to try at all.”

Elder Baili and Elder Xing exchanged a glance. Well, in a certain Way, Zhi Guan was right with that. They wouldn’t get Kui Min and maybe the other disciples back if they didn’t even try. It was just that if this didn’t work out, then it might be that they would lose yet another disciple. And this time, it would be a high leveled one.

That kind of loss … They weren’t quite sure if the Teng Yong Sect could take it. Especially if it was true that the demonic practitioners were planning something big right now. Maybe soon enough, they would need all the people they could get and would have to gather those that were of the highest possible level. Still, they also weren’t willing to just give up hope regarding the lower leveled disciples.

In the end, Baili Chao sighed, got up from his chair, and went over to his first disciple. He put his hands on his shoulders and gave him a long look. “Zhi Guan, I know that you want to help. I know that you are strong in terms of sword arts and that you believe that you can do this. I also think that there is at least a chance that you can pull this off. But you have to be careful.

“One of the people on the other side is Elder Feng who was previously a part of our Teng Yong Sect. He might know more about you than you think. That kind of knowledge could and will be used against you if he knows you are there. He won’t pass up this chance to hurt our sect. Thus, when you get there, make sure that you are extra careful. Fen’er is still waiting for you to come back here.”

Zhi Guan nodded solemnly and then turned to the door before turning back to his Master. “Where is Fen’er?” Since he was already here, he would like to see his little junior before he left.

Baili Chao could only smile wryly. “He’s out traveling with the other disciples to inform the other righteous sects of what has happened here. I’m afraid you won’t be able to see him anytime soon.”

Zhi Guan once again furrowed his brows but then nodded after a moment and still turned to the door just like that.

Baili Chao sighed and turned back to Elder Xing. “These disciples of mine … they really don’t care about their Master at all, do they?”

Elder Xing could only laugh and shake his head. “Be happy that they at least care about each other. It’s better than nothing. Us old people … I’m sure we’ll be able to handle ourselves.”

Baili Chao could only sigh again. Yes, it seemed that that was the only thing they could do. Well, right now, they weren’t in danger anyway. It was only the disciples who had it rough. He could only hope that they would get out of this safely.

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