Oh. My. Fate?! Compendium

Before I get to today’s chapter, I have a small announcement to make: In the slightly more than two years that it has been running, Oh. My. Fate?! has reached more than 1000 chapters in the original version while the slightly younger revised version is at 500+ chapters at only the third volume. With a plethora of different characters – some of them unique to the revised version – it can be difficult to recall all of them and their relationships if you take a break from reading.

To make things easier, I have been working on a small resource to help with recalling the most important characters and information of the universe since the anniversary month. Today, I can finally present to you the first version of the Oh. My. Fate?! Compendium:

This file includes short introductions to the major realms of the OMF universe, relationship charts of most characters, as well as a list of characters with information on their race and a short reminder of their role in the story.

I will add to this resource over time when new characters appear. If you have suggestions of what else you’d like to see in this compendium, just leave a comment and I’ll include that as well.

I hope this compendium will be helpful in the future!

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