OMF V7C395 Work a Little Harder

Anyway, even though the Hua family had some worries, it didn’t change anything since it was plain to see that Hua Lin Yu had already decided on Xin Lan. Those two likely couldn’t be separated anymore. Thus, they could only try to deal with problems if they came up and otherwise hope for the best.

On the bright side, their impression of Xin Lan wasn’t bad so far so they also felt that they could’ve had it worse. At the very least, he seemed to care about Hua Lin Yu and he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with their family. Still, they should’ve at least have a talk with him about this. It was just a question of when to do that.

Hua Ning Shun pondered that question for a while but still couldn’t decide on anything. Anyway, his son had only returned yesterday so he felt that he shouldn’t be too rash. It would be best if Xiao Yu had the chance to first get used to living at home again and then they could still talk about such details.

Still, it would be best if they could also spend some time with Xin Lan so that everybody could get to know each other better. After all, back when Xiao Yu had been small, while Xin Lan had spent quite a bit of time with them, he hadn’t been too forthcoming with information about his own life. Maybe by now, things would be different.

Thinking of that, he gave Xin Lan a warm smile in the hopes of fostering a good relationship. “Xin Lan, we were talking about having a little banquet to welcome Xiao Yu back this evening. I don’t know if you would be interested in participating?”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at his father with sparkling eyes, feeling very happy that he brought it up.

Xin Lan smiled as well and gave a nod. “Of course. I’m honored to be invited.” Also, this might be a good chance to bring up the wedding? While it might already be implicit, he still had to state his wish outright. Otherwise, he would seem too indecisive.

Hua Ning Shun was glad that he had accepted this easily. “Really, it’s our honor. I’m sure that Xiao Yu will also be glad, right?” He turned to his son, not quite sure what answer he actually wanted to hear.

Naturally, Hua Lin Yu used the opportunity to make obvious just how happy he was to have Xin Lan with him. “That’s great! You definitely have to sit next to me at that time as well.”

Xin Lan gave a hum and brushed back his hair, quite happy with how things were proceeding.

Next to him, the two Huo brothers finally couldn’t take it any longer though. “Little junior, don’t you feel like you are too biased? He’s been sitting next to you the whole morning already. What about the two of us?”

Hua Lin Yu leaned forward, looking at them with some doubt. “Senior martial brothers, what are you even talking about? Xin Lan just came. You were sitting next to me the whole time before that.”

Huo Cheng was taken aback while his brother felt like crying. He hadn’t sat next to his little junior at all, alright? He had been sitting next to his biological brother this whole time. How could that compare?!

Hua Lin Yu didn’t have any pity for them though. Anyway, in his eyes, he had already spent many years with them while he hadn’t seen his family often and had spent almost no time at all with Xin Lan. Naturally, he needed to make up for that first. After that, he could still spend some more time with his senior martial brothers again.

And anyway, it wasn’t like they weren’t together at all. It was just a question of who was slightly closer to him and who wasn’t. And, looking at his parents and grandparents, wasn’t it obvious that couples would always sit together? Since he was going to marry Xin Lan soon, they should behave like a couple as well. That seemed to be the most logical to him.

Xin Lan happily ignored the complaints of the people next to him. Come to think of it, it really was a nice feeling to be the person somebody paid the most attention to. He could actually get used to this.

Naturally, he wouldn’t say so out loud. In fact, he didn’t even let that attitude show. Otherwise, it might not be good for him and his relationship with Hua Lin Yu and his family. No, he had to be careful for the time being.

Breakfast was soon finished and Hua Lin Yu immediately got to his feet, grabbing Xin Lan’s hand and pulling him to his feet. “Let’s go. I’ll show you around the house!”

Xin Lan gave a hum and then followed him, letting him explain everything even though he still pretty much remembered the Hua family’s estate.

Hua Lin Rong and the two Huo brothers actually followed along, shooting Xin Lan some dark looks.

Xin Lan lightly shook his head at them but still leaned down to Hua Lin Yu. “Little beauty, I’m more than happy that I’m so important to you but … you just returned home. After this, let’s do something together with your big brother, alright? I reckon he missed you very much and might actually resent me for taking away all of your attention.”

Hua Lin Yu raised his brows and then glanced over his shoulder, seeing that Hua Lin Rong was indeed unhappy, pouting quite a bit. He couldn’t help but secretly laugh at him but still nodded at Xin Lan. “Alright, I can see that it’s true. What do you suggest? Actually, I really would’ve liked to see the place where you live.”

“Mn … Actually, it’s not that interesting and it’s not a place where I’ve spent much time either. I originally intended to move there but then most of my time was spent with your family and after that, I was taking care of some tasks. It barely feels like home.”

Hua Lin Yu raised his brows in surprise. He had thought that Xin Lan would’ve lived there all the time and had actually known his family for several years at least. As it turned out now, that wasn’t even the case. It really made him wonder just how close the relationship between Xin Lan and his family actually was. In that case, it seemed that they might need to work a little harder to convince his family of letting them get married.

Well, maybe right now was the perfect opportunity for that.

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