OMF V7C414 I Can’t Do These Things for You

Fei Bai Mu continued to observe his expression for a while longer until she finally nodded. “Very well.” She didn’t say what exactly she had decided on and just turned away and walked into the palace, calling Hua Lin Yu back.

When he walked in with a worried expression, she didn’t reassure him immediately, making him think even more that she was against it. He rushed to Xin Lan’s side and grabbed his hand, looking at him with some panic. He had never thought that there would be this kind of problem after they had already found each other again and even convinced his family. He already wanted to question his Master why she wouldn’t agree when Fei Bai Mu finally spoke up.

“I had a talk with Xin Lan just now and I agree to the two of you marrying. I do think that considering your circumstances, it would be better for your family to handle all the formalities. If you do need my help, then I will provide it but otherwise, I will stay out of the matter.”

This was the best compromise that she could give. She did understand that there was no way to prevent these two from actually getting married. Xin Lan wouldn’t let that happen. So it was better she agreed and thus preserved her own relationship with Hua Lin Yu so that if things really went south one day, he would be able to come back here and count on her. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing.

Hua Lin Yu’s expression lit up and he turned from his Master to Xin Lan and hugged his neck. “Master agreed!”

Xin Lan had almost expected her to do this but he still felt a bit of relief. This made things much easier for him. And since she had already agreed, she likely wouldn’t tell Hua Lin Yu about her true thoughts either.

He reached up and patted Hua Lin Yu’s back. “Now, didn’t you already think that she would? Anyway, your Master just wanted to speak with me for a bit to make sure that I’ll treat you well. That is what a good Master should do. Also, don’t forget that we promised your father we wouldn’t get married before we didn’t travel around for a bit. We should focus on that for the time being.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded but he was still especially happy. He let go of Xin Lan and then rushed over to his Master’s side, sitting down next to her, and grabbing her arm. “Master, I’m so happy! Thank you. Really.”

Fei Bai Mu smiled wryly. She had imagined that things would go like this. Well, it would’ve been better if he didn’t marry Xin Lan but since nothing could be done about it, it was still for the best like this. “Of course I did. Since that is what you want, then I as your Master shouldn’t try to keep you from it. You need to make your own decisions for your life and make your own experiences. That is a part of growing up. Even if I am your Master, I can’t do these things for you.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled brightly and nodded as if he really understood what she meant. “I know. I’ll definitely make sure that I think very well before I decide on things in the future. And if I don’t know any further, then I’ll come and ask you.”

Fei Bai Mu nodded. “Do that. I’ll always be here to support you no matter what happens. Try to see it this way: With this wedding, you’ll gain an additional family member but it doesn’t mean that you will lose the ones you already had. Between the Hua family, the Jian Yi Sect, and Xin Lan, I’m sure that you will be well taken care of. You will never be alone.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded eagerly and then got up, walking back to Xin Lan’s side. “Alright, then let’s prepare for going to the dragon realm.”

Xin Lan nodded. He gave Fei Bai Mu another look, inclined his head, and then took Hua Lin Yu out of the palace. His older brother was waiting outside and the three of them finally left.

They didn’t bother to inform the Huo brothers considering that Xin Lan didn’t intend to take them along to the dragon realm. While he could definitely do so, he didn’t want to have to bother with them all the time. Hua Lin Yu’s brother was one thing but his senior martial brothers who weren’t seeing eye-to-eye with him were a different matter altogether. They would only try to talk Hua Lin Yu out of marrying him while they were gone. There was no reason to invite trouble like that.

Once again, the time needed to get to the estate of the Hua family wasn’t long. When they arrived, everything had been prepared though.

As soon as they stepped through the gate, the whole Hua family came together, making sure to give Hua Lin Yu as much advice as they could. His spiritual bag was soon stuffed with defensive talismans and weapons to make sure that he wouldn’t be hurt when he was out there. But even with that both his parents and grandparents seemed to be worried things would go awry out there.

Xin Lan stayed at the side, his arms crossed in front of his chest, and lightly smiled to himself. It was nice that Hua Lin Yu had such a close relationship with his family. It could probably be said that in this life, he would be able to get everything that he couldn’t have as a fallen god.

Even though Xin Lan loathed Tian and what he had done to him, he couldn’t deny that he treated this fallen god quite well. Who knew? Xiang Yu might actually remind him of his own lover. After all, he had also fallen because his experiences in his original life as a trueborn god had been too much to bear. Most likely, he would also want for him to have a chance to get a do-over.

A pity for him that it wouldn’t be as easy in that case.

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