OMF V7C358 The Same Approach

Fu Min nodded at his husband who immediately dashed out to strike down the person they were supposed to take back home. Zhong Guanyu only had time to call out to the person that had just turned into the path leading up to the hut before she already fell to the ground, unconscious.

The two dragons exchanged another glance. What had they just heard? ‘Husband’? So that person was more or less a member of the Zhong family as well? In that case …

Fu Heng didn’t need to be prompted and rushed over on his own, trying to strike that person down as well. Unfortunately, this time, he didn’t have as much luck.

When Xiao Li saw two dragons appear and strike that so-called wife of his unconscious, he panicked. It got even worse when one of the dragons glanced up and charged at him. Without thinking, he converted his spiritual energy into the dark one of the demons, dissolved his body into a dark mist, and changed positions.

Fu Min’s and Fu Heng’s eyes widened and they both attacked at the same time as soon as Xiao Li reappeared a few steps away. In his panic, he didn’t manage to get away in time and was struck unconscious as well.

The two dragons stood next to him, looking at his unconscious form in a daze.

“This … is the husband of the cousin of His Majesty’s beloved?”

Fu Heng furrowed his brows. “She called him that way.”

Fu Min also nodded. He had heard that as well and it certainly hadn’t been a coincidence. “He seems to be a demon though. Does His Majesty know?”

The pair of husbands looked at each other and then simultaneously shook their heads. There was no way that His Majesty actually knew about this. If he did … Well, they had no idea what he actually would’ve done about it but they were pretty sure that he should’ve mentioned it if he was aware of it.

“Then what do we do now? He’s a member of the Zhong family. But he is also a demon so we can’t really just bring him around His Majesty and his beloved, can we?”

Fu Heng rubbed his chin and slowly nodded. “Let’s tie him up.”

Fu Min pondered and then nodded, helping his husband to do so. “Then about that girl … She’s really rude. Do you think we should also take some precautions so she won’t bother His Majesty’s beloved? It’s a funeral after all. I don’t think it would be good to just let her run rampant there.”

Fu Heng nodded. “How about stuffing her mouth?”

Fu Min considered the option for a moment and looked over at where Zhong Guanyu was lying but then shook his head. “Too obvious. But we could probably strike an acupoint so she won’t be able to talk.”

Fu Heng stared at his husband, his gaze meaningful.


“Do you know which acupoint to strike?”

Fu Min stared back at him, slowly tensing up. “Technicalities! Anyway, if you’re so smart, then why don’t you do it?!”

Fu Heng also turned to look over and then took out a transmission stone, imbuing some spiritual energy.

The picture that appeared showed the slightly tired face of An Bai. “Fu Heng, what’s the matter?”

“Which acupoint do you have to strike so somebody will be able to move but unable to speak?”

An Bai’s gaze slid to the side and he gave a low hum. “That’s an interesting question. I feel like I should give that a try first.”

Fu Min rushed behind his husband and then tiptoed, resting his chin on his shoulder. “To think that there was something you would actually need to try first instead of knowing the answer immediately … I’m honestly a bit scared. This isn’t like you.”

An Bai looked back, slightly raising his white brows. “No? Isn’t that because of what the two of you did? Anyway, let me show you a chart. I’m afraid you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about otherwise.”

Before An Bai could turn to find one, a hand already handed him a book. He stared at it but then still took the book, opening one of the pages before he turned it around. “It’s this one.” Pointing at the acupoint, he raised his brows at Fu Min and Fu Heng. “Do you understand?”

Fu Heng stared at the drawing and then nodded. “I’ll go and do it. Thank you very much and I’m sorry for bothering you.”

An Bai just gave a hum and the two of them cut the connection.

An Bai turned to the person next to him and slowly closed the book. “What are you still doing here? I think I have made it abundantly clear that you aren’t welcome.”

Ye Yang just smiled and took the book from his hand. “My dear An Bai, the two of us are soulmates. I can feel that in my heart. Just give it a bit of time and you’ll see that I’m right.” With that, he turned around and went to return the book to the shelf at the side, seemingly not feeling out of place at all.

An Bai watched his back, keeping quiet. This guy … He had thought he would never have to see him again but after returning from that meeting in the Jian Yi Sect almost two weeks ago, he had suddenly been confronted with his smiling face as soon as he stepped into the palace again.

Originally, he had driven him away but somehow, this guy was much more resilient than he had expected him to be. The next day, he had already come back again, once again trying to worm himself into his good graces.

It was honestly quite annoying. It was also very much the same approach that His Majesty had taken with the Son of Heaven. Thinking about that, it did worry him quite a bit. Unfortunately, Ye Yang’s explanation for why he was being here and why he couldn’t just ignore him was pretty good.

Judging from what was currently going on in the demon realm, they could only work together with him if they wanted to prevent things from going awry even further. After all, while neither of them liked the current demon king, it was true that things had been rather calm since he acceded to the throne. A new king …

No, he wasn’t thrilled at the option of that happening. Another great war would break out again for sure if that happened. Thus, he could only swallow his pride and allow Ye Yang to come by. He only hoped that there wouldn’t be any consequences for himself.

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