SML V2C14 Not the Best Time

With actually taking the time to read the signs and also having to make their way through the crowd of tourists, it took quite a bit of time to make their way through the aquarium. Thus, it was already quite late when they reached the exit.

“So, where are we going to go now?” Mo Fang blinked his eyes, making Li Ming’s heart melt.

This really was nice. He could probably get used to that. “It’s a surprise.” He hesitated for a moment but then leaned down and pecked Mo Fang’s lips. He pulled back just as fast and looked around to make sure that nobody had seen and then tugged at his hand to make him come with him.

Mo Fang looked at him in surprise and then followed him with a satisfied expression. Yes, this was exactly how he imagined his relationship to be. Well, maybe without the furtive looking around afterward but that was something he could still work on in the future. When Li Ming was finally willing to give him a real kiss in public, then they could talk.

In the end, Li Ming led him to a small restaurant not too far away from the aquarium. Going inside, it was actually quite cozy with all tables being shielded by a screen and even some small private rooms. This was definitely the perfect place to get a little more intimate.

Mo Fang’s expression lit up and he looked at Li Ming, feeling like giving him a kiss as a reward. Naturally, he would’ve felt that it was better if Li Ming didn’t mind kissing him in public but then again, it was alright like this if he made some accommodations for making sure that he felt loved. Didn’t that show even more how good of a catch Li Ming was?

As soon as they were alone in their room, he pulled Li Ming over for a kiss, not stepping back that fast this time around. No, this kiss had to count.

The one who finally pulled back was actually Li Ming. He was panting heavily and his face had actually turned red. That … had definitely been unexpected. “Mo Fang …”

“I’m sorry. I’m just so … so happy. I couldn’t contain it for a moment longer.”

Li Ming looked at his lips, feeling that he would be quite the asshole to complain when Mo Fang said such heartfelt words. He knew that it was time to bring up how he felt about this though or it would become a bigger issue in the future. He cleared his throat and then motioned over to the table. “Let’s sit down first, alright?”

Mo Fang nodded like a good boy and then went to sit as close to Li Ming as he could, almost seeming as if he wanted to sit on his lap.

Once again, Li Ming felt that they needed to have that talk soon. For the moment, he just gave a wry smile and then waited until all their dishes finally arrived. “Alright, let’s eat then.”

Mo Fang nodded and then eagerly started to try the dishes. Since Li Ming knew how to cook, his standard for going out to eat shouldn’t be too low either. Most likely, everything here would be delicious.

The food indeed wasn’t bad. It lacked that component of being cooked by the person he loved but otherwise, the taste really was great.

After a moment, Mo Fang glanced over at Li Ming and then picked up a shrimp with his chopsticks before turning around. “Say ‘ah’!”

Li Ming turned to him, his eyes slightly widened. This … was probably something that a couple would do. It really wasn’t something Mo Fang would expect him to say no to but once again, it was something he wasn’t completely comfortable with. If he still didn’t say something now though, he was afraid that things would become even more awkward later on.

Li Ming scratched his neck, unsure how we should even begin to make his stance clear. “Mo Fang …”

Mo Fang’s expression fell immediately, making Li Ming’s guilty conscience act up.

He gave a wry smile and then leaned forward, just eating the shrimp. “It’s tasty. Thanks.”

Mo Fang continued to look at him though, his expression still hurt. “What’s the matter? You don’t look happy at all.”

Li Ming gulped and then put his own chopsticks down, turning back to Mo Fang. “Well …”

Mo Fang tightened his grip around the chopsticks, his brows slightly furrowed together. “Do you regret it? I mean, getting together with me? If it’s that, then you should better say so immediately. I’ll go home then! No need to bother you any longer.” He lowered his head, making Li Ming feel that he would start to cry the next moment.

Li Ming panicked and hurriedly reached out, grabbing Mo Fang by the shoulders. “Mo Fang, that’s not what I meant. I just … I do like you and I want to be together with you. It’s just that … I do need a bit more time to get comfortable with this.

“I’m not the type of person that can go from zero to one hundred in a relationship. So can we just take things a little slower? Just go on a few dates first to get to know each other and then we can do all those couple things that you’re looking forward to?”

Mo Fang looked up at him, still a bit put out but this was already better than what he had feared. At least, Li Ming hadn’t suddenly reconsidered their whole relationship. He was just getting cold feet again. That was something he could deal with. He just had to work a bit harder to make sure he stayed. “Well, if that’s how you think, then that’s how we’ll do it.” He still looked sad though, making Li Ming feel a little regretful.

If he had known how Mo Fang would react, maybe he would have waited until tomorrow. Now probably hadn’t been the best time for this.

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