OMF V7C439 No Doubt at All

The two of them stayed inside for a while longer and finally went out with Hua Lin Rong in tow to look at everything else in the palace that Hua Lin Yu hadn’t seen yet.

The next few days were spent pretty much in the same way: Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan would wake up together and this time, Hua Lin Yu would actually stay even if Xin Lan was still asleep. They would get ready together and then get his brother to go out and explore both the palace and finally the capital city as well.

It was kind of strange getting used to walking around with Xin Lan like that. Even though people seemed to be getting more used to seeing Xin Lan and even seeing him with another person at his side, it still didn’t change the fact that everybody seemed to be watching what he did when he was close by. The attitude that people showed him really was quite strange.

Hua Lin Rong looked around when they were sitting in a teahouse one day, raising his brows. “Honestly, if you suddenly told me you were the dragon king, I also wouldn’t be surprised. They are really treating you quite strangely. Isn’t this getting on your nerves at all?”

His future brother-in-law actually still looked quite relaxed despite everything going on. If it was him … No, he really couldn’t imagine it.

Xin Lan just sighed. “I assure you I’m not. But anyway, what can I do? It’s best to just ignore them. Anyway, no matter what else I do, they wouldn’t suddenly start behaving differently. Since I can’t control that, I can only make sure that my own reaction to it is appropriate.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded but he still admired Xin Lan’s mental fortitude. Well, this was also a good thing. By now, he was completely convinced that Xin Lan was the right person for his little brother.

In the beginning, he had had some doubts and had only warmed up to him when he saw that he really treated Hua Lin Yu well and also wasn’t trying to take him away from their family. But now that he saw how he was able to deal with everything here, he felt that Xin Lan had a lot of good sides actually.

Just then, the tea was brought over with some snacks, the man putting them down giving Xin Lan a lingering look. “Senior Xin Lan, if there’s anything else that you want …” His gaze turned a little suggestive, making both the Hua brothers looking at him with doubt.

Xin Lan looked up, noticing that this was actually the type of beauty he liked. If it hadn’t been for Hua Lin Yu, he actually might have taken him up on that offer. But with how things stood, he could only shake his head. “That will be all.”

The waiter looked at him and gave a smile. “What a pity. Well, if you do happen to change your mind, you know where to find me.” He walked away but not without giving him a look over his shoulder.

Hua Lin Rong sat there with his mouth agape and couldn’t help but point in the direction the waiter had left in, speaking up when he felt that he had to be out of earshot. “Did you just see him flirt with you? With my brother sitting next to you?” He was honestly appalled just thinking about it.

Xin Lan just gave a smile. “Seems like it.”

To him, it really wasn’t anything strange. It had been a normal occurrence for him to be approached by beauties left and right when he was in the dragon realm before. He had often taken them up on the offer save for the time when he had hoped that something more would become of him and Jinde. After all, at that time, he had wanted to make a better impression on Jinde so that his chances would be higher.

With Jinde who believed in loyalty, it definitely wouldn’t have gone over well if he had any sexual relations with other people at the time he pursued him. Now, seeing the gazes that the two Hua brothers directed at him, he realized that he was once again in the same situation.

Xin Lan put down the teacup that he had just picked up and then turned to Hua Lin Yu. “They would definitely stop as soon as the two of us are married. Before that though … Well, I’m not sure if you would be comfortable with having it announced?”

Hua Lin Yu raised his brows at that. “Why would I have anything against that?”

Xin Lan gave him a slightly longer look as if he had to wisely choose his words. “Well, this is still pretty new after all. We’ve only met each other again a few weeks ago. Even if you feel that it is a certain thing for the future, you might not be happy with announcing it in the dragon realm if that means you can’t change your mind as easily.”

Hua Lin Yu reached out and took Xin Lan’s hand, giving him a smile. “Why would I change my mind about that? I’ve already decided on you.”

Xin Lan leaned closer, giving a smile of his own that was actually slightly complacent. “Well, just on the off-chance that you do, I don’t want you to feel pressured. If you want to change your mind one day, then you still can. With you being so young, it is your prerogative. As for me … I’ll continue to pursue you until the end.” He leaned forward and kissed him, his hands snaking into that long black hair.

If not for Hua Lin Rong on the other side of the table, he actually would have gone a little further than that. But with this audience, Xin Lan finally pulled back after a minute, just lightly holding Hua Lin Yu’s chin. “Since you say that you have nothing against it, I’ll make sure to mention it the next time as soon as somebody makes any advances on me. You have to realize though was that this means that the whole capital city will learn about this very soon. If it makes you uncomfortable, tell me. We can leave here anytime.”

Hua Lin Yu shook his head. “No, no need. I don’t mind anybody knowing that I’m yours. And anyway, I think I like it here. It’s an interesting place. So let’s stay here for a bit longer.” He interlaced his fingers behind Xin Lan’s neck, looking into his eyes with happiness showing in his own. Yes, everything was perfect, wasn’t it? Xin Lan was definitely the right man for him. There was no doubt about that. Absolutely none at all.

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