OMF V3C33 He Still Hadn’t Remembered

Needless to say, the conversation didn’t go well. When Jing Yi and Qiu Ling stepped into the room together, Guanyu and her parents were already seated at the table. Zhong Gang and Mi Fan at least looked a little uncomfortable while Guanyu right out glared at Jing Yi for appearing together with the love of her life.

Jing Yi looked away, nodded at his uncle and aunt and then sat down. Qiu Ling followed suit, restraining a happy smile when he was once again seated at a table next to his beloved. Ah, this was what he had waited for all these years! It was really such a big step ahead. He felt like celebrating it a bit.

Soon enough, Madam Zhong also appeared and sat down with them at the table. She smiled at her son and ignored the look Qiu Ling gave her, pretending that she had no idea what this was about.

Right then, Guanyu erupted. She pointed at Jing Yi’s nose, the fury written in her face even stronger than back at the teahouse. “Aren’t you ashamed at all?!”

Jing Yi tensed. He couldn’t help but be taken aback. In the end, he had done nothing wrong, right? It wasn’t him who had asked Qiu Ling whether he wanted to marry him and even if he had, he had known Qiu Ling before Guanyu did. It wasn’t like he had seduced him away from her.

Guanyu became even more enraged when he didn’t answer her. “So will you leave him or not?”

Jing Yi glanced from her to Qiu Ling who had furrowed his brows before he looked back and gave an apologetic smile. “I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Qiu Ling asked me to marry him. I haven’t given him an answer yet. Until I decide that I will, I won’t interfere if he finds somebody else. So you should talk to him, not me.”

Guanyu looked at him in a daze. Jing Yi didn’t care. He picked up his chopsticks and started to eat. Qiu Ling watched him and then did the same, not waiting for Guanyu to say anything. Anyway, he had already made himself clear, hadn’t he? This stupid girl would have to be delirious to ask him again.

Unfortunately for him, Guanyu was indeed delirious. Her eyes lit up as soon as she understood what her cousin had just said: Even though the love of her life had called her cousin his beloved and her aunt his mother-in-law, the two were neither married nor officially engaged. In other words: She might as well marry him right away!

She turned to Qiu Ling with what she thought to be a sweet smile and picked up her chopsticks, taking a piece of meat and wanting to drop it into his bowl.

In turn, the bowl was pulled away. Somebody did remember that putting food into your beloved’s bowl was something that should be done whenever you could though. Thus, he snatched a very delicious-looking vegetable thing that he actually hadn’t encountered in the dragon realm before and gingerly placed it in Jing Yi’s bowl. “Eat some more.” His words were accompanied by the usual smile that was reserved for Jing Yi.

The boy looked at his bowl and then at Qiu Ling, his expression complicated. Was Qiu Ling trying to make trouble for him? Even though the situation suggested it, he couldn’t imagine it. He looked really sincere … Jing Yi just sighed and nodded, silently continuing to eat.

Qiu Ling beamed at that, his gaze brushing over the other food on the table, trying to find something else he could give his beloved’s reincarnation. Ah, he should really learn more about the food of the humans! That way, he would know what was good for him. Although going by what he had seen Jing Yi eat previously was also a good indicator.

On the other side of the table, Zhong Gang and Mi Fan pretended they weren’t even there, quietly eating a few spoonfuls of soup while they hoped that this dinner would be over soon. With this treatment, would their spoiled daughter really be able to keep her calm?

Naturally, their hunch was right. Guanyu observed the loving exchange between Qiu Ling and Jing Yi and slammed her chopsticks onto the table. “You’re doing this on purpose!”

Jing Yi almost dropped his bowl but a certain someone reached over and caught it for him, making sure that not even a single grain of rice was spilled. Hmph, just imagining it made him shudder. He had never seen his beloved in any state but perfect. How could he allow for him to be dirtied by anything?

He wordlessly handed the bowl back to Jing Yi and then looked at Guanyu with disdain. “Naturally, I’m doing it on purpose. Can’t you see that I’m courting Jing He? It’s a given for me to do everything I can for him!”

Next to him, Jing Yi’s chopsticks slowed down and finally stopped moving altogether. His expression was thoughtful even though he didn’t seem to look at anything but the food in his bowl. Ah, it was hard to believe but … the person that had just very righteously said that still hadn’t managed to remember his name.

It really made him wonder what was so complicated about it. He would have thought that Jing Yi was fairly easy to remember. It wasn’t that uncommon a name, right? Unfortunately, even though he had told him already, Qiu Ling still hadn’t gotten it right. Well, he should probably give him the benefit of the doubt and pretend that it was because he had been highly emotional just now. Yes, that had to be it. It wasn’t that Qiu Ling just couldn’t remember his name without rhyme or reason.

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