OMF V3C76 A Question of Time

Back in the Yun Zou Sect, Yuchi Bing Xia had finally made his plan. He looked at the list of disciples and then got up, rushing out of his place. Halfway over to the talisman forging pagoda, he stopped.

Uh … It probably would seem strange if he went to see his disciple there twice in a day? After all, he was still Yu Jin’s Master. Accommodating him once was alright but if done too often, people might laugh at him. He really was trying too hard to please his new disciple.

Just when he was hovering in the air, thinking of what to do, he saw his disciple actually leave the pagoda and slowly return to the inner sect. That same disciple from before was next to him again. He had probably returned after he left and had accompanied Yu Jin all this time.

Yuchi Bing Xia watched for a while and then returned to his palace. Anyway, he should give Yu Jin time to bid goodbye to his friend and just wait in his palace. He would certainly come over afterward.

Yu Jin did indeed say his goodbye to Qiguan Cheng Da. As usual, that goodbye was short and didn’t seem reluctant at all. He would literally say goodbye and take his leave.

Qiguan Cheng Da pursed his lips and watched Yu Jin’s back. Even though he had managed to get into his good graces and meet him more or less regularly, even seeing the Sect Master today, it hadn’t changed anything in regard to his situation in the Yun Zou Sect yet. He was still in the outer sect, still without a Master, and other than that one mission with some of the inner sect disciples back then that had been attained mostly through luck, he also hadn’t gotten any opportunities. Well, he might not have to need to rely on Yu Jin for that in the future.

Qiguan Cheng Da lightly touched the small vial that was secured in his bag. An Amethyst Lightning pill would be able to change his fate completely. Unfortunately, he couldn’t just take it. After all, he couldn’t let people know that this Amethyst Lightning Pill was the same one that the Grandmaster’s disciple had given Zhong Jing Yi. If he did, it would harm his reputation. And he was sure that Jing Yi would spread the news when he came back. After all, by then, Jing Yi would still be an outer sect disciple while he had become an inner sect disciple after using that pill. Naturally, Jing Yi would be jealous of his achievement and try everything to pull him back down.

He couldn’t let that happen. So he could only cover this up. He needed to go on a mission where he was able to find this kind of pill. And if he took it without anybody else around, nobody would know that it had been an Amethyst Lightning Pill. It could be any other type of pill that was able to change somebody’s spirit veins.

The question was still how to get such an opportunity. After all, such pills weren’t just lying around everywhere. He would need to get a mission that concerned a place with other pills and preferably with other disciples accompanying him so that he would have witnesses of him finding the pill. Unfortunately, it seemed that he could only continue to wait until something came up.

While Qiguan Cheng Da returned to his own place, trying to come up with some kind of other plan that wouldn’t mean that he would have to wait for too long, Yu Jin also returned to his house.

He sat down below the tree in the courtyard in the lotus position, closed his eyes, and started to meditate. Almost immediately, the same image as usual appeared in his mind: A courtyard with a tree in the back, the trunk so big that one man might not be able to circle it with his arms. Leaves were falling toward the ground. They swirled around almost as if they were dancing, the red color especially bright in the afternoon sun.

The image was so clear, so detailed, that he doubted it was just a figment of his imagination. No, this was real or maybe it had once been. He didn’t know for sure but he felt that it was important. His heart beat with urgency as if he needed to remember the last pieces of this image if he didn’t want to suffer harsh consequences.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t. Among those leaves, there was still some empty space. Just like when he had entered the Yun Zou Sect and seen this image for the first time.

Yu Jin furrowed his brows. He had never seen this image before he came to the Yun Zou Sect. So maybe it had something to do with this place? Could it be that this courtyard was somewhere in the sect?

He hadn’t deliberately searched for it but after spending five years here, he had already seen quite a few places. If this was a real courtyard that was still here in the sect, then he should have seen it by now, shouldn’t he?

He sighed and let go of those thoughts. Anyway, if he was supposed to remember, he would remember sooner or later. It was just a question of time.

While Yu Jin had sunken deep into a state of meditation, Sect Master Yuchi was pacing up and down in his palace. His disciple … was he really so affectionate that he would need several hours to say his goodbyes to a friend? Why did that sound nothing like him?

In the end, he furrowed his brows and flew over to Yu Jin’s house. Seeing him sit below the plum tree, he sighed. Well, he probably should have thought of this. There was no way Yu Jin would ever be part of a heartfelt farewell scene.

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