SML V2C8 The First Step to a Successful Relationship

Mo Fang walked inside after Li Ming, not feeling awkward at all. He had already spent two nights in this apartment even if he could only remember one of them so there really was no reason to feel shy about this, was there? He even turned to him with a questioning look and spoke up as if he was the one owning this place. “Do you want to shower first?”

Li Ming rubbed his neck, suddenly feeling a little embarrassed. “Well, unless you want to?” It would be more polite to let his guest go first, right? He couldn’t deny that a shower sounded fantastic though.

Mo Fang shook his head and then wandered over into the living room, falling down on the couch. “No, I’ll just wait here. You don’t have to hurry. Even though I’ll miss you.”

Once again, Li Ming didn’t quite know how to respond. He hesitated for a moment and then just nodded and went into the bathroom, trying to get out of the awkward situation. He took off his clothes and got into the shower while his head was spinning with new-found worries.

Even though he had said that he wanted to be with Mo Fang and even though he really felt like they would make a nice couple, this was completely new. It was also something that he hadn’t expected and his last relationship had been quite some time ago.

Now, to suddenly be a loving couple again wasn’t as easy for him as it might sound. He couldn’t be like Mo Fang who was immediately telling him that he would miss him and behave intimately with him. He just didn’t know how to do that. Maybe he wasn’t smooth enough for that or maybe he just needed more time but it seemed too early.

Brushing through his wet hair with his fingers, and wiping a few droplets of water from his face, Li Ming shook his head at himself. He had already decided on Mo Fang. Now, he couldn’t help but worry that he would blow this chance.

Mo Fang was obviously somebody who was very affectionate. If he couldn’t give the same affection back … “Ah, it’s not going to be easy.” He shook his head again and then turned off the water, getting out of the shower, and toweling his body off.

He hurriedly got dressed and then hung out a new set of towels for Mo Fang to use before he went out and, motioned inside. “You can go. Do you want to eat something afterward?” Now, he really regretted that he hadn’t prepared something after all. Mo Fang probably would’ve appreciated that and it would have been a way for him to show his affection in another way that didn’t feel awkward for him.

Mo Fang got up from the couch and walked over, reaching out and lightly grabbing onto Li Ming’s shirt. “Well, I do like your food but I also don’t want you to tire yourself out on my behalf.” He leaned forward and kissed his cheek before pushing past him and stepping into the bathroom. “Just sit down for a moment. If you don’t know what else to do without me here, you can just think about what you’d like to do for our first date.” He smiled a little mischievously and then closed the door behind him, making Li Ming stare at it in a daze.

“Our first date?” He couldn’t help and mumbled to himself. After a moment, he went over to the couch with a shake of his head. Well, it was true. This would be their first official date as a couple. This … should probably be a very special one?

He looked at the door to the bathroom and then brushed through his hair again. Unfortunately, while he had gotten to know Mo Fang a little better this week, it still couldn’t be said that he actually knew him well. He had no idea what kind of date Mo Fang would prefer. Going out to eat? Doing something romantic? Be active together? Try something creative? There were so many possibilities and he had no idea which one would be the best.

He pulled out his phone and then searched on Baidu for the best dating ideas. It probably wasn’t very original but he still hoped that he would at least get a little bit of inspiration from it.

And nobody said that he needed to decide on something himself. He could just get a few ideas and then they could talk it through and decide together. Anyway, that would probably be for the best anyway. That way, they could get to know each other better as well. Seeing what the other liked and what he disliked … That was the first step to a successful relationship, right?

Thinking of it this way, Li Ming felt a little more reassured and there was even a smile on his lips while he looked through all those suggestions online.

After a few moments, the door to the bathroom opened a crack and Mo Fang’s voice floated over. “Bro Li …”

Li Ming looked over but Mo Fang didn’t come out. He raised his brows, confused as to what was going on. “What’s the matter? Is something wrong?”

Mo Fang gave a light cough. “Now, this is a little embarrassing but … I forgot that I don’t have any clothes at your place anymore. So … I’m not quite sure what to wear. You see, the sportswear I had done before is sweaty. I guess I could put it back on but …” He didn’t finish and just looked at Li Ming, waiting for what he would say.

Li Ming was frozen stiff for a moment but then got up. “I … I’ll try to see if I have something you can wear.” He went into his bedroom, feeling that this was becoming a bit of a habit.

Ah, he really should’ve thought of that before. Since Mo Fang had taken the bag with his clothes with him yesterday, there naturally wasn’t anything left in his apartment. He really should’ve thought of that before.

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