OMF V7C368 The Best Possible Outcome

Hua Lin Yu was happy. But in his happiness, he also forgot that he still needed to give an answer.

The two Huo brothers were immediately incensed, interpreting his silence as a clear no. “I see now! So you’re actually trying to convince Xiao Yu of something that isn’t even true. Don’t you know any shame at all?!”

Xin Lan only gave the two of them a lazy look before he turned back to Hua Lin Yu, putting his arm around both his shoulders while not at all coincidentally pushing Huo Cheng out of the way and pulling the boy he into his arms. “Xiao Yu, what’s with that lukewarm reaction? Do you seriously not remember how you were hugging me to sleep back then? Or could it be that now that you’re a grown-up, you don’t like me anymore? Do you want me to leave?”

Xin Lan wasn’t quite sure how deep Hua Lin Yu’s impression of him was but he felt that it was worth making a gamble on. If he did remember him fondly, then he could make use of that immediately. If not, then he could at least pretend to be hurt before pulling back and then making use of that later on. Anyway, he felt that his chances of making this beauty fall for him in no time weren’t too bad.

Unfortunately, there were still two giant lightbulbs around that didn’t know what was good for them. Hearing what Xin Lan said, they immediately were angry and seemed to want to wave their swords around. “You! How shameless can you be?!”

Xin Lan still ignored them and just pulled Hua Lin Yu closer, lowering his voice. “What is it, little beauty? Do you really not remember me? That’s hurting my heart.”

Hua Lin Yu looked up at him, giving him a brilliant smile. His original thought of teaching this person a lesson … he had already forgotten about it. “Of course, I can remember you!”

Xin Lan gave a satisfied smile and even reached up, rubbing his head fondly. “Then let’s go inside and talk. I think there a few things we should have a conversation about now that you’re an adult.”

Hua Lin Yu nodded happily but the two Huo brothers watched in horror. They had taken so many precautions to make sure that no scumbag would be able to take their little junior away but now, some strange uncle appeared and actually managed to abduct the person right in front of their eyes. They weren’t even able to do anything!

Hua Lin Yu and Xin Lan went into the guesthouse, the two of them following behind while grumbling unhappily. They felt like they had to come up with a plan to separate these two as soon as they could. It was just that they could hardly tell their junior while this uncle of his was still around. Ah, they could only hope that he would leave soon. Maybe they could distract him somehow?

The two of them exchanged a glance and then turned to look around, trying to find something that they could do or say that would make him lose his focus for a while. Then they could grab their junior and rush away. They would definitely get a chance to explain things to him so he wouldn’t be led astray!

Xin Lan glanced at the two men and scoffed. Before they had the chance to do anything, he stooped down, picked Hua Lin Yu up, and gave a smile. “Your senior martial brothers seemed very worried about you. Since you’ve been running around all day, you should be pretty tired. Let me carry you so you don’t have to expend any more energy. No need to thank me. For you, I naturally don’t mind doing something like this.”

Hua Lin Yu blinked his eyes and then smiled happily, holding onto Xin Lan’s neck. He did remember that he had been lying in his arms just like this back then as well. It was just … he was a bit taller now. It was still just as nice as he remembered.

Burying his head at Xin Lan’s shoulder, he just let him carry him away, not even bothering to say goodbye to his senior martial brothers. He had always instinctively liked this person. He didn’t know what exactly it was but he just felt especially calm when Xin Lan was at his side. It had been that way when he had only been a child and it was still the very same now that he had mostly grown up. Because of that, he wasn’t worried at all. He just felt that this person would never do anything bad to him. He could trust him. He just knew that.

Xin Lan left the two Huo brothers behind and then motioned forward. “Alright, where’s your room?” He had only coincidentally spotted Hua Lin Yu when he was wandering around the city before. So he didn’t know yet where exactly to bring him.

Hua Lin Yu motioned forward and the two of them soon reached the door.

Xin Lan didn’t even stop in front of it and used his spiritual energy to open it, carrying Hua Lin Yu directly inside. Not losing any time, he kicked it close, and then carried the youth over to the bed, putting him down.

His gaze traveled over his body and he gave a faint smile. Actually, he liked his partners better when they were a bit more experience but in this case, he could make an exception. Anyway, it was just for the trial. And experience was also something that was gained over time. The sooner they started, the sooner Hua Lin Yu would be able to give him what he wanted. Then, this wouldn’t be completely one-sided. That seemed like the best outcome possible in this situation.

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