OMF V7C399 Why Don’t You Bring Us There?

Hua Lin Yu felt bad for Xin Lan and wanted to comfort him but his older brother was faster than him in speaking up.

“You were in the demon realm? I always thought that the immortal races were actually against each other. Just like our righteous cultivators in the human realm are against the demonic practitioners.”

Xin Lan smiled faintly. It seemed that his chances of getting along with his little beauty’s brother were getting much higher. He should definitely continue with this. He also noticed that Hua Lin Yu was a little upset though so he first reached out and rubbed his neck to reassure him. Only then did he address what Hua Lin Rong had said. “It is true to a certain degree. Originally, the dragons and demons hailed from the same race. But that was even long before I was born and is something that has only been passed down in some ancient documents. While we know of it, it is honestly very difficult to say just when the split between our races happened and the dragons became a thing of their own.

“Since that time the demons refuse to accept that we are independent though. Thus, they have actually been frequently starting wars with us in an effort to conquer our people. But by now, we really are quite different. Thus, while there remains some link between us, the dragons naturally won’t let them succeed. So it is indeed true that there are tense relations between us.”

Hua Lin Rong’s eyes went wide and he leaned over the table as if he wanted to snatch the space next to Xin Lan from his younger brother. “Then it must’ve been really dangerous to actually go there. Where in the demon realm were you? And what did you do?”

This time, Xin Lan took a moment to answer. The matter of Jin Ling’s relationship with Jinde was hardly known to anyone. As for his mission in the demon realm, while a few more people knew of that, nobody had found out about any details either.

He wasn’t about to change that. “Unfortunately, I’m not at liberty to tell you too much about that. While my king isn’t alive anymore, the task he gave me is a very important one. In fact, this is something that might very well guarantee that relations between our race and that of the demons might be slightly better for the foreseeable future. It has worked so far and reduced the number of attacks but I guess if more information came out, that might jeopardize it. I really hope that you understand.”

Hua Lin Rong more than understood. In fact, he really was intrigued. “That does sound like it is very important. I wouldn’t want to compromise that. Naturally, the peace of the dragon race is much more important than satisfying my curiosity.”

Xin Lan smiled faintly and inclined his head. “Thank you very much. I imagine that as human cultivators you are quite curious about the immortal realms. If you want me to, I can tell you a little in the future. While there are some things that I can’t say, there are many things that I can share without worry. I’m sure that Xiao Yu would also like to know some information, right?” He turned to his little lover, brushing through his hair with an appreciative look on his face.

Hua Lin Yu glanced up at him, smiling back, happy that he was finally being remembered by these two men. “I think it would be nice to know a little more. Also … Talking is a bit cheap. Why don’t you take as along and bring us over to the dragon realm once?”

Xin Lan slowly raised his brows. “You are astonishingly daring.” He honestly hadn’t expected this reaction. While it wasn’t forbidden to bring mortals to the dragon realm, it certainly wasn’t the case that many of them would ask for such a favor.

Although … he did have to admit that he liked it. He had believed that with how fast Hua Lin Yu had gotten attached to him both back when he was a child and this time around when he had grown up, that he would actually be far more docile and maybe shy. While he was alright with having a lover like that for some time, it definitely wasn’t his preference. That was precisely why he had originally gone after Zheng Yin to pass the time until Hua Lin Yu grew up. To see that Hua Lin Yu was now actually displaying this kind of temperament … It was a huge surprise but a welcome one. He really would’ve liked to see a little more of that.

Thinking of that, Xin Lan’s expression showed a hint of interest and a bit of indulgence. “Well, if that is something that you want, then I will do so. Tell me what you want to see and I’ll bring you there.”

Hua Lin Yu’s eyes sparkled and his brother wasn’t looking much different. The only ones who had a hard time accepting this were the two Huo brothers.

“I don’t think this is a good idea. Xiao Yu should better stay in the human realm.”

The other three people turned around to them, Xin Lan raising his brows while Hua Lin Yu and Hua Lin Rong narrowed their eyes to glare at them.

Hua Lin Yu was the one who asked. “Why so? If Xin Lan says it isn’t a problem, then it shouldn’t be one. He knows more about the immortal realms than you do. So why do you think you would know better?”

The two Hup brothers wanted to say that it absolutely wasn’t about that but they also didn’t dare to bring it up. While their Master had told them that there was somebody after Hua Lin Yu, she didn’t seem to have told him clearly about that and they didn’t know if he had actually found out when he was young. Thus, they really didn’t want to scare him in case he didn’t know.

It seemed they could only bring it up with his family later on and just leave it be for now. They were still unhappy with Xin Lan though for bringing this situation about in the first place. After Hua Lin Yu found out that he couldn’t go because of something they had said, wouldn’t he be angry at them? It really was such a mess!

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