OMF V7C357 Resentful of Beautiful People

Even though Fu Min had been instructed almost immediately, it took him some time to actually find the respective sect and the person his king had spoken of. While he had seen Zhong Guanyu before, that had been when Jing Yi’s family had just come to the Long kingdom’s capital. Back then, both children had still been fairly small. Right now, there really wasn’t any resemblance between the Guanyu from back then and the woman she had grown into. In fact, upon finally finding out who this person was, Fu Min could only stare at her dumbfounded.

After a moment of silence, he blinked his eyes and turned to his husband who was standing next to him. “Do you really think that’s her? Isn’t she supposed to be the cousin of His Majesty’s beloved? Aren’t they the same age?”

Fu Heng requited the gaze of his husband and then gave a short nod. Yeah, that was what he had understood as well.

Fu Min tilted his head and continued to stare. “But … why does she look like this?”

When thinking of His Majesty’s beloved, he would immediately think of the Son of Heaven. Even when not thinking of the Son of Heaven, he was at least thinking of a graceful youth that would be able to make people look at him with fondness because of his bearing and looks. Anyway, even if he hadn’t grown up to be graceful by some stroke of extremely bad luck, he should at least look youthful. But this woman … she did make him wonder if maybe had gotten something wrong.

“She’s at least in her forties.”

Fu Heng nodded along. “She’s mortal.”

Fu Min pondered and finally nodded. “Well, I guess you’re right with that. Anyway, let’s go talk to her.”

He didn’t wait for Fu Heng’s answer and just strode over, stopping in front of Zhong Guanyu.

She looked up, looking from Fu Min and Fu Heng and then back again, her brows furrowing together. Save for the fact that she had gotten quite a bit older, she was actually a good-looking woman. Mo Fang’s good genes had definitely done wonders in that regard.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t much to be proud of in a cultivation sect. Most people here were looking very youthful, and those that didn’t were normally the venerated Elders of the Hei Dian Sect. They were immensely powerful so even if they didn’t look like they were very young, nobody would dare to look down on them.

But as for her … She was just a mortal without any spiritual energy at all but was still looking like this. She had definitely gotten quite a few looks and the only reason people weren’t mocking her openly was because she was still living with Xiao Li who was a direct disciple of one of the Elders. Nobody really understood why he would be living with a woman like this but anyway, that was his own problem.

“What do you want?” Seeing another couple of beautiful people in front of her, Guanyu’s temper immediately flared up. She always felt resentful when seeing someone like this.

Originally, Xiao Li had promised her that she could always stay young and beautiful after taking the pill he had gifted her for the wedding. She hadn’t taken it immediately since she seemed several years younger than Xiao Li. She had thought that she might as well wait a few more years before taking it. The gap between them would be smaller and if the pill only worked for a certain time and not forever, she would have longer before she needed another one.

But then, even after taking the pill, nothing had changed. After a while, she noticed that she had still grown older and it showed. Soon enough, she seemed just as old as Xiao Li and then, she looked even older.

She had finally confronted him about it but her husband had pretended to be oblivious at first and had then blamed her that it was because she had waited for too long so that the pill had become spoiled.

Just thinking of it, Zhong Guanyu wanted to slap him. He had never told her that something like that could happen! If he did, why would she have waited at all?! Now, she was growing old and ugly while her husband still looked exactly the same as before. And he had said that it was hard to find another pill like this so there wasn’t a chance to change the situation. But if that was the truth, then sooner or later, wouldn’t he find somebody else? Then what was she supposed to do?! And even after so many years, she still didn’t have a child that she could use as leverage!

Fu Min raised his brows at her attitude and then actually felt relieved. From what he had heard, the cousin of their king’s beloved was a downright brat. Even though she was way too old to be called a brat now … she still behaved like one.

Anyway, since he was sure that she was the right person now, he cleared his throat. “I assume you are Madam Xiao, Zhong Guanyu?”

“Yes, that’s me!” She actually puffed up her chest when she was addressed like this. Anyway, her husband was the only one guaranteeing her good life here. It was best if everyone knew just who she was to him!

“I’m afraid I have to tell you that your aunt has passed away. Your family expects you to return home for the funeral.”

Zhong Guanyu stared at him blankly. “My aunt?” She thought back to Jing Yi’s mother and then scoffed. “She? Why would I return for her funeral? That woman has nothing to do with me!” Anyway, she had never liked her and she liked Jing Yi even less. Wouldn’t he be there if his mother died? She really didn’t want to see him and that husband of his.

Fu Min and Fu Heng exchanged a glance at her reaction. It seemed … they could only go with plan B.

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