OMF V7C426 Two Will Suffice

The people around them turned to look, making Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong tense up a little themselves. Well, it seemed that Xin Lan’s status was even higher than they had assumed. He really was recognized at just one glance.

Xin Lan’s expression didn’t show any difference from before as if this wasn’t anything strange. “Xin Lan. I have brought these two people over from the human realm. Their names are Hua Lin Rong and Hua Lin Yu. I intend to show them around a little.”

The guard hurriedly nodded and didn’t even dare to look at Hua Lin Yu or Hua Lin Rong for a moment longer and just motioned inside. “Please go on inside then. You shouldn’t have had to wait in line. I’m sorry.”

Xin Lan still didn’t say anything and just motioned for Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong to follow him inside. The two of them did as he asked, very pointedly feeling the gazes in their backs.

As soon as they were out of earshot, Hua Lin Yu exhaled deeply. “Oh Heavens, I can’t believe this! Is it always like this when you appear somewhere? That must be so … troublesome.”

Xin Lan gave a faint smile. “Pretty much. Sometimes, people are wondering whether they got it right. In that case, they won’t dare to speak up. And if nobody goes first, then the others will just quietly wonder as well. They normally look over though.”

Hua Lin Rong shook his head, feeling a bit of pity for his future brother-in-law. “I always thought it was a nuisance already when people recognized us in the cultivation world. But that wasn’t even the common people. It was just the ones from the cultivation sects or other cultivation families. Normally, it’s only the lower-leveled ones that will make a big deal about it as well. The others don’t really see the need to since they are of a high-level themselves and don’t have much to gain. They actually still treat us like everybody else. This though …” He shook his head again, unable to believe it. “Seriously, I’m feeling sorry for you.”

“I’m used to it, more or less, so there’s no reason to. Anyway, do you want to go to the dragon king’s palace now?”

Hua Lin Yu reached out and interlaced his fingers with Xin Lan, giving him a gentle look. “What will be less stressful for you? In the dragon king’s palace, they might be a little more used to seeing you?”

Xin Lan looked at him, an inexplicable feeling rising in his chest. When had been the last time that somebody had been so considerate of his feelings? Even Jinde hadn’t really done that. “It could be. Anyway, you really want to see it, right? So let’s go there. We’ll see how it goes.”

Hua Lin Yu hesitated for a moment but then nodded. “Very well. If you need a break or something, you can always tell me.”

Xin Lan nodded even though he felt that it was a little curious that Hua Lin Yu was suddenly the one to tell him how to go about this journey. He could have sworn that just a moment ago, he had still been the one in charge who made the decisions and only deferred to Hua Lin Yu because he wanted to make sure that nothing would go wrong with the oath that he had sworn.

The three of them walked over to the palace, the brothers staring at it in a daze. The dragon king’s palace … it didn’t pale in comparison to the mortal realm’s emperor’s palace. In fact, the impression it made was even more majestic, quite a bit like how Xin Lan’s home had been reminiscent of those of the humans in their realm but also seemed like it was more solemn. In a sense, this was actually what they had expected.

The guards looked up and while they obviously recognized Xin Lan, they still made sure to ask what he had come to do.

Xin Lan nodded at them, actually feeling quite happy at being treated a little more normal. “I came to spend some time here and brought these two people from the human realm along to have a look.”

The guard looked at Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong, seemingly feeling a little conflicted about this matter. In the end, he stepped to the side though. “Please go on in. Should I … notify somebody about your arrival?”

Xin Lan gave a hum after glancing at Hua Lin Rong. He didn’t mind getting a room for himself and Hua Lin Yu but Hua Lin Rong would still need another one. It would be best if somebody else took care of that since he didn’t know which rooms would be available right now. “Well, since we do intend to stay for a while, we will need rooms. I would very much welcome it if somebody could take care of that.”

The guard nodded. “Then I will see to it that it is done.”

Xin Lan nodded and then pulled Hua Lin Yu with him, already walking inside. “Let’s go and have a look first. I’m sure they’ll be able to find us to tell us whatever they came up with later on.”

Hua Lin Yu was slightly surprised at how easy it had really been but he didn’t say anything and just followed Xin Lan, just glancing at his brother for a moment to reassure himself.

Xin Lan was right that it didn’t take long for people to find them. The one who came was actually Xiang Yong. He stopped not far away from them and nodded at Xin Lan, his gaze brushing over Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong. “Greetings. I heard that you came to spend some time in the palace together with two visitors from the mortal realm. I hope Senior Xin Lan will not deem this as rude but may I ask who the two of them are?”

Xin Lan reached over and brushed through Hua Lin Yu’s hair, obviously displaying that there was something more between them. “They are from the human realm’s Hua cultivation family. Your king should know them as well.”

Xiang Yong glanced at the two of them again and his gaze zeroed in on Hua Lin Rong. While he hadn’t seen him personally, he had seen Hua Ning Shun at the trial of the demon-hunting sects and the two of them had more than just a passing resemblance. “I think that I do remember who the Hua family is. Very well. You are naturally guests. How many rooms will you need?” His gaze slipped to the hand in Hua Lin Yu’s hair for a moment before he turned back to face Xin Lan.

“Two will suffice.”

Xiang Yong nodded and then started to turn away. “I will have it taken care of immediately. In fact, you can follow me right now to look at them and see if you are satisfied. I will have the rooms cleaned out before you move in but shouldn’t they be up to your standard, we can find something else.”

Xin Lan nodded and the three of them followed him to the rooms that were not too far away from the ones that were where Qiu Ling’s advisers also lived. If it hadn’t been for the constant absence of the dragon king, they might have even been able to run into him.

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