SML C80 If Only He Could Solve This Problem for Him

The two of them kept quiet for some time. Li Ming was still inwardly beating himself up while Rui Lan was wondering how to beat some sense into his friend.

In the end, Rui Lan sighed. “If you’re so worried about that, then how about offering him alternatives?”

Li Ming looked up, not quite sure what his friend meant. “What alternatives?”

“Well, you’re not even at the service counters so working together is a moot point. In fact, with a slight adjustment to the schedules, you wouldn’t even run into each other. The only real problem is living together. And it can’t be that there’s no way to let him go somewhere else, can it?”

Li Ming smiled wryly. “Mo Fang doesn’t have any friends that can put him up and none of mine could either. It’s a bit difficult since he’s gay. The women probably wouldn’t want to have to explain to everyone why they are suddenly living with a man and if you asked a straight guy to put him up, that would also be a little difficult. And, well, most gay people I know have a significant other so putting somebody else up there is not that easy.”

“How convenient.” Rui Lan didn’t have much compassion for Mo Fang. Anyway, he still believed that this was engineered by Mo Fang himself. “Then how about you solve the problem with the boss? There has to be a reason why he threw Mo Fang out, right?”

“But that is their family matter. How could I just do that?”

“It’s not just their family matter if he’s living with you though, is it? Anyway, I don’t think Boss Mo is the type of person that would just throw his son out. There at least has to be a reason.”

Li Ming nodded and furrowed his brows. “To be honest, I don’t understand it either. But then again, how would we know how things actually are at home with him? We only know him as our boss.”

“When exactly did he throw him about?”

“Wasn’t that just yesterday? We had arrived at work and then he just told him to get out. I’m also not sure what that was about.”

Rui Lan pondered and then, his expression turned subtle. “The day before that we had to that get-together. Do you think it could have to do with that?”

Li Ming only looked at him blankly. “But that was something among colleagues? What would be the problem with that? In fact, Boss Mo would likely be happy that Mo Fang is putting in some effort to get along with everyone. After all, from what I know, he didn’t like what Mo Fang was doing before that.”

“It’s the only thing I could imagine though.” Rui Lan pondered for a moment and then and then took out his phone. He scrolled through his contacts and finally texted Zhi Bao Yu: [Boss Mo threw his son out. Do you know what happened?]

Li Ming looked at him in confusion, not understanding what he was doing.

Rui Lan put the phone down on the table and continued to eat quietly until a notification appeared on the screen. He picked the phone back up, and skipped all the ‘my god, when was that???’s at the beginning of the message before focusing on the actually important part:

[Last thing I know is that Boss Mo overheard us talking about how Mo Fang went home with Li Ming and then came to work from there. I wouldn’t know why he would throw him out for that but he did seem angry.]

Rui Lan looked at that info, feeling dumbfounded. So … That was actually the reason that Mo Fang had been thrown out? He glanced at Li Ming and felt that he really couldn’t tell him that to his face. But … if it was the truth, his friend should probably know. “Did Mo Fang explain anything about this matter of being thrown out?”

Li Ming shook his head. “He didn’t. He actually seemed a little confused about it. But he was mostly just really scared because he didn’t know where to go.”

Rui Lan lifted his phone and waved, his expression still difficult. “A message from Zhi Bao Yu. She said that she doesn’t know what exactly happened but Boss Mo seemed really angry when he heard that Mo Fang spent his night at your place.”

Li Ming stared at Rui Lan in a daze. Mo Fang … had been thrown out because of his meddling that day? If he hadn’t taken Mo Fang back to his own home, then he would still be with his family now?

The guilty conscience he had originally had got even worse. So it was all his fault. Now, what should he do? He couldn’t just leave it at that, could he? No, he had to do something. He had to help him somehow!

“I definitely have to speak with Boss Mo.” In fact, he probably should’ve done it that evening already. Surely, Mo Fang would’ve had his father’s number saved on his phone. Why hadn’t he tried to get him to unlock it so he could give him a call? Certainly, he would’ve been willing to tell him his address or even come by to get his son himself. With how Boss Mo was, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Rui Lan looked at him, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. “What do you want to say?”

Li Ming wasn’t quite sure how to answer that. “First of all, I’ll have to find out what exactly it is that he’s angry about. But I guess as long as I tell him that it was my fault, he should be willing to accept it, right?”

“Then do you want to go over immediately? He should still be at the station.”

Li Ming hesitated but then nodded. “Yes. It’s better if this is cleared up immediately. Otherwise, I really can’t confront Mo Fang. He needs to have a place he can go to if he is really feeling uncomfortable with me.”

Rui Lan nodded and then motioned at the dishes in front of them. “Then let’s dig in. The sooner we finish eating, the sooner you can get that weight off your chest. I’m sure Boss Mo will be willing to talk about whatever it is he’s actually angry about.”

Li Ming nodded and then hurried up with eating, already going through everything he wanted to say in his mind. Ah, if he could solve this problem for Mo Fang, he would definitely be happy. Thinking of that brought a smile to Li Ming’s lips.

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