OMF V7C396 Big Brother Knows Best

Hua Lin Yu only pondered for a moment before he turned around and then skipped over to his brother. “Big brother, there is still quite a bit of time until the banquet. I originally wanted to see Xin Lan’s home but he said that he hadn’t actually lived there for long. Now, I don’t know what to do. Do you have a suggestion?”

Needless to say, Hua Lin Rong was ecstatic that his little brother would ask him of all people what to do and not that dragon. He gave Xin Lan a triumphant look, only to get a faint smile back in return as if the dragon wasn’t bothered at all. He was a bit put out but thinking of how it didn’t actually matter what Xin Lan thought as long as he was able to spend time with his little brother, he cheered up again.

Turning back to Hua Lin Yu, he pulled him into his arms and rubbed his head, slightly messing up his hair. “I’m sure that big brother will be able to find something fun for you to do! How about I give you some ideas and you decide what you like to do the most?

Hua Lin Yu nodded sweetly but then glanced over his shoulder to Xin Lan, his eyes turning into little crescents. “You were right, my brother really knows best!”

Hua Lin Rong was petrified when he heard that and couldn’t help but glance at Xin Lan as well.

The dragon was smiling slightly but didn’t bother to talk to him and instead just nodded at Hua Lin Yu. “Mn, you should listen to him well.”

Hua Lin Rong was a little taken aback, not quite understanding what was going on. Hadn’t this guy been hogging his little brother all to himself before? Why was he suddenly doing this? He couldn’t quite understand but also didn’t want to bother thinking about it. Anyway, he finally had Xiao Yu to himself again so he should make use of this opportunity.

He rubbed his brother’s cheeks and then pondered what people his age might want to do. “Well, there is a slightly bigger town close by that we could visit if you want to. Or, I could show you around a little. You probably don’t remember the region very well. I’m pretty sure that if you still want to, we could even fly past the house of that dragon.” He glanced at Xin Lan, begrudgingly mentioning him since his little brother had said that he wanted to do that.

Hua Lin Yu’s expression indeed lit up. “Then can you show me around the region first and then we’ll still go to the town in the end? We have the whole day ahead of us after all. We should have the time, right?”

Hua Lin Rong glanced up at the sky and squinted. Actually, it was already midday so they hardly had a whole day ahead of them but then again, it likely wouldn’t take that long. And anyway, he didn’t have the heart to say no to his little brother no matter what it was that he wanted to do. “If that is what you want, then that is naturally what we will do.”

Hua Lin Yu gave him yet another smile and then took his arm. “Let’s go then!”

“Of course!” Hua Lin Rong turned around but then reconsidered. “Wait! You should put on some more clothes first.” Before Hua Lin Yu could decline, he had already dashed back into the house and then returned with a coat and a cloak, trying to help Hua Lin Yu into them.

His little brother’s brows twitched. “Big brother, I’m also a cultivator. I’m not going to get cold.”

“It can’t hurt to be prepared though.”

Hua Lin Yu gave his brother an indulgent look. Whether it was him or his senior martial brothers, they just couldn’t help but think of him as a weak and helpless child that needed to be protected against everything and everyone in this world. He knew that they only did so because they loved him so he wasn’t really angry. It was just that sometimes, he wished they would believe in him a little more.

He glanced over his shoulder, looking at Xin Lan again. To be honest, the two of them hadn’t spent too much time together yet. So far, Xin Lan had been different though. He didn’t mind if he went outside and he wouldn’t glare at every person that came close because he thought they had bad intentions. Maybe it was just because he was so assured that he was strong enough to win against everyone that he didn’t feel a need to instead of actually believing in him. But still, it was nice to experience something like this every now and then no matter what the reason was.

Xin Lan didn’t know what was going through Hua Lin Yu’s head but it was at least good that the youth was still paying attention to him no matter what was going on. It did give him hope for the future.

Hua Lin Rong tied the cloak and then made sure that it was closed completely in the front before he stepped back, nodding to himself. “Alright, we can go!”

Hua Lin Yu gave a hum and then reached out a hand, waiting for Xin Lan to come over.

Hua Lin Rong’s expression immediately fell. “Little brother, are we taking him along?”

Hua Lin Yu just blinked his eyes at him as if he couldn’t understand what was going on. “But big brother, weren’t you worried that it is dangerous outside? Having one more person to protect me should be what you want, right? And Xin Lan is really strong.”

Xin Lan went over and took Hua Lin Yu’s hand, not trying to deny anything of what Hua Lin Yu had said. Anyway, the two brothers should clear that up between themselves.

Hua Lin Rong wasn’t happy but, in the end, there was nothing he could do. Thus, he could only nod and then turn around to leave to actually show Hua Lin Yu around. He wasn’t completely happy anymore but still, at least he would get to spend time with his little brother. Even if an unrelated person was there, that was still better than just trailing behind and having to watch him laugh with another man.

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