RMN C155 Unable to Change the Outcome

The two junior martial brothers definitely didn’t agree but they didn’t dare to argue with Liu Bao Ru either. If it had been some martial brother, things might have been different but they just couldn’t bring themselves to quibble with a woman. It seemed wrong to do so.

Liu Bao Ru could see in their faces what they were thinking and shook her head. In terms of cultivation, she was ahead of these two by a large margin. In fact, compared to those people that had gotten their own groups like Yang Wu Huang or Song Mu, she really wasn’t far off.

She might not be able to compare with senior martial sister Xi but she definitely wasn’t weak. To think that these two would treat her like this really made her wonder if she should laugh at them or feel offended.

In that regard, she had to say that she also felt that Mei Chao Bing was better. At the very least, he had never treated the martial sisters or martial brothers differently. Whether it was junior martial sister Yi being put in a group with junior martial brother Yuan so she could learn what she wanted to or taking note of junior martial sister Tan’s specialties, he had always made the most out of the people present. If she ignored the matter was his Master, then there really wasn’t anything she could find about him that she disliked.

She glanced over to where Mei Chao Bing was still standing with Song Mu, Yang Wu Huang, and Ao Jing and lightly furrowed her brows. Her opinion on Yang Wu Huang actually wasn’t too good. He wasn’t bad in terms of cultivation but she always felt that he was a show-off.

Swaggering around with these people in his wake, what was he trying to achieve? If he wanted to become a good cultivator, then he should probably spend less time on socializing and more time on actually cultivating. And if he wanted to be a good example for them, he should try to impart some knowledge instead of just standing around spewing nonsense. Compared to Mei Chao Bing who took the time to actually teach his juniors … It really was an unflattering comparison for Yang Wu Huang.

Liu Bao Ru continued to watch for a moment before she got up and walked over herself. Since she wasn’t lacking compared to the other cultivators, why should she stand back? If it was Mei Chao Bing and Song Mu who there alone who were in a different position because they were leading their group, then she might think differently. But right now, there was the leader of another group and Ao Jing had also tagged along. She might as well go over and ask a few questions of her own.

Mei Chao Bing turned to look at her when she arrived, slightly raising his eyebrows. He didn’t say anything though and just continued the previous conversation. “Well, now that junior martial brother Di has gone to heal himself, we should probably talk about what happened.” He looked from Yang Wu Huang to Ao Jing and back again, waiting for them to speak.

The two of them exchanged a glance and finally, it was Ao Jing who stepped forward with a sigh. “To be honest, everything went very fast. We had managed to find a special place in the border region that we felt might have some significance. When our group started to investigate the place, there was suddenly a group of demonic practitioners rushing at us. They outnumbered us and it seemed that some of them even had a higher cultivation level than us so senior martial brother Yang could only give the command for us to retreat. After that, everyone fled.”

He shook his head and gave another sigh, seeming very much disappointed in himself. “I can’t believe we had to leave just like that. I always thought that when we would meet a demonic practitioner, we would be able to fight toe to toe with them. Who could have thought that it would end like this?”

Mei Chao Bing didn’t bother to acknowledge this little act and just turned to Yang Wu Huang to continue his line of questioning. “If everybody fled, then why are you three the only ones here? What happened to the others?”

Yang Wu Huang pressed his lips together, not quite happy with the way Mei Chao Bing was asking him. Was he insinuating that he hadn’t done a good job?

Next to them, Liu Bao Ru’s expression darkened. “Senior martial brother Yang, do you honestly want to say that as the leader of this group, you left the others behind when fleeing?” How could he do this?! That had been nine people!

Yang Wu Huang tensed at her accusation. He had expected Mei Chao Bing to say something like this but definitely not Liu Bao Ru. “Junior martial sister Liu, what are you even saying? How could I do something like that?”

Mei Chao Bing looked from one person to the other and then raised his brows. “Well, junior martial sister Liu’s question has some merit though. Why don’t you tell us what really happened if it wasn’t like this? I’m also quite interested in hearing your explanation. It is somewhat strange that out of a group of ten people, only three managed to get here.”

Yang Wu Huang furrowed his brows, regretting very much that he couldn’t give Mei Chao Bing a piece of his mind since they were in front of other people. “I’m afraid that you have some trouble imagining that scene, senior martial brother Mei. It was very chaotic.

“The people in my group were spread out for the investigation so some of them were closer to the demonic practitioners than others. Those who were further away naturally fled in the direction of the town. The others had to engage in fights to secure their lives.

“Di Huan Bo, Ao Jing and I tried to lure the demonic practitioners that were of a higher-level away. That is why Di Huan Bo got injured so badly. I can only make guesses about what happened to the others. But we should have been able to give them enough time to flee. By now, they might have been able to make it back to the town.”

Mei Chao Bing gave him a deep look. He knew that what Yang Wu Huang was saying was bullshit. Unfortunately, he couldn’t prove it. Well, even if he could, it wouldn’t change anything. It had already happened. Nothing he did now could influence the outcome.

If the other disciples had been hurt or, even worse, died, then that was the case. It seemed he had underestimated just how far Yang Wu Huang was willing to go to achieve his goals. In the future, he definitely couldn’t make this mistake a second time.

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