OMF V7C361 An Ethereal Youth

The guards looked the jade pendant over and then nodded. Yes, this looked very much like the jade pendant that those two senior martial brothers were wearing. It seemed that they didn’t need to worry about that.

The two of them exchanged a glance and the one on the left cleared his throat. “Well, there’s no problem with the identity token. I’m afraid we will still have to check the carriage though.” After all, who knew if there was really just a beauty in there or if that was just a ploy to make them less likely to check? That beauty might as well be sitting on a trove of weapons!

The two Huo brothers looked a little indignant but they also weren’t about to make a fuss about it. Anyway, their junior martial brother had already said that it was alright. “Well, if you have to, then please go ahead.” Even though he said so, Huo Cheng still followed the guard over to the door of the carriage and watched every one of his moves suspiciously as if he was afraid the guy would jump at his little junior the next moment.

Anyway, even if that wasn’t the case, Huo Cheng had seen people stare at his beloved junior martial brother often enough in the past to know that it was always better to keep an eye on these people. In the worst case, they could just fight their way out of here.

The guard was a little freaked out but it wasn’t like he had never seen a family be overly protective of a younger family member. When thinking back to the dainty hand he had just seen, he could understand it a little.

Clearing his throat, he leaned towards the door of the carriage. “This Young Master, may I trouble you to open the door?”

From inside the carriage, the same melodious voice as before was heard, a hint of laughter hidden in the words. “But of course. Do you require me to get off?”

The guard’s ears couldn’t help but redden and he involuntarily lowered his eyes. “That … I wouldn’t want to trouble you.”

This time, there really was a peal of bright laughter coming from inside, making the people around them stare in a daze. “How could that be troubling me?”

That same hand as before reached out but before it could touch the door, Huo Cheng had already stepped forward and opened it for him. “Junior martial brother Hua, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to get off.”

Hua Lin Yu just gave him a look and then got off the carriage. Honestly, he didn’t mind it. If people wanted to stare, they might as well do so. Anyway, weren’t they also staring at his senior martial brothers and sisters when they went somewhere? That was just the kind of effect that cultivators had on the common people.

The guard’s eyes widened when he looked at Hua Lin Yu and he had trouble even remembering what he had originally intended to do. This youth in front of him was way too beautiful. He had translucent skin, a pair of big black eyes that seemed to be able to directly look into your heart and soul, and a smile that would be able to make many people lose their mind upon seeing it. His black hair fluttered in the breeze, making him look even more ethereal in combination with wearing that white robe.

If he had ever needed inspiration on how to imagine a cultivator to look, then this would be it. This youth really looked immortal, as if he was not from this world but from some higher realm that a mere human like him would never be able to catch a glimpse of.

Huo Cheng and Huo Hai furrowed their brows, looking at the guard with displeasure. Yes, they also knew their little junior was beautiful. But why did people keep staring at him? Didn’t they know they were being rude?!

Huo Hai also rushed over and the two of them flanked Hua Lin Yu, making obvious that anybody who wanted to mess with him would have to get past them first.

Seeing their behavior, the guard finally shook himself out of his reverie and turned to the carriage, starting to search it as he normally would. While doing so, he couldn’t help but be a little excited though. Ah, a real immortal had sat in this carriage. His skin had touched that window when he handed over the carved jade and his hair had brushed over the back while rested there. To think that now, he had the honor to search this carriage … It really made him feel as if he was walking on clouds.

The longer he searched, the redder his ears became and he finally didn’t even dare to lift his head when he stepped back to nod at the cultivators. “Everything is alright. You may enter the city.”

Huo Cheng and Huo Hai scoffed but their expressions changed immediately when they turned to their little junior. “Xiao Yu, you can get back inside now. Don’t tire yourself out by walking around so much.”

Hua Lin Yu flicked a glance at them and then went back inside, letting them close the door behind him. While he definitely wouldn’t mind walking around outside considering that he was also a cultivator and that his level wasn’t too low, he also didn’t mind being spoiled by his senior martial brothers. And he could still look out through the window to see the city so he wouldn’t miss out on anything. And anyway, he could still take a tour through the streets later on when they had found a guesthouse.

Thus, the small party was once again on its way, entering the capital city of the Long kingdom, not expecting in the least just what kind of trouble this would bring about.

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