SML V2C18 Not the Same Clothes

When Mo Fang got back home, his father was sitting in the kitchen with some take-out in front of him, drumming his fingers on the tabletop. As soon as he heard the door open, he leaped to his feet and then rushed to the door, poking his head out to look at his son.

Mo Fang raised his brows and brushed through his hair, giving his father a breezy smile. “I’m back, Daddy. I’ll go up and take a shower.”

Mister Mo gave his son a long look, realizing that he was definitely not wearing the same clothes he had on when he went out this morning. He really wanted to ask him about it but had to bite down on his tongue to keep himself from doing so. He had said that he wouldn’t get involved so he couldn’t ask. Still, he was curious. Just what had Mo Fang done today?!

Mo Fang just walked past his father, going upstairs to his room. Naturally, he didn’t bother to go and take a shower. Anyway, he was currently wearing his boyfriend’s clothes. He had to make use of that situation!

He went over to the bed and lay down, taking out his phone and took a picture. Looking at it, he felt that it might seem like he was trying too much though. He got up again and walked over to his desk, slumping down as if he was really sad. Taking another photo, he smiled to himself. Much better already!

He opened WeChat and then sent a photo over to Li Ming, attaching a text of how much he missed him already.

On the other side of the city, Li Ming pulled out his phone as soon as he got the notification and then couldn’t help but stare at the picture for a few moments. The T-shirt was a little too big for Mo Fang, lightly exposing his collarbone and he had slumped down in a way that exposed half his arm.

Li Ming looked up at the ceiling and then sighed. No wonder that Mo Fang was a model. Being together with a beautiful person like this really came with its own set of problems though. In moments like these, he himself didn’t know what he wanted.

He took a deep breath and then answered: [Aren’t we going to see each other tomorrow morning again already? Just wait until then!]

Mo Fang immediately pursed his lips when he got such a cold-hearted response. What was his boyfriend doing? If he told him that he missed him, shouldn’t he try to comfort him instead? Or even offer to come and see him? At the very least, he could’ve offered to give him a call so he could hear his voice.

Unfortunately, his boyfriend didn’t seem to get that. Well, in that case, he could only try to help him along until he was enlightened. He pondered for a moment and then sent another message: [So, what are you doing right now?]

The response came immediately: [I just got back home.]

Mo Fang pursed his lips even further. Really cold-hearted! [I also just got home. I told my dad I’d take a shower but when I was upstairs, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Wearing your clothes makes me feel a little closer to you. How could I just take them off?]

Li Ming who had really just reached his apartment and wanted to close the door stood in the doorway with a blank expression, staring at his phone, his keys raised halfway. After a moment, he scrolled up again, and his ears turned red. Right, Mo Fang was still wearing his clothes. He had completely forgotten about that over the course of the day. Even though he had just seen it, he also hadn’t thought about it further. He wasn’t the most observant today, was he?

He sighed, put the phone away first, and closed his door before going inside and sitting down on the couch. He took his phone out again and then pondered for a moment longer what he should say.

On the other side, Mo Fang was getting impatient. They had just been texting! How could Li Ming suddenly take so long? Don’t tell him he had a problem with what he had said?

He frowned and then realized that maybe this was really the issue. Li Ming had told him before that he needed a bit more time so maybe he had just overstepped that invisible line. This really was unfair. It was hard for him to see where that line even was. None of his previous boyfriends had been like this. In fact, he could count the guys that he hadn’t had sex with right after the first date on one hand.

But, well, with Li Ming, he probably should’ve expected that it would be like this. Even though he was unhappy, he hurriedly sent a second message to make sure that his relationship wouldn’t break apart because he was too forthright: [I’m sorry. That was probably too much?]

Li Ming grimaced when he saw the new message. Apparently, he had just messed up big time. He should have answered sooner. Now, Mo Fang was blaming himself again.

He didn’t think any further and replied immediately: [That’s not it. I was just thinking about what you said. It’s probably nice.]

Mo Fang was confused though. [Probably nice?]

Li Ming needed a moment to find the words but finally was just straightforward. [I mean wearing the clothes of the person that you like. I’ve actually never done that with one of my boyfriends.] Thinking about it now, this was something that he would actually like to try.

Mo Fang beamed when he got that message. [Then when you are comfortable with it, you have to tell me. I’ll find something really nice for you.] Ah, he would have a lot of fun with this. Actually, he might just use that as his idea for their second date. Anyway, he still had to think of something. Maybe this was a sign of what that should be.

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