OMF V7C359 Don’t Wait for Me

Back in the Hei Dian Sect, Fu Heng struck the acupoint that An Bai had just shown him on the chart and then stared at Zhong Guanyu with thoughtful eyes.

Fu Min raised his brows at his husband. “What’s the matter?”

Fu Heng frowned and then looked up. “Well … Do you think that it is right? He showed me and I think I hit the right point but she’s unconscious. How do we know that she really can’t talk?”

The two of them looked at each other and then looked at Zhong Guanyu.

“Well … How about striking it again just to make sure?”

“But what if that undoes it?”

Once again, the two of them lapsed into silence. This really was such a difficult task! It had sounded so simple in the beginning when His Majesty contacted them but as it turned out, this was really much more difficult than it had looked at first glance.

Fu Min sighed. “How about we just bring them over first and then we can ask His Majesty. He should have an opinion on this, shouldn’t he?”

Fu Heng didn’t dare to give an honest answer to that. Anyway, you should not disagree with your spouse too much. That was the secret to a happy marriage! At the very least, that was what his mother had drilled into him from his early childhood whenever she had been nagging his father about something without success. Thus, Fu Heng just looked at his husband, waiting for him to figure it out by himself.

Fu Min pursed his lips at that. “Can’t you at least pretend to agree with me? Anyway, we should still bring them over first. Leaving them here also wouldn’t be good and the funeral won’t wait for us.”

This time, Fu Heng did indeed nod. Anyway, it really was better to bring them over soon. He went to pick up the demon and then looked at the woman, wondering if he should let his husband carry her. In the end, he threw one person over one shoulder and the other person over the other shoulder and then nodded at Fu Min.

His husband looked at him, looked at the two people on his shoulders, and then raised his hands to clap. “My husband is so strong. I’m awed!”

Fu Heng couldn’t help but give a happy smile at that. His husband was praising him. What better feeling could there be in the world? He gave a faint hum and really wanted to lean forward to give him a kiss but with two people on his shoulders, it also wasn’t easy to do so. In the end, he could only give up with an unhappy huff.

Fu Min laughed and then turned around, waving for him to follow. “You better hurry up. The sooner we are there, the sooner you can get rid of that useless baggage.”

Fu Heng gave another hum and nodded and then pushed off the ground, following behind Fu Min. The two of them directly rushed to the Long kingdom’s capital, not bothering to check their surroundings. As a result, neither of them noticed the person that was currently resting in one of the trees in the Hei Dian Sect, watching the whole scene with slight interest.

Xin Lan held the half of his face that wasn’t covered by the mask and narrowed his eyes in thought. “Aren’t those two advisers of that brat? What’s going on?” Normally, he wouldn’t care what happened with Qiu Ling and his people but considering that he hadn’t seen Jinde at all in the past ten years, he couldn’t help but be a little worried. If something had happened on that end, Qiu Ling should know about it.

He finally jumped down from the branches of the tree and went over to the person working on the field a few steps away. “I’m going to head out for a while.”

Zheng Yin turned around and raised his brows. Normally, this man was incredibly sticky physically while being emotionally distant. Actually being told that he would leave was strange in more than one regard and made him feel alarmed. “Did something happen?”

Xin Lan pondered for a moment, originally not intending to explain himself, but then still nodded. “Mn. I saw two people of the dragon race … commit a crime. I’m going to check it out.” He already wanted to turn around and leave when his gaze brushed over Zheng Yin’s body again. In the end, he stepped forward, pulled him into his arms, and gave him a deep kiss, his hands brushing over his waist.

Mn, never mind. He had spent a lot of time wooing him, he might as well give him a bit more attention for as long as this lasted. Anyway, this would be over soon. With ten years having passed, that fallen god’s reincarnation should already be old enough to get into a relationship by now. In other words, this might be goodbye for him and Zheng Yin.

He stopped and pulled back, giving him a satisfied look. “Don’t wait for me.”

Zheng Yin slightly tensed up but before he could say anything, Xin Lan had already let go of him and left. He stared at the spot where he had just stood and slowly balled his hands into fists. He had never intended to let this man into his life. The dragons were arrogant and demanding and a relationship with one of them was the last thing that had ever been on his mind. But … after some time, he still could not resist that fatal attraction.

Like a moth being drawn to the flame, he finally still gave in even though he could clearly see that Xin Lan hadn’t committed to him at all. There was some attraction from his side, yes, but it was only ever physically. In his heart, Xin Lan didn’t care about him in the slightest. But even though he had known, it still hurt every single time he was confronted with the truth this blatantly.

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