SML C81 Just a Misunderstanding

When the two of them arrived at the train station, Boss Mo was just packing up to call it a day. He looked at them with a bit of surprise, raising his brows. “What’s the matter? Did something happen?” He pondered but felt that these two shouldn’t have been working right now. Hadn’t their shift already ended quite some time ago? Had somebody gotten sick?

Li Ming still felt a little uncomfortable but seeing that this was also his fault, he knew that he couldn’t just stand back and do nothing. “Do you have a moment to talk, Boss? This … is about Mo Fang.”

Boss Mo couldn’t help but be worried when his son was brought up. “Xiao Fang? What happened to him? He didn’t come home yesterday.” He opened the door again to let the two of them in but then noticed that neither Rui Lan nor Li Ming had actually moved and were just standing outside, looking at each other in a daze. “What’s the matter?”

Finally, Rui Lan couldn’t take it any longer and turned to Boss Mo. “I’m sorry but … what do you mean he didn’t come home? Didn’t you throw him out?”

“What? Why would I throw out my son?” He looked from one person to the other, seemingly more confused by the minute.

Rui Lan and Li Ming exchanged another look, just as puzzled as their boss.

“Weren’t you angry because he spent the night at my place?”

Boss Mo turned to look at Li Ming, knowing even less what to say. “He … When …” He stopped and frowned, wondering what this might be about. Finally, his expression turned subtle and he waved for them to come in. “You sit down first.” He closed the door behind them and then sat down on the other side of the desk, propping his chin up on his hands while pondering. “So … After you went drinking, he crashed at your place?” He looked at Li Ming, some doubt in his eyes.

Li Ming gave a faint nod. “Yes. I did try to send him home. It’s just that I didn’t know your address and Mo Fang really was too drunk. I couldn’t think of anything else to do. It’s really not his fault.”

Boss Mo sighed and rubbed his face, feeling like his son and he really had some problems. “So he was with you.”

Li Ming wasn’t sure what his boss meant but still nodded again. “Yes. So … If you’re angry at somebody, you should be angry with me, not with Mo Fang. It really wasn’t his fault. In fact, I feel like it’s my fault he even drank so much.”

Boss Mo just waved. “Don’t even try taking on responsibility for that. It wouldn’t be the first time he got drunk and didn’t come home. It’s just … I really thought he had gone back to Lan Heng.”

Li Ming and Rui Lan once again exchanged a glance, understanding dawning in their eyes.

“So you didn’t throw him out because he spent the night at Li Ming’s place but because you thought he had gotten back together with that irresponsible ex of his?” Rui Lan couldn’t help but make sure. This whole situation was so complicated that he felt that he definitely couldn’t leave anything up for interpretation. They had to make sure that they really got it right this time around.

Boss Mo’s lips twitched. “I didn’t throw him out at all! I just told him that I wouldn’t interfere any longer. If he wants to go out with a douchebag like Lan Heng, then he can do so for all I care. Anyway, he wouldn’t listen to me anyway. I might as well stop trying to get him to see reason and let him make his own experiences. There was never any talk of having to move out. Why would I do that to him? Wouldn’t I drive him even closer to Lan Heng then?”

Li Ming lowered his head, feeling like he should say something in favor of Mo Fang. “He probably just misunderstood.”

Boss Mo nodded, feeling the same. “Anyway, where is that boy now?”

“Still at my place.”

“I see. Thank you for taking care of him. It probably wasn’t easy.”

Li Ming gave an embarrassed smile. “Oh, it’s nothing. Mo Fang really isn’t difficult to live with.”

“Still, having another person in the house so suddenly couldn’t have been easy. You should send him back. Thankfully, everything has been cleared up now so that shouldn’t be a problem.”

Even though Li Ming didn’t feel that Mo Fang had ever been a problem, he still nodded. Most likely, Mo fang would also feel better living with his family. Especially after what happened today. “I will definitely tell him. I’m sure that Mo Fang will be happy that things have been cleared up. He was pretty distraught over this thing.”

The guilty conscience was obvious on Boss Mo’s face immediately. Ah, his poor son had actually suffered so much. He hadn’t wanted that something like this would happen! He had really just meant to keep his thoughts to himself regarding his relationships in the future. How had his son been able to think for even a moment that he didn’t want him anymore?

Anyway, now that it had been cleared up, that was for the best. He would just have another talk with Mo Fang when he returned home to make sure his son knew that he loved him very much. He definitely wouldn’t let him misunderstand in the future.

Rui Lan got up, nodding at their boss. “Well, it’s great that we were able to clear this up so fast. I guess we should all return home then.”

Boss Mo nodded and also got up, finally locking his office behind the three of them. They bid farewell and everybody headed to their own destination.

Li Ming … felt a little strange. For one, he was nervous about having that conversation with Mo Fang but, on the other hand, he was happy that he was able to bring him such good news.

It was a little bittersweet, this farewell.

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