OMF V1C4 Descending to the Mortal World

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On the other side of the Nine Heavens’ capital in the crown prince’s palace, a certain pair of lovers sat opposite each other on the bed. Qiu Ling gently held Jing He’s hands, his expression downcast. Now, it wouldn’t be long anymore until his beloved had to leave for the mortal world. Two months of waiting … really were too long.
Jing He tried to gauge his lover’s expression and couldn’t help but speak up to cheer him up a bit. This dispirited look really didn’t suit him. “It is but one mortal lifetime. I’ll be back soon enough.”
“Mn. I know that.” Qiu Ling sighed and lifted Jing He’s hands to his lips, gently brushing his lips against his knuckles. “You said you have to go so … I won’t hold you back. Just concentrate on doing your trial down there and don’t think about anything else.”
Jing He smiled and lowered his head. “I won’t remember my life up here anyway when I wake up down there. It’ll be a new life. So … Just wait for me, yes? When I come back we’ll get married immediately.”
Qiu Ling nodded. “I’ll guard you for the time of the trial.”
Jing He looked up at him, his cheeks flushing red. To guard his immortal body for the whole time of his trial … How did he deserve such a great man? Hopefully, his trial wouldn’t take too long. “I …” He lowered his head again and looked at his hands in Qiu Ling’s bigger ones. He really wanted to say that he loved him but maybe Qiu Ling would think he was too direct if he did so? Continue reading

LWS Chapter 5 Issuing the First Task

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The first questions were still pretty normal:
[How many hours do you dedicate to writing daily / weekly / monthly?]
[What have you written so far?]
[What is the average rating of your stories?]
[What were the readers’ reactions?]
[Which part of your stories got the best / most / worst / fewest reactions/ratings?]
[Which part of your stories took you the shortest / longest amount of time to write?]
There were several more questions and they got a little more detailed the further he got but after twenty or so questions the content suddenly got … strange. Continue reading

Heard I’m a Hero

Today, I want to introduce you to a nice short story I discovered: “Heard I’m a Hero
This story is about a youn hero(?) who gets the task of slaying a dragon but never returns. Years later another hero attempts to solve the mystery shrouding this case.

“Heard I’m a Hero” does have a reference to bl but doesn’t go like a bull at a gate (don’t expect more than a hint!). Instead, this story focuses more on the comedy. So, whoever wants a funny (and short) pastime has found the right story!
Btw one thing I noticed about this story were the beautiful descriptions so it’s also a nice read just for the sake of reading. 😁

Dragon Slaying Records

Ever heard of “Dragon Slaying Records”? It’s a cute short story (which is why I won’t say much about the content 😜) that has a bit of a bl reference so I put it into the chinese bl-category. Mind you: It’s more for the beginners to get used to bl, though 😁

The story is about a knight who has the dream to slay a dragon one day and save a princess. One day, he actually gets the opportunity when a mysterious letter falls down in front of his feet.

To read this story you’d probably not even need 5 minutes. But that time is well invested: “Dragon Slaying Records” is beautifully written and funny 😁 Even just for the description of what troubles the knight has with fulfilling his dream until the day with the mysterious letter it is worth reading this story! I at least didn’t regret it 😉