SML C65 A Heartbroken Beauty

When the two of them finally laid down, Li Ming couldn’t help but feel a little unaccustomed. It had been a rather long time since he shared a bed with somebody. His last relationship had ended quite a few months before he fell in love with Su Yan and then that crush had lasted a pretty long time as well. Now, suddenly lying next to somebody again was almost as if it was a novel experience. Even though it was actually such a normal thing to do.

He glanced at Mo Fang’s body that could be faintly seen in the dark and couldn’t help but wonder if this really was alright. But then again, maybe this would even help Mo Fang. After all, he had just gotten out of a relationship. To him, it might actually be much stranger to be alone at this point in time. Maybe it would even help him if he wasn’t and there was somebody lying next to him.

While Li Ming convinced himself of that, Mo Fang was using the darkness as a cover to look at the person next to him as well. He did have to say, lying in bed with the person he liked wasn’t bad. It was just a pity that he couldn’t cuddle up to him.

Actually, he really liked lying close to somebody. Feeling the heat of their body, being held close like he was the most precious thing in the world … Who wouldn’t want that?

But, well, that would still have to wait a bit. When their relationship had proceeded by a few steps, then he could still do so. Now, it was just too early. As hard as it might be, he needed to have patience. If he didn’t, he would just scare Li Ming away. Well, that was unless he played his cards very, very well.

Mo Fang raised his hands and pulled the blanket up higher, making sure that Li Ming wouldn’t be able to see his smile. Ah, he had the perfect idea on how to make sure he could get closer without scaring him off. And it was even one that wouldn’t require him to wait for ages.

Soon enough, Li Ming fell asleep. Hearing that his breath had evened out, Mo Fang waited a little longer and then rolled around, finally pushing up against him.

Li Ming didn’t even notice and just continued to sleep, making Mo Fang snuggle up to him more closely. This time, the movement woke Li Ming up though. It had been quite a bit of time since he had slept with somebody else in the same bed. Naturally, he wasn’t used to somebody being this close to him.

He needed a moment to figure out what was happening and then turned to Mo Fang, slightly raising his brows. He didn’t believe that Mo Fang had any bad intentions and didn’t know how exactly to deal with the problem.

He felt a bit uncomfortable with Mo Fang being so close, especially after they had spoken about how neither of them would try anything. It wasn’t that he thought that there was anything behind this but still, he didn’t want Mo Fang to feel as if he had taken advantage of him by not reacting to this. On the other hand, he also didn’t want to wake him up by trying to push him off. So, what was he supposed to do?

He lay there, awake, for a good while before he finally tried to pull his shoulder away from Mo Fang and wriggle further to the edge of the bed. Needless to say, Mo Fang wouldn’t accept it. He hurriedly reached out, held onto his waist, and then made sure that he rubbed his cheek against his shoulder.

Li Ming was left petrified. He had wanted to innocently slip out of Mo Fang’s grab but now, that was completely impossible. If he wanted to get away, he would have to wake Mo Fang up first. That definitely wouldn’t be a good start to living together.

He reached up and rubbed his own forehead, cursing himself a little. It would have been better if they had spoken about this kind of possibility first. It seemed he wasn’t too well-prepared for living with somebody else.

In the end, he decided to still try to quietly get away. He reached down, grabbed Mo Fang’s wrist, and then gingerly pulled his hand off his waist.

Mo Fang pursed his lips in displeasure. If you were a gay dude and a good-looking gay guy was snuggling up to you at night, shouldn’t you be happy? What was it with trying to push him off?

Anyway, this was too good of an opportunity to just give up. He let Li Ming take hold of his hand and reach over to put it next to him but when he tried to pull back, he reached out as if on coincidence and grabbed Li Ming’s hand, wrapping his fingers around it. To make sure that it wasn’t too obvious, he once again rubbed his head against his shoulder and even started to mumble. “Ah Heng … I’m so happy you’re back …”

Inwardly, he wanted to vomit at these words. There was no way in hell he would ever accept that cheater back. But considering that he was still playing the heartbroken beauty, this should be pretty much in line with what Li Ming expected of him. And anyway, a good guy like Li Ming would never be able to bring himself to push him off after this. He just wouldn’t be able to do it.

Li Ming indeed froze up. He looked at Mo Fang with a complicated gaze and finally just laid back down, quietly looking at his figure.

It had been one week since Mo Fang broke things off with his boyfriend. It also hadn’t been one of those breakups where the couple mutually agreed on it but instead one with a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. Naturally, Mo Fang would have a hard time moving on. And a week was much too short.

It really was no wonder that, subconsciously, he would think the person next to him was his boyfriend. And the fact that he was snuggling up to him like this was proof of how much that person had meant to him. Even if he wasn’t worth it, Mo Fang naturally couldn’t stop his feelings. They didn’t disappear just because he had made the hard decision that it wasn’t worth moving on with that person.

Li Ming sighed and then reached out, patting Mo Fang’s hand. He felt that waking him up right now would be downright cruel. No, it would be much better to let him sleep for a while. Tomorrow morning, he might’ve let go by himself already or if Mo Fang woke up before him, he would definitely move away on his own and never mention it, hoping that he hadn’t noticed. And if not …

Li Ming was at a bit of a loss as to what to do if he really was up before Mo Fang and thus had to wake him to let go. In the end, he just decided that now wasn’t the time to think about that though. He’d cross that bridge when he got there.

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