OMF V3C32 Giving Him the Same Time

Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi in a daze. He never would have imagined hearing him say something like this. Hadn’t he wanted to see his mother again really badly? Then why was he saying this?

He reached out and took Jing Yi’s hand. The boy flinched at first and wanted to pull back but Qiu Ling continued to hold onto him. “You don’t give up on something you want just because somebody else is unhappy. I asked you to marry me because I want you to. Your cousin can beg as much as she wants, even if your uncle asked me to, I still wouldn’t consider her. I love you. Only you. So I won’t marry anybody else.”

Jing Yi smiled wryly. “You don’t even know me that well. How can you be sure?”

Qiu Ling just smiled back happily. “Didn’t I say so before? I knew when I first saw you. There’s nothing complicated about that.” He knew that his beloved probably couldn’t understand. The dragons were just too different from the other races in this regard. They might not always fall in love at first sight but they often did. And even if they didn’t, it normally didn’t take long for these feelings to be established.

But it was a different thing altogether for the other races. It wasn’t that nobody ever fell in love at first sight or hit it off with somebody else really fast but it was much less common. Just thinking back to the ten years it had needed for Jing He to fall in love with him in the Nine Heavens and accept these feelings to a point where he was willing to act on them … This wasn’t something a dragon would do but after everything he had learned about the gods, it wasn’t strange to them. They liked taking their time with these types of things. Maybe the humans were the same.

Qiu Ling sighed and finally let go of Jing Yi’s hand. When thinking about it logically, he knew that he couldn’t rush things. Even though it pained him, he had to give Jing He’s reincarnation the same time he had given him in the Nine Heavens. It might not take those ten years counting from their first official meeting but it would still be more than a few days. On an emotional level, it was hard to accept though. After all, he had already fought for him once. Since he had managed to make Jing He fall in love with him, why did he need to try again now? He felt that it was a little unfair. It didn’t change the facts though.

“I just want you to know. I love you and nothing will change about it. If you want to stay here to spend more time with your mother, I will accompany you and try to help you out with this matter regarding your cousin. If you feel that staying isn’t right and that you’d rather go out and travel already, then I will also accompany you in that. It’s as simple as that. Just … just do what you want to do. That’s all I want.”

Jing Yi hesitated but then nodded. “Thank you.” He looked at Qiu Ling’s expression that was earnest for once and didn’t hold that usual goofy smile of his while he blabbered nonsense. It was actually quite refreshing. If he could always be like this, he probably wouldn’t worry as much about the current situation. Unfortunately, he didn’t trust that this mood would last. As soon as he gave him the slightest cause, Qiu Ling would revert to his usual way.

Jing Yi sighed and then motioned further into the house. “How about going to eat? I’m pretty sure my cousin and uncle will want to talk about things this evening already. Since we can’t get around it we should go and confront the matter earlier, right? Then we can decide what to do afterward.”

Qiu Ling nodded and followed him, still forcibly holding back from taking Jing Yi’s hand again. Ah, he had to endure! He had to give him time. Mn … At least for a while. After that discussion with his uncle and cousin, maybe his beloved would need a strong shoulder to cry on? Then he could provide his! That would be such a good opportunity to show him what a good man he was.

Jing Yi had no idea that Qiu Ling’s thoughts had already traveled back to the usual territory. All of his own thoughts were concentrated on the matter with Guanyu. Just judging from the short time he had interacted with her since coming back, he felt that she hadn’t changed at all from how she had been five years ago. In that case, it was unlikely she would simply give up, right?

What should he do then? He hadn’t decided whether or not he wanted to marry Qiu Ling. He wasn’t completely rejecting the idea anymore since he didn’t feel uncomfortable in his presence anymore but that didn’t mean that he wanted to go for it immediately. Just getting to know him and deciding then sounded like the best idea to him. But Guanyu certainly wouldn’t want to wait until he finished deciding. No, she would expect him to give up for her sake. In that case, wouldn’t he lose his chance to be with Qiu Ling?

He furrowed his brows, feeling vexed at that thought. He had never liked Guanyu and now … He shook his head at himself. Why was he even thinking about that? Qiu Ling had said that he didn’t want her, so there was no need to even think about it. This decision, in the end, he wasn’t the one who had to make it. Qiu Ling was. If he truly rejected her and was able to convince his uncle, then the matter would be finished. After that, the two of them would be able to do whatever they wanted. It would have nothing to do with her.

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