SML V2C10 I Want It to Be Especially Memorable

With Mo Fang saying that he wouldn’t refuse anything, Li Ming actually felt a bit more pressure. If he was the one to decide alone, then if he got it completely wrong, it meant that he might possibly screw up their first date and wouldn’t find out about it before it was too late. In that case, he had to think very hard to make this work out.

He scrolled through the things he had picked out before and closed a few tabs based on what he thought Mo Fang might not be in the mood for or not like too much in general. Finally, he looked through the remaining ideas and then glanced at Mo Fang’s face.

There was still a somewhat hopeful expression on it that made Li Ming think a bit. He might not know much about Mo Fang’s likes and dislikes but he felt that he had a general grasp on what his personality was like. He was an overall sweet and conscientious person but he could also be quite direct. If they went out, he wouldn’t mind getting close most likely. So he didn’t need to think too much about that. In fact, maybe Mo Fang would even like it if they were very close together.

He pondered for a bit and finally switched around between a few ideas.

Mo Fang leaned closer, putting his hand on Li Ming’s shoulder and curiously looked at the screen. “What are you thinking?”

Li Ming turned to him and then stopped on one of the tabs. “What about this? It might not be the most exciting but I think that I’ve never been there and I think that seeing new things together is a very good experience to get to know each other.”

Mo Fang looked at the screen and didn’t quite know what to say. What Li Ming was showing him was the ocean aquarium. It wasn’t really something he would be interested in usually, but it was a different thing if he went together with his partner.

Anyway, he had always made it a point to share as much as he could with his boyfriends. Sometimes, things would stick around like his love for foreign movies, and sometimes, he’d rather forget about it afterward. But he always felt that it was best to try it out first. “Well, it’s definitely an idea.”

Li Ming watched his expression closely but he wasn’t too sure what to make of that. “You don’t like it?”

Mo Fang shook his head and then inched closer. “No, that’s not it. I’ve never been there either. I just thought that it isn’t the first place I would’ve thought of as a dating spot. How did you come up with that?”

Li Ming found that there was a certain curiosity in Mo Fang’s eyes that seemed to make them sparkle. He definitely liked that side of him. “Well, I thought that the usual dating spots might be packed with people so it would be nice to go somewhere that’s not quite as bad. And I guess it’ll be a little cooler in the aquarium. Considering how hot it’s outside these days, it might be a nice change, right?”

Mo Fang gave a hum and then took Li Ming’s hand. “Let’s go then.”

Li Ming put away the phone and nodded, getting up together with Mo Fang and leaving the apartment.

Going to the ocean aquarium, Mo Fang continued to hold onto his hand the whole time. It seemed that he didn’t care whether people knew they were a couple or not. Well, maybe it wasn’t that he didn’t care but that he actually wanted them to know. He really was that kind of open-minded person that was alright with the whole world knowing.

Thinking about it, Li Ming couldn’t help but smile. He was probably more of a reserved person himself but it made him feel sweet that Mo Fang wanted to show off their relationship even though it was this new. It really was cute.

Mo Fang looked up, giving him a smile. “What’s the matter, boyfriend?” He reached out and lightly tugged at his shirt, kissing the corner of his mouth.

Li Ming stared at him, unsure how to react. He was definitely being teased right now. It was something he really wasn’t used to anymore. No, in fact, even if his last relationship hadn’t been this long ago, he wouldn’t have been used to it. He had never been with somebody like Mo Fang. It was really exciting.

He hesitated for a moment but then leaned closer, giving Mo Fang a deep look. “I just thought that … you’re really cute.” His heart thumped more heavily than it probably should when he said that. This was probably the first real compliment that he had given him.

In response, Mo Fang’s expression lit up and he leaned closer, lightly squeezing his hand. “You really think so? Thank you.”

Li Ming nodded but then once again didn’t quite know how to continue so he just sat next to him, continuing to hold onto his hand until they finally reached the station they needed to get off at. He motioned over to the door and the two of them got off, walking the rest of the way to the aquarium.

Looking at the huge door in front of them, Mo Fang turned back to Li Ming. “I really hope we’re going to have a lot of fun in there. I want our first date to be especially memorable. Something that we’ll think of until the last day of our life.”

Li Ming looked at him but he didn’t know how to react. This … was really going a little bit too fast for him. Thus, he could only give a slightly strained smile, hoping that his lackluster reaction wouldn’t make Mo Fang sad.

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