SML C63 Can’t Wait for It!

Li Ming felt a little strange when he heard him say that. He couldn’t explain why himself but finally just thought that maybe he was a little afraid that he had been promising too much. Mo Fang had just gotten out of a bad situation and he was already talking about a brilliant future. If he didn’t coincidentally meet a great guy soon, he would probably feel worse. Yes, maybe he shouldn’t have said anything.

Li Ming chastised himself but he could hardly take it back. No, it was already too late. In the end, he just ignored the problem and tried to get back to the previous topic.

“If you didn’t follow that man back then, then how did you finally end up as model after all? Did you have another encounter like that later on?”

Mo Fang smiled slyly. “Not quite. You see, after my boyfriend broke up with me, I went to complain to my mother and told her the whole story. Somehow, she was focusing on the wrong part. She didn’t really care about my boyfriend but she was pretty excited that somebody had asked me to model.

“You see, when she was younger, my mother always wanted to be an entertainer. But then she got married young and had me and somehow, it never worked out. Anyway, she’s working a normal job in an office now. I guess she still regrets it sometimes.

“So, when she heard that somebody thought that I was pretty enough to model, she probably felt that it had to be because of her own good looks so she dragged me to an actual agency and had me signed up. Then things just happened from there.”

Li Ming smiled at that, feeling that the relationship between Mo Fang and his mother had to be quite good. “Well, I guess you’re really similar then if it was also something that she liked. You were probably able to bond over that a lot.”

Mo Fang nodded. “Yes, I think so too. She was incredibly proud when I did the first shoots. She would always accompany me and brag to all the employees that it was her son being photographed there.” Mo Fang laughed when he thought back to that. Honestly, it had been a long time since she accompanied him. It was a bit of a pity. With her around, it had been more fun even though it was difficult getting closer to the other people as well.

Mo Fang sighed at that. “Well, I probably have a lot more in common with her than with my father. I think that was also why he was always a bit indulgent with me while I grew up. He can’t say no to her either. It’s only been in recent years that he suddenly refuses to budge. I also don’t understand.”

This time, Li Ming didn’t dare to comment and just gave a small smile, hoping that Mo Fang would get back to the previous topic.

Mo Fang did indeed not dwell on it. Instead, he was already pondering how to use this current situation to his advantage. He trusted a lot in his good looks and also in his ability as a model. And normally, he did fashion photoshoots or advertisements for other stylish items like jewelry or watches or sometimes even cosmetics.

Quite frankly, the photos that came out of that were stunning. He was already good-looking in general but with the right lighting, a breathtaking set in the background, and then a bit of touch-up afterward, he was completely irresistible.

He refused to believe that there was any gay man that could resist that kind of allure. Not even Li Ming would be able to keep a clear head when he saw him like that. So maybe …

He reached down, wondering if he should take out his phone and casually show him a few of the photos he had saved. In the end, he still pulled back his hand though, and just continued to eat.

Anyway, it was a good idea but he should shelve it for later. Right now was not the time yet. He first had to cultivate the good feelings between them. After all, Li Ming was obviously a guy who cared about not just good looks but also a good attitude. So if he wanted this to last after getting together, he needed to take Li Ming’s feelings into consideration as well.

As soon as Li Ming showed to change his attitude toward him and actually regard him as at least a good friend or maybe even somebody with a chance to more, then he could show Li Ming the photos. Or maybe he could even take him along for one of the shoots …

Mo Fang’s eyes gleamed when he thought of that idea but he forced himself to calm down. He couldn’t take the second step before the first one. No, he had to be patient and work on getting closer to him first. As for how to do that … There was no question about that. “Bro Li, say, you said before that I could accompany you for your jog, didn’t you? When do you leave?”

Li Ming smiled at that and pondered. “Well, I think we both have the early shift tomorrow, don’t we? How about getting up at five? That way, we’ll have enough time to get up, go jogging and then eat breakfast before having to go to work. What do you think?”

Mo Fang’s smile grew slightly strained at that. To be honest … Getting up at five really didn’t sound like something he would want to do. He actually liked sleeping in. But if it meant that he would be able to get himself the perfect boyfriend, then he was willing to make some sacrifices for the time being. Thus, he forced a bright smile onto his lips. “That sounds fantastic. I really can’t wait for it!”

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