OMF V3C78 Eager to Please

Yu Jin stayed beneath the plum tree for a while longer. If he could, he would’ve liked to remain there and continue to meditate. Even though this hadn’t yielded any results in his search for the truth about that courtyard he was seeing since coming to the Yun Zou Sect, he still felt that this was the way to go to find the answer. Naturally, he wouldn’t just ignore his Master’s command though. Thus he finally got up and flew over to the outer sect. As for how we wanted to set this up … It wasn’t that difficult.

He went to the building where the tasks for the disciples were stored. This was the same place that Shao Hai and Xiao Dong had shown Jing Yi back then when they first wanted to give him a new purpose.

Both the inner and outer sect disciples could get missions here that would in turn allow them to receive resources from the sect. Thus most disciples checked this place once in a while to see if there was something that would be eligible for them to take on.

To him, this was the best place to make the new mission known to all the disciples. Although he didn’t just intend to put it out there the normal way. If it was that easy, his Master wouldn’t have told him to take care of this task and instead sent a normal disciple.

Yu Jin walked up to the disciple that was currently in charge of the building and nodded at him.

The disciple leaped to his feet immediately and straightened up, cupping his fists in a greeting while his lips stretched into a big smile. “Senior martial brother Yu! What can I do for you? Are you looking for a task? Do you want a recommendation?”

Yu Jin was a little taken aback and only stared at the disciple for a moment, trying to understand what was going on. The building was in the public area between the outer and inner sect so this disciple could be either from the inner or outer sect. Looking at the hems of his sleeves … He seemed to be an inner sect disciple.

Huh. This made things just more mysterious. If it was an outer sect disciple, he would have somewhat understood. After all, quite a few of them were in awe whenever they saw an inner sect disciple, not to speak of meeting one of the Sect Master’s disciples. For an inner disciple, this was strange though.

He lowered his gaze and eventually shook his head. He couldn’t figure it out so he should just do what he had come here for. “No. Rather than that, I’ve come here to post a task for my Master. It is supposed to be eligible for all the disciples whether they are of the inner or outer sect. Could you do me the favor of displaying it prominently? I think it would be best to gather interested disciples for the next ten days. After that, the information could be taken down.”

The disciple nodded hurriedly as if eager to please him. “But of course! Do you want it to be on a scroll or on a jade slip?” He took both of them out and held them in front of Yu Jin. Normally, the person who wanted to post the task would write it down themselves but they could also let him handle it. With what he had heard of senior martial brother Yu, he was rather sure that he would do it himself though.

Yu Jin glanced at the disciple’s excited expression again and then looked from the scroll to the slip. In the end, he took the jade slip. Contrary to the scroll, this one had the benefit that more information could be stored on it. Not all the disciples would be able to access it though. Then again, even though he had told his Master that having a lower leveled disciple wouldn’t be bad, that still didn’t mean that they could just let anybody take part in this mission.

A disciple that wasn’t even able to open a jade slip, wouldn’t have reached the first stage of cultivation or the sword arts yet. That type of person would be nothing but baggage on such a mission. He couldn’t let that happen. Otherwise, the other disciples would be in more danger.

Yu Jin used his spiritual energy to slowly write down the contents that his Master had given him: The investigation of a village close to the Long mountain range that was likely inhabited by demonic practitioners and which was situated underground with an unknown number of enemies and of an uncertain expanse.

All disciples regardless of cultivation stage or level of their sword arts were allowed to register themselves to take part in the mission. They would be accompanied by some of the head disciples of the Peak Masters and important Elders of the inner sect and would be allowed to take three things they found in this mission for their own use while the rest would have to be supplied to the sect.

Yu Jin looked over everything again when he finished. This was the basic information that was necessary for the disciples. Still, the mission was dangerous.

He hesitated for a moment and then included the details of the previous mission from five years ago, as well as mentions of what the Grandmaster’s disciple had found. He even included a map of the surrounding region, including quite a bit of the Long mountain range.

With this much information, they should be able to judge the situation more thoroughly and decide if they should or shouldn’t follow along. And for those that eventually took part in the mission, it might enable them to figure out something if they got into trouble. At least, that was what he hoped for. Anyway, there never was something like too much information.

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