OMF V7C401 The Offer Stands

While Hua Lin Rong had stayed at home back when the trial against the demon-hunting sects was held and only his father had gone to the Jian Yi Sect to support their side, the two Huo brothers had been there that day and helped guard against the Chun Feng Sect. Thus, they did know that Xin Lan had been there. And now that he reminded them of it, they also remembered how their Master hadn’t said anything when he spoke of knowing the dragon king. In fact, she hadn’t even seemed surprised. Most likely, there was really some truth in his words. The two of them weren’t happy but there was nothing they could do other than pursing their lips and glaring at him.

Xin Lan didn’t think about it any further and just turned back to Hua Lin Yu and his older brother. “Well, the offer still stands. If the two of you want to go to the dragon realm, then I will bring you there. I do think that it would be a good idea to talk with your parents first though. Time in the dragon realm and the mortal realm is flowing differently. Even if we went there for only a day, a year would go by over here. That is something you can’t just decide on your own.”

The two of them nodded, not too anxious to go immediately. Anyway, Xin Lan would likely stay around for a while so there was no reason to hurry. They could just take it slowly and go when they had prepared enough. Anyway, when they went, they wanted to make the most of this trip.

While they didn’t want to rush, Hua Lin Rong still couldn’t help but at least inquire a little further. “Well, if we go to the dragon realm, then where can you bring us?”

Xin Lan smiled, a hint of satisfaction showing on his face. “Wherever you want to go. I don’t think there’s any place I couldn’t bring you to. As I said, my status isn’t low. Even if you want to see the dragon king’s palace, it wouldn’t be a problem to bring you there.”

He didn’t even need to hear Hua Lin Rong’s answer to know that he was completely on board with that idea. His eyes were sparkling and he looked very much like he wanted to become sworn brothers with him right the next moment.

On the other hand, Hua Lin Yu was having different thoughts. “To be honest, while it would nice to see the palace, I would like to visit your place much more.” He reached out and grabbed Xin Lan’s arm, giving him a pleading look. The dragon king’s palace was definitely something very interesting. And if they had some time to travel around and see different things, then he would want to go there. But, to him, it was the most important to use this trip to get closer to Xin Lan. Thus, he wanted to see where he had lived before. Or maybe even the city where he had originally been born. That would be much more interesting.

Xin Lan brushed through his hair, giving him a faint smile. “We can go and look at everything that you want. I don’t mind if we just stay for a few hours or a few days but I’d also be up to remaining in the dragon realm even for a few weeks or months. It will depend on how long the two of you want it to be.”

Hua Lin Yu smiled happily and nodded his head. “Alright, then we can visit both.”

Hua Lin Rong was also fired up and got to his feet. “Alright, then we should go home and speak about it with our parents. We’ll see what they think about it. Then we can start planning.”

Xin Lan nodded, pulling Hua Lin Yu to his feet. “Alright, then let’s go. Anyway, we’ve already spent quite some time here. When we’re back, your family will likely soon start with that banquet.”

With that, the group left the teahouse and returned to the Hua family’s estate. When they were back, it wasn’t quite time for the banquet yet but that wasn’t a problem. Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan went to sit down in the courtyard next to Hua Lin Yu’s rooms while Hua Lin Rong looked at them, wondering if he would miss out on anything if he left. Actually, he really wanted to go and ask his father about going to the dragon realm immediately but he was also worried that Xin Lan would tell anything that he would miss out on.

Seeing his expression, Xin Lan gave a smile. “You can ask anything you want later on. It’s not like I’m going anywhere soon. Anyway, I don’t think it would be a good idea to spring this matter with the dragon realm on your father while the banquet is ongoing. Just inform him that it is an option and then let him think about it. After that, you can just come here and sit with us.”

Hua Lin Rong nodded, feeling a bit better after hearing that. Thus, he went to see his father first.

The two Huo brothers stood to the side, looking at their interaction quite unhappily. They had originally thought that Hua Lin Yu’s older brother would be on their side but somehow, he had actually defected to the enemy this fast. This was really unacceptable! They could only hope that Hua Lin Yu’s father would have more of a backbone and refuse.

Well, the two brothers were hoping for too much.

When Hua Lin Rong found his father, Hua Ning Shun was currently sitting together with Hua Ming Jun, looking forward to the banquet. The two of them greeted him happily and waved for him to come and sit with them at the table already.

Hua Lin Rong rushed over, sitting down, and excitedly told them about what Xin Lan had suggested.

The two of them were a little taken aback at first but their expressions soon became thoughtful.

Hua Ming Jun sighed lightly. “Well, that boy just came back but it seems we can’t hold him here for very long. Well, from the looks of it, that Xin Lan has serious intentions. Taking him to the dragon realm to let him experience it would probably be good.”

Hua Ning Shun nodded as well. “I’m pretty sure that a day or two after the banquet is over, Xin Lan will ask to marry him. I really would’ve liked to talk with Xiao Yu before this but I guess there won’t be any chance. Anyway, I’m pretty sure he will say yes anyway.”

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