OMF V3C79 He’d Love to Accompany Him!

When Yu Jin finished with adding the last piece of information, he nodded to himself and handed the jade slip to the disciple that was in charge. He didn’t leave yet though. “Say … Would it be possible to copy the jade slip so that all the disciples that are interested can take it with them for the mission?”

The disciple raised his brows. “Copy?” His gaze darted around and he scratched his head. “Well, I guess it is possible. But how many do you want? I mean if everybody is eligible for this mission, then there could be a lot of people who would want a copy.”

Yu Jin nodded. “That is true. I also think that some disciples might ask for one but finally decide against taking part in the mission. So we will likely need more copies than we will have active participants.”

The disciple wasn’t really reassured by that. If what Yu Jin said was true, then wouldn’t that mean that they would have to make even more copies? “That’s … I don’t think I can do all of that.” He looked a bit embarrassed. He had looked forward to helping Yu Jin but now he wasn’t much of a help.

Yu Jin pondered for a moment and finally nodded. This was indeed true. Making more copies would naturally take more energy as well. Even though the amount for each of them wasn’t high, it was the quantity that was the problem. It added up fast. “Then how about I do it? Can you provide me with enough empty jade slips?”

The disciple looked at him dumbfounded. Even though he had said that he wouldn’t be able to do it, he also hadn’t meant that senior martial brother Yu should do it! He would also need to expend a lot of energy, after all. Was it really worth it? Couldn’t they just … limit the number of disciples that could take the mission?

He really wanted to ask but he couldn’t believe that senior martial brother Yu wouldn’t think of something so obvious himself so he didn’t dare to speak up in the end and just nodded his head. “Of course. Just let me get them for you.” He got up and then went to the storage room behind him, rummaging around for a chest that was still completely filled with jade slips. These should be enough, shouldn’t they?

He brought them out and put them down on the counter. “Will these suffice?”

Yu Jin opened the lid and nodded. “Yes, that should be enough. I’ll make the copies and bring them back afterward. It will take a bit of time.”

The disciple once again nodded hurriedly. “Of course! Take your time, senior martial brother Yu. I know that it requires a lot of spiritual energy. It’s really not a shame to take a while with this. I’m sure that just having one copy here for the disciples to take a look at will be enough for now. Actually, you can just take the ten days to slowly make them and bring them over in smaller badges. Wouldn’t that be better?” He hesitated for a moment and the looked down awkwardly. “Although … then you wouldn’t have any time to rest either …” Ah, why had he suggested that just now?! He really wanted to slap himself!

Yu Jin didn’t bother to reply to that and just glanced around the room. Having one copy was a good idea but the disciples would need to take a closer look to decide if they were interested. It would be a problem if there was more than one disciple at a time that wanted to take a look. Who knew if they’d wait? Then they would lose out on valuable participants. “Maybe we could put up a paper scroll on the wall, giving the most important details?”

The disciple’s eyes widened but he nodded eventually. “Sure. If that’s what you want.” He once again leaped to his feet and went to the storage room before he returned with a scroll of paper. He put it down on the counter and handed a brush to Yu Jin.

Yu Jin dipped it into the ink that the disciples hurriedly ground for him and wanted to start writing but he stopped with the tip of the brush hovering just an inch above the paper.

He looked at it and then glanced at the chest with the jade slips next to him. In the end, he raised the brush again and looked up at the disciple, giving a slight smile. “Could I bother you to write it down in my stead? I’ll use the time and make a few copies of the slips already. That way, we’ll finish faster and the next disciples that come in will already be able to look at the paper scroll and take one of the slips with them if it piques their interest.”

The disciple was surprised but still nodded. He took the jade slip that Yu Jin had used and then went to work, copying down the general information that Yu Jin had inscribed first.

Yu Jin watched him and then opened the chest again, taking out a handful of the jade slips. He held them one by one, inscribing the exact same information that he had inscribed in the first one. When he finished, the disciple hadn’t even written down half of the information. He looked like he was trying to use his best calligraphy, focusing on it intently.

Yu Jin hesitated but then pulled the chest closer, lightly touching the jade slips inside and continuing with his task. Anyway, he didn’t want to waste more time on this than absolutely necessary. He’d much rather go back and wait for the ten days of the recruitment to be up. That way, he could continue to meditate in peace.

When the disciple finally finished writing the paper scroll, Yu Jin had already managed to inscribe all the jade slips in the chest. He glanced at them and then took a few of them out, putting them on a small pile and pushing them over to the disciple.

“Well, here are the first few. I’ll bring some more over when I’ve had time to inscribe the next ones. Thank you for your help.”

“No problem, no problem at all! I’m glad that I could be of help, senior martial brother Yu. Just tell me if there’s anything else you need.”

Yu Jin shook his head. “No, that should be all. Then I’ll leave and take care of the rest of the jade slips.”

“Yes, until then.” The disciple hurriedly bowed and then watched him leave. When Yu Jin had stepped out, he went to put up the paper scroll next to the counter where all the disciples would walk past so that more of them would see it.

After considering for a moment, he even went to get a second scroll and copied the first one. Anyway, this had sounded pretty important. He should make everyone aware of it.

He finally pasted the scroll next to the door so that the ones that didn’t find a mission they wanted to take and thus didn’t come to his counter would still see it on their way out.

Having finished that, he heaved a satisfied sigh and went back to his counter in a good mood. Ah, it felt great to be able to help senior martial brother Yu. The others would be so jealous when they heard he had been able to do this. Actually, maybe he should also apply for the mission? He would definitely love to accompany him!

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