RMN C154 Vilifying Him Needlessly

Even though Mei Chao Bing thought like that, he naturally wouldn’t say a single word of that out loud. His reputation was still bad and his image in the minds of even his own group hadn’t been bettered by much. While Yuan Lei and Yu Jin were pretty much on their side, most of the others were staying neutral and there were still those two junior martial brothers who were acting against him whenever they could. Voicing anything but concern for Di Huan Bo right now would just give them another opportunity to paint him as a bad guy. How could he let that happen?

He looked Di Huan Bo over and put on a concerned expression. “Junior martial brother Di, it seems that you were really gravely wounded. Did you only shake them off a short while ago? You should have stopped on the way here and taken some medicine.”

Di Huan Bo’s expression wasn’t pretty to look at. If there really had been a surprise attack from the demonic practitioners, he definitely would’ve done that. But for this plan … It wouldn’t have worked out that way. “There wasn’t really any time.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded as if he could very well understand that. “Well, if there were too many opponents, then it is only natural that you had trouble finding an opportunity to heal yourself. You should go and sit down for a moment and take a pill. Don’t worry about any further attacks. We’ll definitely make sure that nobody can disturb your healing process.”

Di Huan Bo stared at him, unable to believe what he had just heard. That guy really wanted him to take out some of his own medicine? He wouldn’t do that! He gave a strained smile and then tried to act embarrassed. “I am afraid that would be impossible. I don’t have any pills with me.”

Mei Chao Bing raised his brows at that and then turned to look at Yang Wu Huang. “Then what about you, junior martial brother Yang? They are your group. You probably reminded them, didn’t you? Or could it be that you took the materials and carried them for all of them?”

Yang Wu Huang stared at him, a faint sliver of hate visible in his eyes. This guy! Whatever he did, he was always trying to trip him up. What was he supposed to say? If he said that he hadn’t reminded them, he would look like he was incompetent. The same was true if he said that he didn’t have medicine. He could at most push partial responsibility to Di Huan Bo again and say that he had reminded them but whether or not people followed was a different matter altogether.

Normally, that was precisely what he would do. But today … He glanced at Di Huan Bo and couldn’t help but feel that it wouldn’t be a good idea. They had already beaten him up for the plan. If he still pushed this matter on his head, there might be some resentments. Then what should he do in the future?

Di Huan Bo might have the lowest cultivation level among his people but he still was valuable considering his overall status in the sect. He definitely wouldn’t antagonize him for something like this if there was another way. He did loathe parting with some medicine though considering where they currently were. Each pill might be able to save his own life later on. Of course, he wasn’t willing to give any up.

Thinking matters through like this, Yang Wu Huang gave a strained smile. “Senior martial brother Mei is really smart. Yes, I did indeed keep a few things for the others since we were afraid that if there was an accident on our way, they might not be able to defend everything because of their lower the cultivation realm.” He took out the lowest-level pill he had with him and handed it to Di Huan Bo. “You should go and do as senior martial brother Mei said and tend to your wounds. Don’t worry about anything else for now. I will explain the situation clearly to the others so they are warned.”

Di Huan Bo nodded and then went to sit down a few steps away, taking the pill. His expression was quite ugly. Naturally, he wasn’t happy with how he had been treated. This grudge … Even though Yang Wu Huang had wanted to prevent it, it was already impossible. Di Huan Bo definitely remembered this slight.

Mei Chao Bing watched the exchange and couldn’t help but smile faintly. He had no pity for these people. They had been the ones who caused the other disciples to die. They had also been the ones to make his life difficult before. Why should he still be nice to them? No, there was a point at which they couldn’t expect him to show the other cheek anymore. He had done that for long enough. There wasn’t any reason to go on. He had finally understood that.

While Mei Chao Bing didn’t want to bother anymore about the situation, the other disciples weren’t quite willing to let go of this. The two junior martial brothers who had made trouble for them before couldn’t help but whisper to each other. “Did you see that? What is he saying making those accusations against senior martial brother Yang? And why didn’t he give him any of our materials? Anyway, didn’t we just find a herb that could be used for something like this? He could use that.”

The other disciple nodded along, clearly being of the same opinion. Looking around, he finally gave a smile to Liu Bao Ru who was sitting not too far away and try to rope her in. “Senior martial sister Liu, don’t you also think that this was mean?”

Liu Bao Ru glanced at the two of them and then looked over to where Mei Chao Bing and Yang Wu Huang stood. In the end, she turned back and raised her brows at them. “Di Huan Bo is part of Yang Wu Huang’s group. Naturally, it should be Yang Wu Huang who uses the materials that he has gotten for his group on him.

“If Mei Chao Bing gave them something that we had brought or found, then what will happen if our group was attacked later on? We still need to go to the other two sects. It would put us at a disadvantage.

“In fact, Mei Chao Bing is looking out for the two of you as well. You should thank him instead of making such comments all the time.” With that, she turned away and didn’t bother about them anymore. Her feelings toward Mei Chao Bing weren’t good but she couldn’t say that he had done anything wrong this time around. What those two were doing was just vilifying him needlessly. What was the use in that?

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